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  1. Hey thanks for getting back to me. I actually found the post below and i changed my timeout from 60 seconds to 120 and when i bought it back up the parity wasnt running
  2. Hello, Every night i run a "powerdown" command at around 2am. Then i run a wake on lan at around 9AM. It seems everytime i start it runs a parity check. Is there any way to stop this? I have schedule setup for Custom > Sunday > First Week > 3AM(sunday i make sure to turn on at 2am instead of 9am) > Every month
  3. So a while back I build my server with Ryzen processor and to get it to work they recommended turning C State off. Is this something i should turn back on? Someone brought it up to me the other day.
  4. did you mean The CA Back up and restore? because i didnt make backups with the new one
  5. I was yes but i just deleted it. was that the cause? Edit: is there a way to restore them all? it removed like 7 this time.
  6. Hey, Im on 6.4.1 and sometimes when i startup my server some of my docker containers are missing? has anyone had this issue? is there a quick fix. I found that readding them from the app store and putting exact settings restores it.
  7. Not much to it but heres the repo for it. I havent touched it in while but its been working for me since i started it. just map /extract/<folder name> to the actual folder. So like i have /extract/movies -> /mnt/user/Downloads/movies/
  8. I think it might be due to the source im downloading them from. Atleast im hoping thats the reason. -Yes i run parity checks every night and sometimes there are errors. -I havent run mem test yet so ill try that. -I downloaded that plugin but i havent set it up yet. Im wondering if turning the server off every night could be an issue. I actually didnt notice how long it takes for parity check so could it be an issue if the server turns off before the parity check finishes? I turn off every night at 1am.
  9. Is there a plugin that will scan media files integrity? Ive put movies/shows on my server that sometimes get corrupted and i dont find out until midway through the movie which is annoying.
  10. No i meant the actual docker service not a docker container
  11. How would i restart docker service via script? Sometimes when i do a force shutdown and power back on. Dockers wont start and say no container. So if I go to settings and disable docker and reenable everything is fine. Is there a way to do this via script?
  12. Anyone have the issue when restarting sometimes you have to reclaim the server? Happens to me around once a week.
  13. I mean i only play cs go,League of legends and pubg lol. But main reason for switch would be because my motherboard in server allows for SLI but my Desktop one does not. So the benefit for gaming would be for the SLI. I just wanna make sure the I5 can handle the server still
  14. Right now im running rc7 because when i went to rc9 randomly dockers wouldnt start. I didnt have time to try and figure it out so i reverted and back to no issues
  15. So right now i have a desktop and a server. My desktop has Intel I5 4590 and my Server has Ryzen 1700. I was thinking about possibly switching the 2. I currently have 2 VM's which is Ubuntu server and Windows 10. Truth be told i dont need to run either because i am also running a raspberry Pi that i run my scripts on. I feel like the Ryzens power is wasted on the server when i could be using for gaming. Also i have 2 670 FTW graphic cards but cant use them in desktop because the motherboard for my desktop is micro atx so it doesnt have support for it. Would i be able to run Unraid with 4590? If i still wanted to run a virtual machine(No hardware passthrough) is it possible? Dockers used: Plex Sonarr Radarr NextCloud LetsEncrypt DDClient Main use of server is for plex(No 4k just 1080p with possibly 2 streams at once) You are are the experts could i get away with the I5 as server GPU?