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  1. Best thing is all the ways to play with things, new dockers, new vms, new plugins and its easy to set up. Wish there was a cache array
  2. Not sure if this is by design but on the login form the username will throw an error if the case is not correct (i.e. Foo is invalid but foo is valid). For usernames I would have assumed case wouldn't matter?
  3. And here I thought I had a network issue, glad others are reporting this so it gets resolved.
  4. Here's a screenshot of the plugins page with the overlay over the menu. I used the dev tools in Chrome to inspect the code and the z-index is why the overlay doesnt cove the menu on the docker page.
  5. I'll have to wait for another docker container update or plugin update. Those were the two pages I noticed it.
  6. Not sure if this is on purpose but the navbar's z-index (101) is higher than the widget overlay (100) causing the menu not to be hidden (or covered) by the widget overlay.
  7. Is it just me or does the "Header custom background color" option in Display not show up until you apply a "Header custom text color". Be nice if both just showed IMO.
  8. Yeah I'm rocking those un-hyper cores. Thanks for the fix
  9. Yeah I'm not seeing that. Looking at the source through Chrome to get to the JS the label that contains the icon only references the icon class not the font awesome class as well.
  10. I havent, but even if it's not v5+ the element's class still doesn't reference the fa class.
  11. The popup on the VMs page for CPU pinning doesn't have the correct classes to show the Font Awesome icons. For Font Awesome you also need to reference the correct "fa" class (fas, far, fal). Current class: "fa-circle-o" Correct classes: "fa(s,r,l) fa-cricle-o"
  12. Success, removed the corrupt file and saved the VM config again.