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  1. Thank you for spotting. With the XML changes needed for the new version I'd uploaded an invalid file. I'm hoping now fixed and will re-appear.
  2. A quick update for people on two open issues. Firstly the TSL certificate issues, this all seems happily fixed now. I'm also happy to report that the download feature can now be used as well. I will be pushing these features as latest tag as well as 1.24.2-downloads, as there is already a 1.24.2. Please see instructions at the top of this thread. @martial @hvddrift @plantsandbinary @Rocka374 @wolfNZ I think you were all looking for a soltion to the certificate issue, hope this helps. @FoxyNC Your downloads can now work ! I'd also like to thank https://github.com/hugochinchilla for beta testing the downloads
  3. I think the advice provided has fixed this, I see a key and crt file created, however am not sure how to use this feature. Can someone who does please pull deasmi/unraid-tailscale:dev-1.24.2 and try it out. I'd like some people to check this before I promote to latest. Thanks
  4. This is unfortunately a bug, I think, and is open with upstream. https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/issues/4322 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I am getting the same thing I'm afraid. I have filed a bug report, lets see what they say. https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/issues/4322
  6. There is no logfile saved that I'm aware of, all logs go to stdout as per docker standard - so everything that's logged will be under the 'Logs' menu in unraid if you click on the container name.
  7. 1.22.2 = 1.22 = latest new release. Sorry this has been a while.
  8. Dev builds are available. Please see here. https://github.com/deasmi/unraid-tailscale/issues/9 I will probably wait for 1.22.1 before moving latest tag.
  9. I think this shouldwork fine, but will need some command line stuff. I will investigate. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. New release pushed 1.20.2 = 1.20 = latest
  11. I've just tried this on my dev box and If I connect to http://100.x.y.z I get redirected to the default https://servername page If I connect to https://100.x.y.z I do not get redirected and the login page loads Does that work for you? If not you might need to seek help in the general forum, as if the 100.x.y.z address is working tailscale is up and running, and sadly I'm no expert on the redirect functionality.
  12. Yes, thanks, forgot to post an update. As @blaine07 pointed out I've push a build 1.20.1 = 1.20 = latest
  13. I don’t think you can use more than 20 devices without a separate account, and therefore network. You aren’t self hosting either as all the clever stuff is in their cloud. This is just an end point. Running another instance on the same server would therefore be pointless. I think they do have a free multi user as well, I’ve just noticed, bottom of this page. https://tailscale.com/pricing/
  14. 1.18.1 has been released and tagged as 1.18.1, 1.18 and latest.
  15. Unless you are doing something funky and giving Docker containers their own IP address it should just work. Are you using the IP address of the tailscale interface, and not the one you see in the console? The links in the console won’t work as they assume you are on the LAN. It’ll start 100.x.x.x. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Hello everyone. Tailscale for unraid has become rather more popular than I ever imagined, when I started this it was in the great tradition of scratching my own itch, wanting to access my sever over tailscale. Since then there have been over 250,000 downloads, there are tutorials on youtube, and increasing numbers of requests for new features and support. So I think it might be time to open this up a little bit more and so I have a few asks. Firstly, if you want a new feature, or think you have found a bug please don't post them here - or at least not only here, please create an issue on github if at all possile. https://github.com/deasmi/unraid-tailscale Secondly I'm just one person and while this is a realatively simple thing, it's really just packaging tailscale, using it can get more complicated as new features are always being added. So if you'd like to get involved as a developer or tester for future things please let me know by sending me a DM along with how you'd like to help. Thank you Dean
  17. There isn't to my knowledge, due to what tailscale is trying to do. I think this is by design and there are no options to disable either protocol in the underlying software. It will use any connection it can find to connect to the control plane, ipv4 or ipv6 and ideally both, so that when another host tries to connect it has the best chance of being able to connect. The log lines are totally harmless.
  18. I ran unraid-api in debug mode and got the following, last line repeats forever. Connecting to internal for the first time. ⌨️ INTERNAL:CONNECTING ⌨️ INTERNAL:CONNECTED ☁️ RELAY:CONNECTING <ws> my_servers[4fc0a96c-XXXX-400b-XXXX-9055331fa536] connected. ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW <ws> upc[58c97493-XXXX-40f6-XXXX-219c2d8ce450] connected. 📒 Checking "https://unraiddev.x.y.com" for CORS access. ✔️ Origin check passed, granting CORS! Found API key for my_servers "unraid_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW ☁️ RELAY:200:OK:RECONNECTING:NOW
  19. Something isn't happening, as I don't have 'My servers' on the forum header.
  20. No, unraid is running in a VM, but it has its own IP address and there is no proxy, reverse or otherwise, between it and the internet.
  21. This is using a development VM with dedicated USB in case that matters as don't want to upgrade main yet, trial license with license pending download which I wanted to do with the My Servers support. rc1 and rc2 same behaviour. Install my servers plugin and get a 500 error in the top right menu after a successful login. I also get a 'You do not have permission to view this page' if I click on the 'My Servers Dashboard' link, I suspect these are related. I have tried the previous suggested Restart unraid-api Logout Uninstall Plugin Reboot Start again to same effect. Thank you. unraiddev-diagnostics-20211102-1739.zip
  22. Hello. I am looking at this for use with the tailscale container I look after. Link below. The issue is that if you are coming in over a VPN connection all the links will be to the LAN ip address of the server and not the VPN ip address, this breaks them. I wonder is the source to this container on github or elsewhere, I'd be happy to look at adding the feature to rewrite the links and send a pull request if connected via tailscale. Thanks Dean
  23. 1.16.2 now released - tagged as 1.16.2 1.16 latest
  24. Shouldn't have said that should I..... 1.16.1 has dropped, pushed and latest updated.