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  1. Druminstein

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    @Lee B you said you were on rc6 right? Does it show you an update for RC7? i was having the same issue as you, parsing error on CA update. Along with some other issues. I also know while on RC6 it did not show me a next branch upgrade. I downgraded back to RC5, verified everything was working again and decided to upgrade again to see if the problem came back or not. Though when i went to upgrade i noticed the upgrade was actually for RC7. After upgrading to RC7 everything is still working. I don't know if there was a problem with RC6 or if it was just a coincidence but if nothing else is working, and you don't see a RC7 update, you might try downgrading and then updating again if you feel like it. It at least worked for me
  2. Druminstein

    [Support] Djoss - QDirStat

    server disconnected code 1006. Getting this as well. looks at the logs i am also seeing this marked in red 23/01/2019 22:55:39 rfbProcessClientProtocolVersion: read: I/O error EDIT: clearing cache fixed it.
  3. Druminstein

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - SickRage

    Getting an error with sickrage and i cant get sickrage to start 11:30:18 INFO::MAIN :: Starting SickRage [master] using '/config/config.ini' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/app/sickrage/SickBeard.py", line 545, in <module> SickRage().start() File "/app/sickrage/SickBeard.py", line 297, in start self.web_server = SRWebServer(self.web_options) File "/app/sickrage/sickbeard/webserveInit.py", line 66, in __init__ if not create_https_certificates(self.https_cert, self.https_key): File "/app/sickrage/sickbeard/helpers.py", line 863, in create_https_certificates cacert = createCertificate(careq, (careq, cakey), serial, validity_period, 'sha256') File "/app/sickrage/lib/certgen.py", line 83, in createCertificate cert.sign(issuerKey, digest) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OpenSSL/crypto.py", line 1081, in sign evp_md = _lib.EVP_get_digestbyname(_byte_string(digest)) TypeError: initializer for ctype 'char *' must be a str or list or tuple, not unicode from here it just keeps repeating over and over in the logs. Any ideas? edit: Of course right after posting i finally find relevant info. https://github.com/SickRage/SickRage/issues/3795 seems to be and issue with htttps and the certs. disabling https through the config.ini has fixed it for the time being. So ignore me.
  4. Druminstein

    [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    wondering if someone can help me. At first i couldn't get the webgui or VNC to work at all. Then all of a sudden VNC started working for the most part, i have no idea why, but webgui still doesnt work. I land on a page that says noVNC and thee a text box thingy that almost instantly goes from connecting to disconnected and then a bit later to disconnect timedout. Nothing i do seems to get it to connect.