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  1. Cool story, thats what the forum is for:)
  2. Got Zwave recently and I highly recommend it
  3. Donaldo

    VPN service

    PureVPN and Tunnelbear are good ones.
  4. Colo is a quite good one, my friend started using it a few months ago and he really likes it. I would also recommend looking at something like fail2ban for security, was doing some reading about it here. In any case theres a few really good ones to consider.
  5. I have the system temp plugin but can't really see the temperature anywhere.
  6. My friend just got the EVGA SuperNOVA 650W GQ. So far he's quite impressed by the performance
  7. I've also not really had a problem with stability so far. Perhaps I need more time to tell though
  8. I just got a Ryzen build and the performance is amazing to be honest
  9. I find that 35 TB is the perfect value for money.
  10. Definitely spotify, it's just so convenient