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  1. I'm in the same boat right now. not getting emails from unraid for a replacement key I just requested. Also ordered a second key because I'm impatient and the second key is not being emailed. Wonder if it has anything to do with gmail having issues right now: https://downdetector.com/status/gmail
  2. Can't find this in community apps anymore, is this still working?
  3. I increased it to 32G (overkill I know) just to make sure it doesn't crash for now. I will decrease it eventually but I just wanted to make sure my backup finishes for about 3.5M files.
  4. I completely didn't check the additional variables under the "Show advanced settings ..." button in the container settings. I increased it and the crashing has stopped, thank you!
  5. I am seeing this repeatedly. If I click Yes, it will attempt to start scanning files again, then after maybe 30 seconds it returns to this screen then has to restart scanning files again. Any ideas on what may be causing this loop?
  6. Current Ombi docker is crashing for me and others reported on this page.
  7. Looks like there is something going on with this docker right now and request errors. Here is an open Github issue discussing it: https://github.com/lokenx/plexrequests-meteor/issues/492
  8. I am also seeing the crash occurring frequently identical to the log @Lebowski posted above. Please let me know if you need any extra info to help troubleshoot.
  9. I am having the same issue. I have no idea where to start troubleshooting. I am willing to share any of my data if it helps troubleshooting!
  10. ended up figuring it out in case anyone was interested. you can nest proxies easily using either privoxy or tinyproxy. privoxy has a forward setting, and tinyproxy has a upstream setting. i had to set privoxy to allow accept-intercepted-requests by setting it to 1. beyond that I set my router to forward all HTTP (port 80) data to the proxy server. both privoxy and tiny proxy allow you to "whitelist" domains, so to fix the plex issue I was having, i just needed to whitelist "plex.direct" as a domain my iptables script from the dd-wrt wiki: #!/bin/sh PROXY_IP=(insert ip_address
  11. working for me! took about an hour to first start. thank you so much!
  12. I have a couple questions about this. 1. does anyone know how to setup this proxy to be used by your router, I guess with iptables? I am not sure the exact config with iptables that will work 2. is it possible to have polipo ignore certain domains/websites? i've been having a lot of trouble loading plex with polipo enabled, and i was hoping to see if there is a way to have polipo ignore "https://app.plex.tv/web/app" since i think it might be messing with the websockets? i am truly not sure