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  1. I've got 2 questions/issues. Firstly, While the UI is loading, it constantly prompts for credentials and complains about not being able to connect to rclone. I checked the UI log and its stating the following: 2022/09/27 09:02:58 INFO : Using --user admin --pass XXXX as authenticated user 2022/09/27 09:02:58 NOTICE: Serving remote control on 2022/09/27 09:02:58 NOTICE: Web GUI is not automatically opening browser. Navigate to http://admin:PASSWORDREMOVED@ to use. XXXX is not my password obviously, but my password is showing in the line below stating "Web GUI is not automatically opening browser." if I copy that URL it logs in and works just fine, but why is it not working directly from the Unraid UI? Secondly, I have a few shares with spaces in the name, for Example /mnt/user/appdata backup. But I am having issues getting the docker to see these as Media Shares. I've tried the following: /media/appdata backup /media/'appdata backup' '/media/'appdata backup'' '/media/appdata backup' /media/'appdata\ backup' /media/appdata\ backup All yield the same result, folder not found. How do I deal with handling a folder space in the path name for this docker? Thanks!
  2. I've been seeing some similar but not identical issues on my box as well. Motherboard is an Asus z690-P D4. Errors are mostly: ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Failure creating named object [\_SB.PC00.PEG1.PEGP._DSM.USRG], AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20210730/dsfield-184) and there are tons of them. Additionally, I'm pretty sure unraid is trying to reboot, but it often stalls part way through leaving unraid inaccessible. When I turn on the monitor connected to unraid, all I see is a black screen. Performing a hard reboot is the only way to bring it back and then it reports all is good minus the errors mentioned above. Some research is showing this could be linux kernal/bios issue or an nviida driver issue. being that i'm on 12th gen intel and nvidia platform, both seem like they could be related in my situation
  3. I have 2 servers, one came up without issue, but my other was the same. In my case, for some reason the USB wasn't being detected in the bios any longer. It wasn't corrupt, but did require me to pull the USB drive and reconnect it in order to get it to be detected. Hard shutdown and power on didn't have any impact.
  4. I've only ever seen it on forced shutdowns previously. My config is mostly unchanged for the last several revisions of unraid. I only stopped looking into it as others reported the same issue and most said it was likely a bug. I see now that it was also called out for those of us impacted that the logs were showing that the system wasn't waiting for the disks to shut down properly, and by toggling the field for disk timeout, this seemed to correct it (Post for reference: Parity check running when starting array every time - General Support - Unraid) and that seems to have corrected the issue for me as well. I changed the value to 100, saved, changed it back to 90 (what it was previously) and it looks like i'm good to go now. Hopefully this helps if others are having the same issue.
  5. I've been having this issue since 6.9.1 where a reboot or a shutdown causes unraid to force a parity check when it comes back online. I saw that lots of others (but not everyone) were having this issue. Just reporting that this does not appear to be fixed in 6.9.2 :(. If there are any details I can provide to help get it fixed, i'd be more than happy to!
  6. spoke too soon, found the issue. Cache Directories was causing the issue even in safe mode oddly enough. I noted an error referencing the old drives share and removed it and now it formatted as expected.
  7. no luck, same result :(. I may pull the drive and wipe it on a separate machine and then reinstall and let unraid do its thing again and see if that makes any difference unless you have anything else I can check
  8. I moved a drive from unassigned devices that I was no longer using to my array as i needed some additional space urgently. The drive precleared without issue and i've tried twice now to format the drive on the array and it claims it starts, but the unraid GUI gets stuck in a funny state (can't look at logs, it claims the array isn't started, but it is, no stats update) and it just never formats the drive. I can reboot and everything goes back to normal, but the drive still isn't formatted. Not sure how else to proceed. I've attached my diag, but I don't see anything in the logs that i'm familiar with that indicate what the issue. The disk i'm adding is disk 13. also, I am currently running 6.8.2. Thanks for any assistance/guidance anyone can provide.
  9. Good morning, Just wanting to confirm something before I move forward and cause myself pain. I need to add a new drive and would like to also upgrade an existing drive. Can I do this in one motion (shutdown, add the new drive, replace the old drive, restart unraid with the array stopped, update the drive assignments and let it do its thing)? I am running a 2 drive parity, but would prefer to not be in an unsafe state during this upgrade, so thats why i'm checking here first. Since both new drives need to pre-clear first, I imagine that if I don't preclear on my own, both drives will do the mandatory 1 pass pre-clear and only the existing disk will require using the parity while that and the drive rebuild occurs. Is that correct? If I am incorrect here, no issues, I can run the add disk first and then upgrade disk separately, just trying to save some time as we all this process can take a while. thanks!
  10. I got my instance up and running behind my proxy and it works great. Also confirming that by adding that variable to my template manually, it works perfectly! just be aware that the value of "false" is case sensitive, so keep it all lower case and name the variable with the name from the documentation and it works as expected.
  11. I've been fighting the same issue for weeks, but didn't realize Chrome was to blame. Tried IE11 and sure enough works without issue. i can also connect via the mobile app without issue, so something is definitely up. also, interestingly enough, the Bitwarden addin for Chrome works fine, just not the web interface.
  12. So just to follow up, Bitwarden is now loading and I can get to the login and create account screen, but hitting the submit button doesn't work when the form is filled out. I can cancel without issue and if I leave a required field blank it prompts me saying to fill in the corresponding empty fields. I've deleted and recreated the container, the docker image, and deleted my appdata/bitwarden directory. I don't see any errors in the docker container log at all anymore, but I don't know where else I can look for logging as I am unfamiliar with this docker. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. ok, I deleted what I had, disabled direct i/o and it is installing now without issue, but now I cannot register an account, I get to the page, fill it out and click submit and nothing happens. Browser doesn't even indicate that anything is occuring. No errors or anything. So thats kinda odd. Any thoughts on that?
  14. its ok, I apprecaite the help. I ended up copying the file db.sqllite3 from the bit warden directory on my UD to the appdata folder and overwrote what it had tried to made. I then remapped the docker to point back and my cache drives and now it works fine. I'll do some more testing, but super odd issue.