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  1. Question on disk limit for Unraid Basic. I know it's set to 6 but is that system limited or array limited? Mean could I have 6 disk in my array and 1 set to Unassigned Devices plugin for a total of 7 disk in the system but only 6 to the array?
  2. It wont download the game after the docker is installed unless my network type is set to bridged. How do I post log?
  3. Trying to setup the v rising container but im having few issues mainly with network. My Unraid server has 2 network cards in it. eth0-br0 is primary and eth1-br1 is what I run dockers ect on and is on a totally different network. If I select custom-br1 as my network type it wont run, goes for 17-18 sec and crashes. Never even downloads. Now I can go in and download say Barotrauma or about any other server files and select my network type as custom br1 and they will run fine.
  4. Can't figure it out, after update I can no longer access by host name but IP works fine so that's what i've been doing now.
  5. My Windows 10 PC updated on Nov 8th and since im no longer able to access any shares properly. I can access say Pursuit share by going to \\EZRA\disk1\Pursuit\ but not by going to \\EZRA\Pursuit\ This share is private and doing \\EZRA\disk1\Pursuit\ allows access without user info and \\EZRA\Pursuit\ gives error in attached screenshot. Everything worked fine before this update install. ezra-diagnostics-20181109-0354.zip
  6. Could someone move this to VM Templates or VM Engine thread.
  7. What XML configuration would be needed to run Android on a vm within unRAID. Looking at doing this as a budget setup with my echo to control my TV, using something like Anymote or Broadlink RM Pro. Reason is some of the setup that don't use a SmartHub need an always on Android device to bridge to the echo figured why waste a tablet or phone if a Android VM can be used. Just clueless on the howto as far as getting Android VM up and going on unRAID.
  8. From Tipp Lite wesite "Power LED (Green for Power On); One LED per RJ-45 port (Green indicates 10/100Mbps link; Amber indicates 1000Mbps link; LEDs flash to indicate port activity)" Good that a reboot worked for you. Next time if it happens again try another reboot, or it could be an issues with the switch green power feature. I had a TPLink at one point that would get stuck in green energy mode and I would have to unplug it and plug it back in.
  9. Is link that the unRAID server is plugged into green or amber?
  10. Check cable, if you have a spare try to replace it. Also since you're using Seagate drives make sure that their is no jumper installed on the rear of the drives.
  11. Depend on the drives, what disk are you using? Most 7200 RPM HDD's top out around 150-200MB/s (200MB burst rate). I also don't know what system you are using but I was getting inconsistent speeds with unRIAD running on my HP Proliant and it was due to some IRQ conflicts. switch my Sata and SaS to their own IRQ assignments and got about a 20% speed boost. My drive controllers, network adapters, and few other things were all on the same assignment. My internal speeds with WD Reds.
  12. If you're only getting 20KB/s something has to be really wrong. I'd go to Tools/Diagnostics and upload the file here for some of the guru's to look through.
  13. This is speed I get transfer from one WD Black to another to give a ruff idea on single drive 7200 RPM performance. z170 Chipset.
  14. 1GbE would be around a max of 125MB/s, but depending on cards/switch 100 to 115MB/s. This also depends on disk speed. SSD being fast and spindle or far slower. Sata 3 7200 RPM drive should do transfers somewhere around 125MB/s to 150MB/s local range I would think.
  15. 2nd NIC in unRAID will not speed up single file transfers from what I understand till SMB Multichannel support is added, and unRAID has to wait for it to become released and stable before it can be added. That is why you don't see a speed boost when bonding/teaming. Alternative is 10G Base-T which uses Cat6 so it's rj45, but cost is nutes and you would need a 10g switch also or option 2 is some good used mellanox cards which you can buy on ebay for cheep and do peer 2 peer.