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    I did see that one, but it's nowhere near what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in any sort of a learning curve as the data I'm looking to extract is relatively basic. It would be like using Wireshark to determine if your broadband connection is up or down.
  2. Y'know, I'd really like to engage you folks on this, but I won't. All I'm going to do is point out what's obvious to anyone that has ever marketed software professionally. 1. NO ONE has asked me why I was annoyed at the difficulty of determining a way to schedule a simple task in the product. 2. NO ONE has asked me for specific feedback regarding the "user scripts" plugin as a solution. 3. NO ONE has asked me what could have made the experience a better one. Instead I get an empty-handed defense of the morbidly ineffective that for some odd reason at least one of you believes
  3. Oh my god just stop. You people are hopeless.
  4. Broken, poorly thought out alpha-ware, call it what you will. But when basic functionality has been removed from something like the OS this claims to run on that functionality should be available elsewhere in a prominent location. Not a "user scripts" plugin. ...and FYI, this is the kind of thing that makes people ABSOLUTELY DESPISE Linux. To watch people eff things up seemingly for the sake of creating a fruitless learning curve and then call it "ingenious" is infuriating. "Adverse effects on the system". LOL... Please, let's not get into why if anyone ever tried to use this product in
  5. Ahh, thank you. So the Reddit doc was wrong, and you all have broken the crontab functionality. Because on every other flavor of Linux I've used crontab -e writes to files, not memory. Things like that should become a feature of the Unraid GUI, and running crontab at the CLI should direct folks to that method. Just sayin.
  6. These work well for internal use....
  7. I've had thumb drives come apart in my hand when pulling them out. Having had to clean up a lack of prep for a living it's just one of those things I'm accustomed to doing. The effort is minimal but the payoff is huge if something like that should happen.
  8. Hah! I didn't even notice that was there. All this time I would go in and do the CP and pull it off a share. Thank You!
  9. Yes, but to get all the actual files you would need to go CLI at this point, as far as I know. I just create a directory on a share, cp /boot to that directory, zip, and copy off to a PC. I mean it's not something we need to overcome an obstacle. It just makes things more user-friendly. The lack of which is what hurts Unraid in the market. You should see the objections I read before people go out and buy one of those glorified toasters, or opt for some other distro like Xpenology. I read one guy say that Unraid is no longer supported, last week, lol. Think about the psychology behi
  10. As I'm preparing to swap out my mobo, cpu, and sas card, I thought "hey, why is this a manual process"? By preparing I mean printing PDFs of the drive slots, making a copy of the files on the flash drive, etc. So I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be great if this were a one-click process?" What I'd love is to download a zip file created by the system that includes ALL of the config info, a copy of the contents of the thumb drive, and anything else that may aid either myself or support in recovering any issues experienced in a hardware swap. Maybe an option to automatically disa
  11. Hello, As soon as I can get my hands on a Ryzen 5950x I'll be upgrading my main desktop. That desktop will replace the guts of my Unraid box. It's a Gigabyte board, with a 9900k on it, and 64gb of mem. No sound for video card will be part of the Unraid build. I've been looking at the supported hardware page, and for 16 port cards I think I'm gonna go with the Adaptec 71605 with some sort of fan added to address the heat issues I've read about. Would there be a problem with this, or is there something better that's reaso
  12. I am confused as hell. I installed the jlesage/handbrake Docker and am running it with the default settings. I'm mainly using it to "wring out" a bloated directory of DVR'd tv from "Channels-DVR". It's working beautifully. The problem is this. The videos coming out of Handbreak are of great quality, and really small. Especially compared to their original mpg2 size. But this is all happening using 6 of 8 cores on a server running a Xeon 1275L. When I try to run Handbrake on my Win 10 PC, a 9900k with 64gb mem, reading from nvme and writing to nvme, using the same settings I re
  13. Having worked in a software support role before I had a similar reaction to the forum. However, the timeliness and the quality of the answers to questions here are generally better than ticket support for enterprise software. I've actually received information like how to make a Dell SAS card work correctly by covering one of the contacts before inserting it into a motherboard. Things you would NEVER get from typical enterprise software support. Yes, I have some issues with the product. It's not pretty like a Synology box. It has some quirks here and there that may be me, or may be the c
  14. LOVE this. I installed and got it working in less than 5 minutes. THANK YOU!!! ...but I was just wanting to submit a request. What about a Chrome extension that creates a button to download from the YT page? So you're watching a video on YT and want to keep a copy. Instead of having to go to the Docker page, what about a button that just grabs the link and sends it to the Docker to DL using whatever defaults set?
  15. Has anyone tried these with Unraid current and had any success?