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  1. I don't believe it's easy to disable Hyper-V once the template is created with it enabled first. You could try making just a new template with Hyper-V off and then pointing to the old V-Disk. I think that works, but you may want to search on that a bit more to be sure. FWIW my understanding is that very recently Nvidia stopped killing VM's with their driver when detected which I think is what the Code 43 was driven by. Your issue may be something else if you're using a very recent Nvidia driver in the VM - link to Nvidia announcement
  2. Hi, Did you manage to get this resolved? Believe I am having the same issue and also on an EP2C602. I am searching through the forums and have noticed a couple others with similar problems when they went to 6.9 and are on the same MB. I thought I tried a Seabios install but maybe not. Perhaps I'll try that next as it seems like maybe that worked for you? Also posted here and here. Do those sound like what you had or have as an issue?
  3. Hi All, I am late to the party but tried to go to both 6.9 and 6.10. recently from 6.8 As soon as any Windows VM with Nvidia GPU passed in initialises it crashes. (nvlddmkm.sys video TDR failure) I think I have this same issue as OP and am looking for a solution. It sounds like this thread diverged to a different issue with KVM crashing entirely vs just the VM's or am I reading it wrong and there is a solution for the VM/Nvidia issue? This same issue is posted here too where I also posted. Looking at that diagnostics I noticed I have a very similar CPU and same motherboard as OP so can't help but think that maybe that has something to do with this perhaps - i.e. hardware related issue. I have searched a lot on this problem and only found a few mentions of this problem. If it was a widespread 6.9/10 issue I think it would have more attention so again seems more specific to hardware or maybe some Sw conflict with a add-on or something. Anyhow, if this is solved would you guys elaborate further on the 'fix' and if not what is the best course of action to get more help? I was going to start a new thread and post all my info but if this is fixed want to skip that. Thanks
  4. Brydezen, Did you ever get this figured out? I just tried to go from 6.8.2 to 6.9x and having what appears to be the same thing as you described. I've tried a million things like fresh VM windows install, passing through bios and various settings and nothing fixes for me. I am on a legacy boot too. Same thing happens on 6.10RC2 too, I've gone back to 6.8.3 now. When I have more time I am going to go back to 6.9 and try posting a problem report with diagnostics etc and tackle further. My AMD cards work fine. 2 Nvidia ones don't RTX 2070 and a 1060. Only thing I have not done that I can think might have an impact is to remove all add-ons/plug-ins in case something conflixt but I kind of doubt it. I even ran with a VNC video and a 2nd vid card (Nvidia passed through). You can actually see Windows halt with an error once the Nvidia drivers kick in and reboot after. It kind of looks like we have some hardware in common too based on your diagnostics. I'm running dual Xeon's on an Asrock EP2C602. Are you by chance on that board or similar one too?
  5. I just want to say thank you for posting this information. Setting my Gigabyte RX480 video and audio to the same bus resolved the issue where the sound device was missing in my Mac VM's.
  6. regarding # sudo -u www-data /var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/zm_event_start.sh 1 1 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/zm_detect.py", line 27, in <module> import zmes_hook_helpers.utils as utils ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'zmes_hook_helpers' Does anyone happen to know or have the info that was posted at the github link above? The repo is archived and link to issue gone. I'm just looking at getting this going after installing quite some time ago with a very brief success before an update broke thingst. Looks like I have the above issue and am hoping to get the version of the unRaid docker I have installed working for now until I decide a new path forward. I'm concerned upgrading now will just cause more issue for me even though I'll be a bit outdated. That said if I upgrade to the latest deprecated full docker with hook support, does it actually work with people/object detection or is it broken? I don't necessarily need GPU support for now. It's a bit tough to tell from the recent comments what state it's in for issues. and thanks Dlandon for the efforts you have put in, it sounds like a bear to manage. I wish I had worked on this sooner... I'd like to think I would have been a supporter if I could have got this working and still will if you decide to go to some pay model. Easy to say after the fact I know... Heck, even if I can get the deprecated one working I'd be happy to contribute. I can't tell you how much time I have put in previously on getting basic zoneminder working on a VM let alone the object ML stuff which I never touched. I really think you have something here with the docker/hook processing when it works and was so looking forward to that ability/option.
  7. OK, yeah this seems to be somehow tied to RC1 and RC2 for me. I switched back to 6.8.3 and my Windows VM's are showing minimal CPU usage now and are much more responsive. I had only switched to RC1 as I needed a driver in that kernel version for a new PCIe card I was trying out. Reviewing the forum I saw at least two other posts similar to this (for later Betas) so I don't think we're the only ones with the issue. I'm going to have to stay on 6.8.3 for a while now as I don't have time to troubleshoot further. I'm happy to try and provide specific info on request as I can though if I can help. I would say whatever the cause is of this it's more than an annoyance though and pretty much makes using win 10 VMs' (maybe others) unusable on my system. Guess the next step when I have time is to try RC2 or 3 when it's ready in safe mode and see if it persists to rule out addons / dockers? - although I did test with 0 dockers and 1 VM spun up and the issues persisted.
