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  1. have run it again and no change OK thanks i have never built a drive back onto its self so will double check im doing everything right then give that a go. I have a feeling that the Sata expantion cards I am using are a bit pony.
  2. So i have had a couple of drives fail, but disk 4 in my system is showing as unmountable in maintenance mode, done a quick check and it done a number of things but still showing as faulty (im fairly sure the disk is OK) attached is my diagnostics, if anyone could offer some advice im at a bit of a loss on this one, tower-diagnostics-20220423-2346.zip
  3. It worked !!! Thanks guys! really appreciate the knowledge. seems it was Disk 4 itimpi said! disk 4 had quite a lot of corrections to make the rest where very quick. Is there a reason why this happens? Is the disk in need of replacement? saves me driving to pickup the off site backup so really am thankful! Interested to know a little more of the cause of the corruption.
  4. OK there is a load of text its generated (way too much to copy paste here) including list of files etc. but it does have this at the end No modify flag set, skipping phase 5 Inode allocation btrees are too corrupted, skipping phases 6 and 7 No modify flag set, skipping filesystem flush and exiting.
  5. OK i am just rebooting in maintenance mode as we speak. I will take the advice and check them all
  6. Literally just added it, somehow i did not drag it accross with the pictures. Its really odd some Shares are ok and have found a couple of shares missing entire folder structures yet its all present on the disks.
  7. Hi All So i had a drive fail, During checking a I knocked the power cable out of 1 of 2 parity drives. So unraid gave it a red cross. I knew it was due to lack of power so i just left it red. done the drive rebuild on the new drive then once all was good told it that it was a new Config. However im missing some (not all) files when i browse the Network drives. For example when i browse certain folders on any device the folders are completely empty. Yes if i browse /mnt/disk3 etc the files are there. I do have off site so its not the end of the world but Is there a way to get these back? the files are clearly on the disks but do not show on any file explorer etc. the even more weird part is some of the files in these folders are spread over mutiple disks not just the onces replaced. quick edit if i in file explorer goto \\TOWER\disk2\File1 etc then i can see all the files. Yet the network drive "Y:\" is empty now. at least i can see all the files but what has happened and is there a way to correct it and what did i do wrong? Obviously been a bit of a tool somehwhere along the line. Sorry its getting a little more fragmented but maybe these pictures will help. tower-diagnostics-20220203-1059.zip
  8. I don’t know but unfortunately the drive has been sent back to the manufacturer 😫 so I will never know.
  9. Hi All So i done a stupid thing in a bit of a panic. I had a drive fail falling over onto my dual parity (not a problem) but then a parity drive failed (it did not it just lost power) so in a panic and lack of knowledge i done a " new config" to restore the parity drive that now had power again not thinking that there is a drive missing in the system. I have now put the new drive in to replace the first failure but the system has stopped emulating the contents. Now the new drive is unmountable and needs a format to create a new file system on it. I assume that what i have done is unrecoverable and i will just loose the data that was on that original disk? Not a huge loss but frustratingly time consuming to get it back.
  10. Legend thank you i have done this, However now one of my Parity drive's has just "failed" thats on another extention to the last one. Im thinking im just going to order an entire new PSU and cable set. clearly there is an issue, smart report on Parity 1 is "no such device" yet that was absolutely fine prior to doing what i just done. This is really frustrating.
  11. OK so i have changed it over to another plug on that extension and its now showing a smart report, But Unraid is saying contents are emulated still. However it seems that the drive is OK from what i can tell. How do i get unraid to try and use it again?
  12. Hmmm Interesting I will go check the thing is 4 Drives share 1 extension so unless its the Plug it does not make sense in my head. But it would be an actual connector connecting to the drive on that extension. I will go swap the power cables about and see if it comes back to life.
  13. Hi All Wondering if anyone can help me. Im starting to pull my hair out. I Am getting non stop disk failures, about every week for the past 5 weeks i have had a disk fail and unraid just says "no such device" I have 2 Parity disks and just sent off yesterday to Western Digital my 4th failure and this morning i just had a 5th failure. Im struggling to believe it now and thinking maybe its some other hardware? But once i do the rebuild everything seems fine for a week then another drive drops. This is the first time i have had 2 in the system fail at the same time I am waiting on a replacement from the first from Western Digital but now in a bit of a Panic that i dont have any parity (of course super sensitive Data is stored elsewhere. Wondering if anyone has seen this before or can check my Report to see if anything obvious. If i try run any report on the disk it just says "no such device. Thanks in Advance. tower-diagnostics-20210430-1004.zip
  14. X299 seems really expensive for CPU's from what i can see in the UK
  15. Hi All So i need to upgrade my CPU its an E3-1226 xeon. its only quad core and with a couple of VM's and a growing number of dockers its often at 100% for a while. Im so stuck on what path to go down. Do i got for a X99 motherboard (used) with a 12/14 core Haswell cpu such as a E5-2680 or higher etc. or do i go for a new i5 for the same price bracket? X99 motherboards seem expensive given 99% are used. but the CPU choice is fantastic and 16c/32c exist at a reasonable price. Plex transcodes on a GTX 1060 so that task is taken care of so im not massively worried about quick sync. but am I at a disadvantage going for the older hardware? X99 boards have good amounts of connectivity so thats a bonus. Currently have 14 HDD's connected thats likely to grow. Is there any real disadvantage to using non ECC ram as motherboards that dont support ECC ram are half the price. real world situations i mean does it really make that much difference? thanks for advice.
  16. Hi All Could someone take a look at my diagnostics and let me know what disk is causing me to get an error from time to time. I have a spare 4TB (new) disk to put in to replace the offending disk but the smart reports in unraid seem to all report back OK. Cheers tower-diagnostics-20200715-1356.zip
  17. something is still not right. I just powered down my server checked all sata connections and powered back up. all drives are showing up fine but i got this ? so i am trying to stop the array and its just saying Retry unmounting disk shares. I have lost all my dockers too
  18. ok cheers i will check all the connections and make sure everything is all ok.
  19. OK quick update, power cycled the server and the SSD has come back to life. the Docker has also successfully updated its self and unraid is reporting that cache disk has returned to normal operation. I would love to get to the bottom of this and replace a disk if needed
  20. Thanks Johnnie I am going to power cycle the server and see what happens. do you think one of the SSD's is going bad? they are not that old so i might get lucky with a warranty return if so
  21. hmmm im going with SSD failed. just stopped the array and now cannot see one of the SSD's to start the array i need to "stat will remove the missing cache disk and then bring the array online" will this cause any issues ?
  22. Its funny you mention that i just ran a smart report on the drives as i can see the temp of 1 of the SSD's but not the other. I can get a smart report out of one but not the other. they are both mirrored so pulling/disabling one of the drives should solve this and replace drive? If its a dropped drive im not having much luck had a WD red fail on me a week ago and had to replace this.
  23. OK to confirm delete the app from the "main" screen and then reinstall? i have a feeling its going to fail as for some reason i cannot install any apps currently.