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  1. Early impression is that this solved it. 5 minutes in and no more log entries. I'll update again in a couple of hours, but a presumptive 1000 thank you's @dlandon! Morning edit: it is definitely fixed. Very, very much appreciate your help. /klogg
  2. I believe it enables the Domain share by default, but not domain networking. I double checked though, I am set up for workgroup, not domain networking.
  3. No, not to my knowledge. I am not on a domain network here.
  4. Thanks @dlandon, all are unmounted already. I turned off auto-mount and rebooted to have a clean slate. It has been up for 2.5 hours, didn't mount any network shares, and still getting that winbindd cycle of messagesin the log every 60 seconds like clockwork. Other suggestions? Dec 11 16:37:01 Marvin winbindd[8492]: winbindd_interface_version: [nss_winbind (18436)]: request interface version (version = 31) Dec 11 16:37:01 Marvin winbindd[8492]: [2020/12/11 16:37:01.301178, 3] ../../source3/winbindd/winbindd_getgroups.c:63(winbindd_getgroups_send) Dec 11 16:37:01 Marvin winbindd[8
  5. A little less than 18 hours of up-time and the log 29% full. Diagnostics attached, how do I troubleshoot this? Any tips would help. Thanks. marvin-diagnostics-20201211-1252.zip
  6. Upgrade went well, but seeing winbindd is spamming the log. Any guesses? Dec 10 19:09:01 Marvin winbindd[8494]: [2020/12/10 19:09:01.457311, 3] ../../source3/winbindd/winbindd_misc.c:429(winbindd_interface_version) Dec 10 19:09:01 Marvin winbindd[8494]: winbindd_interface_version: [nss_winbind (22681)]: request interface version (version = 31) Dec 10 19:09:01 Marvin winbindd[8494]: [2020/12/10 19:09:01.457470, 3] ../../source3/winbindd/winbindd_getgroups.c:63(winbindd_getgroups_send) Dec 10 19:09:01 Marvin winbindd[8494]: winbindd_getgroups_send: [nss_winbind (22681)] getgroups root
  7. This solved it for me, no need to regress to SMB v1.0. Thank you @Ansuz!!
  8. I have another pro-tip for the masses. A little while ago it went from working perfectly to real website rendering issues, none of the assets loading correctly and unable to log in. I suspect this coincided with the arrival of the "reverse proxy URL" field in the container template, but that is pure speculation. To date I had the APP_URL defined in the .env file # /config/www/.env # Application URL # Remove the hash below and set a URL if using BookStack behind # a proxy, if using a third-party authentication option. # This must be the root URL that you want to host BookStack
  9. @ljm42, thanks for replying. Just this morning I had a chance to dig back in and figure it out. I don't know why it broke, but this is how I fixed it (for posterity, in case others have a similar problem). 1) I found this post referencing how to delete wg0 from the network config. 2) This following post from yourself identified the right config files to purge. I did this. 3) reboot. 4) Follow the guide on the unRAID blog. 5) Add a DNS entry, because any non-local URLs failed to load. Boom, back in business! Appreciate the reply, and all your ef
  10. Ha! I didn't expect such a fast pay-off on that. The password manager is exactly how I got into that place too. Glad it helped!
  11. When I set it up the first time, my DB password had a # in it, and either MariaDB or Bookstack couldn’t handle that. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting when I really just needed to generate a new password without that character.
  12. I am experiencing exactly the same problem. It worked for a while, some time ago I changed something (unRAID update? Can't remember) and it never worked again. I have; deleted and set up from scratch, removed to the plug-in, reinstalled and configured, removed again and deleted the files from flash, set up from scratch following the guide and Spaceinvader One's video. Never handshakes, never can see the server when connecting from my phone's cellular connection. Set up as "Remote access to server". One other odd thing is if I change the connection type to "Remote access to LAN" the
  13. This is just for anyone else who hits this wall. Setting up the Bookstack container, I got an endless amount of: Illuminate\Database\QueryException : SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'xxxx'@'yyy' (using password: YES) (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = bookstack and table_name = migrations and table_type = 'BASE TABLE') In the end, I noticed in one of log files in the container persistence files (./appdata/bookstack/...) that it had my mariaDB username and password logged, and the password was truncated. Despite trying the `root` user and th
  14. @stor44 curious to hear if the 3 Seagate 10TB drives are continuing to work on the HBA. I'm just adding 2 to my unRAID box and wondering how you are fairing. I put the first one in connected to the onboard SATA 2 port to rebuild parity, but the second one has options... 🙂