  8. I am seeing what you have reported as well but am unsure if it is something really new or if I just didn't notice in previous versions. I read on the forums a similar report in past unRaid versions. I am going to attempt to roll back to the last stable release and check. Link to fourum post. The fix linked in there did not solve for me. In addition I am seeing my Windows VM's maxing all passed in CPU's and becoming unresponsive for minutes at a time. Further troubleshooting needed on my end which I hope to accomplish via the roll-back. I'll try and remember to post back if I find anything interesting.
  9. +1 I have a couple use cases like this. For now I pass through an entire USB card to VM's to circumvent but seems a bit of a physical resource waste and I'm running out of ports due to this.
  10. I have managed to now get GPU support mostly working by following the first post instructions as well. That said, I noticed by running watch nvidia-smi on my unRaid box that you can see the GPU working when using YOLO, but not when running face recognition. Again curious as to whether anyone else sees this or if I have done something incorrect. Some googling lead me to this link: Get CUDA working... I believe the DLIB section is pertinent, but not 100% sure. When I do ">>> dlib.DLIB_USE_CUDA" in Python/Docker it comes back False and maybe should be True. Any comments as to getting face recognition to work via GPU?
  11. I just installed this docker a couple days ago and am learning a bit as I go here. Long time zoneminder user, but noob with dockers. By following the first post and related links, to my surprise, I already have Object detection functioning and am working on face detection, but so far no luck. CUDA stuff will be next and I have set all the Docker ENV variables to yes to install so YOLO, CUDA, face detection software etc, in theory, should all be there. To help in my troubleshooting I just want to ask if anyone can confirm they have face detection actually working on the latest docker version. Does anyone have it working right now? That will help me narrow down to just config or if possibly some file or libraries etc could be missing or something in the actual docker container too. So far I see docker logs of the object detection running on an event but when I would expect the face detection to kick in there's just nothing/blank in the logs. Not even an error to go off so far. -EDIT- Did a force update/rebuild of the docker and face detection is now functional.
  12. Yeah, $100 for USB is nuts. Think of it this way, it's actually 4 USB cards. which you can basically turn into 4 different computers via VM's ? I just looked and I have 2 non powered USB hubs that are working fine which didn't work on the other cards I had. They are out of the box with no mods. The other powered USB hub does appear to have a wire cut. Suspect I cut +5v as it's powered and I was having back feed issues in the past. My system is working so well I hate to play around and see if it would tolerate the back feeds or other hubs better or not though. Another thing to note is that my bios has an ACS on/of option which I have enabled. That may have helped in splitting the addresses out to individual IOMMU's. Point being, there's so much variability between systems I'd just say make sure you order from somewhere you can return the board in case you don't have the same luck I have. Amazon was great when I had to return the Startech.
  13. Posting back more results. I just couldn't get the RocketU card to be stable. Kept running into some type of problem where one of the ports would stop working after a while. I suspect there's a power overload protection of some sort going on that I was bumping up against. Card works fine with single devices per USB port , but once a hub (powered or un-powered) is in play it is problematic for me. Now one of the Four ports now won't work at all. I decided to try the Sonnet Allegro Pro USB 3.0 PCIe card (USB3-PRO-4PM-E). It has been flawless so far (2 weeks) with hubs plugged into 3 of the 4 ports and no issues with many USB devices passed to various VM's. IOMMU split out without any extra settings or overrides on my EP2C606-4L server.
  14. Do you have any powered USB hubs or powered USB devices plugged in when trying to boot? I found that many hubs back-feed 5V into your USB system which can cause the PC to not boot. I had to cut the 5v line back into the USB port on my hub because of this and just rely on an external power brick for the devices on that hub. My server wouldn't boot and/or would cause instability issues otherwise.... something to check anyhow. These cards seem very picky.
  15. Hi Josetann, Did you ever figure this one out beyond your work-around? I just added a similar multi chip USB card (High Point RocketU 1144C ) to my system and am fighting with the same issue. I have an IR receiver as well as a couple other USB devices (webcams/vid capture devices) that just hang the VM at the BIOS/boot screen. Did you try both OVMF and SeaBIOS by chance? I haven't done a ton of troubleshooting myself yet so thought I'd see if anyone has solved this before pulling any hair out... First step is trying to find an error message or something, but like your logs mine don't state anything obvious to look at that I can see.