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  1. Shouldn't the first check have corrected them? Since I'm seeing them still on the second check figured there was an issue. But maybe I'm just confused on how to actually correct them then.
  2. I had some total lockups that forced me to do an unclean shutdowns recently. Now i am getting parity sync errors. First time it said "Parity check finished (769 errors)" i am in the process of running a second check and it says "Sync errors corrected:769" again but still has about 3 hours to go. attached the diagnostics i pulled last night after the first check finished. Pull another one a few minutes ago so figured i would just attach both. tower-diagnostics-20201008-2354.zip tower-diagnostics-20201009-1029.zip
  3. I decided to take a gamble and changed preview to nightly (edited template and replaced preview with nightly under Repository ) and it updated and it no longer complains. was on under preview and now on under nightly ... so worked i guess?
  4. @Lee B you said you were on rc6 right? Does it show you an update for RC7? i was having the same issue as you, parsing error on CA update. Along with some other issues. I also know while on RC6 it did not show me a next branch upgrade. I downgraded back to RC5, verified everything was working again and decided to upgrade again to see if the problem came back or not. Though when i went to upgrade i noticed the upgrade was actually for RC7. After upgrading to RC7 everything is still working. I don't know if there was a problem with RC6 or if it was just a coincidence but if nothing else is working, and you don't see a RC7 update, you might try downgrading and then updating again if you feel like it. It at least worked for me
  5. server disconnected code 1006. Getting this as well. looks at the logs i am also seeing this marked in red 23/01/2019 22:55:39 rfbProcessClientProtocolVersion: read: I/O error EDIT: clearing cache fixed it.
  6. Getting an error with sickrage and i cant get sickrage to start 11:30:18 INFO::MAIN :: Starting SickRage [master] using '/config/config.ini' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/app/sickrage/SickBeard.py", line 545, in <module> SickRage().start() File "/app/sickrage/SickBeard.py", line 297, in start self.web_server = SRWebServer(self.web_options) File "/app/sickrage/sickbeard/webserveInit.py", line 66, in __init__ if not create_https_certificates(self.https_cert, self.https_key): File "/app/sickrage/sickbeard/helpers.py", line 863, in create_https_certificates cacert = createCertificate(careq, (careq, cakey), serial, validity_period, 'sha256') File "/app/sickrage/lib/certgen.py", line 83, in createCertificate cert.sign(issuerKey, digest) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OpenSSL/crypto.py", line 1081, in sign evp_md = _lib.EVP_get_digestbyname(_byte_string(digest)) TypeError: initializer for ctype 'char *' must be a str or list or tuple, not unicode from here it just keeps repeating over and over in the logs. Any ideas? edit: Of course right after posting i finally find relevant info. https://github.com/SickRage/SickRage/issues/3795 seems to be and issue with htttps and the certs. disabling https through the config.ini has fixed it for the time being. So ignore me.
  7. wondering if someone can help me. At first i couldn't get the webgui or VNC to work at all. Then all of a sudden VNC started working for the most part, i have no idea why, but webgui still doesnt work. I land on a page that says noVNC and thee a text box thingy that almost instantly goes from connecting to disconnected and then a bit later to disconnect timedout. Nothing i do seems to get it to connect.