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  1. Ah sorry. Here it is. mainstation-diagnostics-20190827-1749.zip
  2. Hi I just had an error message on my parity drive. Please see snap. Any ideas on how to go forward on this?
  3. Hi. Two questions. 1 how to enter existing worlds into the server and 2 how to make server use more ram?
  4. Hi. I bought two new 4GB disk about a year ago. One for data and one for Parity. Recently my parity disk was starting to act a little strange. Sometimes it did not come up before I started the array, but after it was up it suddenly connected. However it seems like it has now decided to stay off. It is now listed under historical devices and it is impossible to mount it. It just says missing under devices. Any ideas why it is acting like this and suggestions on what to do?
  5. Hi Just one question. Does everyone who wants to log into my nextcloud need to do all this vpn configuration?
  6. I did try the letsencrypt some time ago but did not succeed in configure it correctly. Since several people uses the nextcloud server I was afraid of messing up my setup and just went back to ordinary setup. I wanted to use VPN, but then again I was unsure on how to set that up. Everyone says it so easy to use this server but to be honest I think it is really really difficult. Everytime I log into the server I'm scared shitless of doing something wrong. It is working now but it is probably just a matter of days before something happends again, and messing around with VPN or letsencrypt seems really advanced. But based on your post I will try this when I come home to see if it actually is so easy;) Is the screenshot from the OpenVPN app in unraid?
  7. No I do not use Open VPN. Not exactly sure how to implement it when using www.no-ip.com address to host my web adress.
  8. Hi Frank. Thanks for replying. I was about to do the diagnostic, but I figured out some of the issue when my son asked my to forward a port to his minecraft server. I suddenly remembered that I had no port forwarding to my server in my router anymore. After fixing that it all worked again. Only for https but that is ok. So for the moment I can at least use my server from external:)
  9. After trying some more I can now log into my server and nextcloud by using https but only locally Still struggling using normal http though....
  10. Hi I have installed a new network card after having issues with the internal nic on motherboard. After trying a lot back and forward I can now get access out from server so that I can update plugins, dockers etc, but there is no way to enter it through LAN or internet. Any ideas on how to correct the issue? For information I have followed the tips given below to drcox1911 and have come to the point where everything looks great. I just can log in to the webui of the server from other computer on LAN or through internet. Really appreciate any help syslog
  11. Hi I have tried to activate the app "Registration" in order for people to register by them own. It does not work and I just get the following: Internal Server Error The server was unable to complete your request. If this happens again, please send the technical details below to the server administrator. More details can be found in the server log. Technical details Remote Address: Request ID: zo79vlafywRVpJGLUHuq Any ideas?
  12. Get the following error: could not open input file: /var/www/nextcloud/occ
  13. Got stuck in maintenance mode after updating. Have tried enter command line mode from nextcloud docker menu and enter the following: sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off doesnt work. Get that user www-data is unknown Please help.