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  1. Hi guys, to start with I want to apologize if this is the wrong area for this question/problem since I suspect it's not directly related to unraid itself. The reason why I ask this question here despite probably having something to do with SMB itself is that I feel like this is a really awesome and helpful community of people that maybe already had that problem before (but I couldn't find a topic in this forum or else I would have asked there). So to my question/problem: I am in the process of organizing my photos and videos, and I was trying to use the W
  2. i just wanted to say thanks for this info. I also got it working now!
  3. @IamSpartacus could you get it working? I am asking because i have the same setup and the same problem.
  4. i really would appreciate if it would sometime in the future since coppits doesnt really gets updated anymore it seems and your webui is way better.
  5. it's just happening again... i tried the command in the following stackoverflow post in the console since "iotop" and "latencytop" are not installed on unraid: while true; do date; ps auxf | awk '{if($8=="D") print $0;}'; sleep 1; done Source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/12126674 And it gives me this as a result. Left side standard "top" right side the cmd from stackoverflow. From there it seems the bulk of the iowait indeed comes from kworker/btrfs background processes. Edit: and im using rc7 atm
  6. took over your changes and i can confirm with these changes the script actually detects how many drives are spun up correctly. (I'm using a Broadcom SAS 9305-24i HBA for the drives)
  7. Are you also using a btrfs cache? If yes what constellation are you using? I use 2 ssds in raid 0 for data and raid 1 for metadata and the rest.
  8. @bonienl thx that explains alot. i've got the same problem right now again and it looks like i could have something to do with my btrfs cache pool?
  9. Yes indeed when this happens i have also a high "wa" numberup to 82 ive seen atm. And it happened again with rc6 right now. I've got the feeling that it has something to do with mover moving files of cache drive to the array while duplicate access them. Is there a way to monitor cpu usage of the mover process? Because even in system stats the high cpu usage isnt present. Only in the dashboard the cpu usage can be seen. And obviously you notice it with all the docker container running slow or halting for a few seconds. And when i have this symptomes i have a
  10. I forgot to check yesterday but I had that problem again before updating to rc6. I checked systemstats yesterday and there the near 100% cpu usage was nowhere to be seen. So atm the only really indicator for high cpu usage and therefore hangs with anything related to Docker is the webui dashboard. The weird thing is even in the dashboard everything loads normal only the Docker "widget" needs in those cases multiple seconds to show. The same with the dedicated Docker page. I haven't found yet a proper way to reproduce. I did update to rc6 maybe it's fixed w
  11. I've read that post before creating mine. But for me it seems like an different issue because it's not only a graphical bug but a misbehavior that effects the web ui and Docker containers etc. What I found was that after updating a container the cpu usage was normal again but that container had a max cpu usage of 5% so this couldn't be really the culprit. I've read that squid had a same behavior which he fixed by changing a Docker from lio to binhex (I belive sonarr). The thing is I don't even have that sonarr container installed. The weirdest thing is tha
  12. idk why but i sometimes get really high cpu usages in dashboard, which i cant track in top nor htop or any other monitoring tool i could think of (netdata/cadvisor). The problem is it seems its not only a visual anomaly because when the cpu usage hovers between 75-100% like here the docker page "hangs" for a few seconds and also the dockers seem to hange every few seconds . Does anybody have a way to track down which process produces this high cpu usage? How does the dashboard tetermine the cpu usage? thx in advance for your help!
  13. like i mentioned in my previous post it also tried it on my smartphone and i got the same result and i dont even have an adblocker on my smartphone, sadly.... And i also did whitelist the webinterface long ago on my desktop pc, thanks to the fix common problems plugin. And i had those dockers running at the time i couldn't access the docker tab anymore (in fact those are the only ones that were running since the 6.6rc1 update. I have other dockers but those i never started with the new update): Thats also the picture i added at the OP
  14. the apps tab didnt timeout with an message it just got stuck on "Updateing Content" for several minutes. I also tested the browser on my phone and at least the dashboard didnt show my running docker containers either. I didn't test apps and docker tab on my phone. Right now im running in safe mode so i'll see what happens. The strange was that only webpages that had something to do with my running docker containers had problems with that. The rest of the dashboard worked without a problem it just didnt show my running docker containers. And the docker container ls
  15. nope only use 10G. Thats probably just from testing around and still got stuck and im not in the mood of recreating all my dockers even though it only takes lake 10 minutes or so ^^ what do you mean by share .cfg files? Do you mean the actual share count active or do you mean share .cfg including old deleted shares. Nevermind it shouldnt be neither of those problems, because i have those dockers running mostly since 2 years with only updating them and testing and deleting some other ones for testing and so on. And as you could see my docker file is just 10gb. Also if th