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  1. Hey folks, I'm looking to use an existing NFS share hosted on a windows 2012 server box on my network to point Plex toward. I've tried using the unassigned devices plugin to mount the share but its not working. I click the mount button and it does nothing. my SMB share is nfs:// the original error I was getting is So I created a directory mkdir /mnt/discs/ and now it just spins when I click the mount button from the unassigned devices plugin any help would be appreciated!
  2. I'm enjoying the Travel/Commuter Mug, 15 oz! (Order Date: 3/19/2019) Its keeping me caffeinated at work! Twitter = @bonedrums
  3. Thanks! If I need an unlimited transcode quantity I'll make sure to upgrade the card! Thanks everyone for all of your work on this amazing feature set for unraid. Very cool!!!
  4. Just ordered a used Quadro P1000 card on ebay! I have a question though. I see that the Quadro P1000 has a transcode limit of 2. If there is a 3rd video that gets requested to be transcoded, does it drop down to the CPU to handle or will it get rejected? I'd love unlimited transcoding but it looks like the software limits it on this card.
  5. Okay the forced update showed that the time zone was correct EST (New York) but its still saying a different date and time on the camera feed. I'm curious if the camera is providing the time to the feed somehow? I'm going to see if I can connect to it using the mobile setup app that came with the camera. I'm using SV3C ProHD 1080p - SV-B06POE-1080P-A Thanks for the help!
  6. My timezone is set to EST I believe in Unraid. I'm not sure what else to try. I've reinstalled the docker container, restarted it, stopped and started it and still showing a different time. I do have some yellow stuff in the log now that I look. Might this have something to do with it? Setting up systemd (229-4ubuntu21.9) ... addgroup: The group `systemd-journal' already exists as a system group. Exiting. Operation failed: No such file or directory Failed to create directory or subvolume "/var": Bad file descriptor Failed to create directory or subvolume "/home"
  7. Could anyone share with me a line to put in the config or any instruction on how to update the time stamp on the video feeds? I don't see any time zone or date/time information in any config or in the docker options. Its showing up 14 hours ahead of current time.
  8. Thanks so much, also glad to support :) I couldn't get this to work so I ended up changing the conflicting container port (SABNZBD from 8080 to 9091) and reinstalled the container and it worked. Thanks again sir!
  9. Binhex, thank you for your work on all of this. I'll send some coffee money over right away! I've changed the Host Port 3 to 8091, and the WEBUI_PORT to 8091 however I'm still unable to browse to the container. I feel like I'm missing something simple. Here are the other ports on the box: Thanks...
  10. Long time listener, first time caller here. My goal, for fun is to section out a subdomain for each of my services that I want to publicly access using a domain that I purchased from Google through my TP-Link AC1750 Archer C7 router. Examples: I'd like to have a single secure login to access all of my services through public internet using muximux or organizr. Today, I RDP to an Unraid windows VM to access/manage my network. I also h
  11. Without knowing much about editing XML or SSH'ing to the server itself and tooling around with devices I've decided to buy a mini HDMI to HDMI cable. There are three ports on the back of the video card and I've tried both DVI with no result. Any other ideas? :o :'(
  12. I do have both of them enabled. I tried it both with and without the sound card enabled. Are there any drivers I have to push to the vm like I did with the fedora windows drivers? Thank you!! Screenshot attached Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I also have a monitor plugged into the actual video card on the server and nothing displays. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. When I do that I'm no longer able to rdp to the vm. Not really sure if I'm doing it right I appreciate your help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I used the windows 8.1 vm template and am able to access it without using the video card via rdp or vnc.