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  1. Looks like it is roughly $800 (Ouch!) The i9-9900k is currently $329 at Microcenter and the I9-9700k (8 core no HT) is only $229 at Microcenter. So the big question is if ECC support is worth the premium in an UNRAID build.
  2. i9 9900k will not support ECC memory (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/i9-processors/i9-9900k.html) none of the core processors will accept ECC except some of the i3 8th and 9th generations and, of course, the Xeons. I am looking at i9-9900K as well and hoping ECC is not really needed. It should make a decent UNRAID/Plex transcoder/VM Machine.
  3. UNRAID is really good about switching disk controllers as long as UNRAID can see the drive directly. Recently, I did the the exact opposite of what you are doing by moving 8 drives from a LSI IT HBA to motherboard SATA ports during a motherboard/CPU upgrade. I took a screen shot of all drive assignments before doing this, in case there was an issue. NO issue at all, when I powered back up and started the array, UNRAID automagically saw all the drives and started the array correctly. Don't forget to take the screenshot of drive assignments, just in case. Good luck.
  4. i just upgraded from dual E5-52670's (V1) to: Motherboard: Fujitsu LGA2011-3 single cpu motherboard Intel C612 chipset, accepts E5-16XX-V3/V4 and E5-26XX-V3/V4 CPU's Seller accepts $140 offer and the boards are brand new with lots of features including tons of PCie slots and a 16x slot that supports 4x/4x/4x/4x bifurcation and booting from NVME on PCIE adapter. has 10 onboard SATA ports. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fujitsu-D3348-B23-GS-2-Motherboard/114266470963?hash=item1a9acffa33:g:MooAAOSwOkle7NUt Board documentation: ftp://ftp.kontron.com/Products/Motherboards/EoL_Motherboards/EoL_ExtendedLifeCycle/D3348-B/ Note: this is the -B2 version that standard ATX size and standard ATX power connection. CPU: single Xeon E5-2680 V4 14c/28t 2.4Ghz base freq, all core turbo=2.9Ghz, two core turbo=3.3ghz $159 here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SR2N7-INTEL-XEON-E5-2680V4-14-CORE-2-40GHz-35M-9-6-GT-s-120W-PROCESSOR/254728858868?epid=858678219&hash=item3b4f05ecf4:g:gLUAAOSwVjdfysfa I made a spreadsheet to help pick out the best Xeon E5 V3/V4 for your application (cores? Clockspeed?) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LizRH0-rivi18gh43Xp4fbjBNr-j-KTMf-tflUl7LbM/edit?usp=sharing RAM: 32GB DDR4 2400 registered ECC certified by mobo manufacturer: $95 per stick: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAMSUNG-M393A4K40BB1-CRC-32GB-1X32GB-2RX4-PC4-2400T-DDR4-MEMORY/182480035133?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 I did 4 RAM sticks for Quad channel memory. You can also get certified 16GB sticks for $50. I dropped over 120 watts compared to my dual E5-2670 build per my UPS stats. Only lost 2 cores/4 threads but gained DDR4 performance and other V4 processing improvements.
  5. This is the way to go. Most of us came from gaming or workstation builds and are not used to server rack mount cases, but a supermicro case, backplane, and motherboard are industrial grade reliable and just work. I went from big huge tower case (Coolermaster Cosmos) to Rosewill 4U server rack mount case. If I did it all over I would just go with used supermicro 846 24 bay 3.5" case, Supermicro Intel 2011 motherboard and be done with it. I dont have a "rack", it just sits on a shelf in my basement. Look at this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SuperMicro-CSE-846-24-Bay-SAS2-BP-Server-w-X9DRi-F-2x-6-Core-E5-2620-2Ghz-Sleds/192950842364?hash=item2cecc433fc:g:PkoAAOSwXFldA9Al:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!48138!US!-1 hard to beat for the price (24 bay case+motherboard+2 processors) you just need cheap used ebay DDR3 ECC Registered memory and potentially a SAS/SATA HBA drive controller, but that motherboard might have one built in.
  6. set up new array with 10TB parity + 10TB data drives attach EXT4 disks with unassigned devices plugin as trurl has stated copy data from EXT4 disks to UnRAID 10 TB drive you can then choose to add EXT4 disks to array, which will format them and the data will be destroyed (and potentially your only backup).
  7. 128GB (8GBx16 sticks) DDR3 registered ECC in a dual xeon E5 V1 machine
  8. I am using your unifi controller docker on unraid and I just wanted to say thank you for creation and maintenance.
  9. Dell PERC H310 flashed to IT mode (no hardware RAID) and working great on my Fujitsu TX100 S2 desktop server with no tape required.
  10. Newbie here. I have installed my trial version of unRAID and I am in the process of loading my array up with data from my old WHS2011 + drive pool drives. I have my array set up with all shares set to secure and read access only so that there is no way to write to a share. I am doing this to help protect from ransomware, etc. I am moving my data to the array via the cache directly. I have the cache drive exported as public so that you can directly write via SMB on windows. My current process to write data: Open the cache directory mapped in windows Create a directory named exactly as the share directory you want to write to (Example: \\tower\cache\Music) Drag and drop the content and invoke the mover when the cache gets close to filling up Repeat as necessary until the data is transferred. It has been working okay so far, but because of drive pool and my directory structures sprinkled over many drives, I will soon have to "merge" nested directory structures and duplicate files. How does the mover handle duplicate files and merging of directory structures? Does it merge directory structures automatically? Example: Today I write to the cache and use the mover to send to the array this structure/these two files: \\tower\cache\Music\Van Halen\1984\Hot For Teacher.mp3 \\tower\cache\Music\Van Halen\1984\Panama.mp3 Tomorrow I write to the cache and use the mover to send to the array this structure/these two files: \\tower\cache\Music\Van Halen\1984\Panama.mp3 \\tower\cache\Music\Van Halen\1984\Girl Gone Bad.mp3 Will I end up with all three.mp3's in the nested structure for a proper merge? Will one directory replace the other so I will only end up "Panama.mp3" and "Girl Gone Bad.mp3" in the directory structure (losing Hot For Teacher.mp3) ? How does the mover handle duplicate files? Will it choke on "Panama.mp3" Remember, I am not writing to user shares, I am writing to cache disk pool directly. Thanks for any advice. I want to be safe but I don't want to inadvertently lose data during this process.
  11. Frank1940, Thank you for the helpful replies! The threads you linked to were great and I realized I was overthinking everything. I created a local Windows account only for unraid file maintainence/adding files to the server and it seems to be working great. Thanks again.
  12. Ok, been thinking about this and I think I can just create a separate local windows account specifically for adding and editing files to the server. I can just login when needed, Easy enough. I can even create a local move to server folder/share to help between accounts. Hopefully the rest of the users with online Microsoft accounts will be able to see the shares read only becauseI can't add them as named users in unRAID due to the required spaces and special characters in the windows online accounts. Any comments/critique of this strategy is appreciated. Thanks
  13. As the title states I am a new user to unRAID and just installed the trial version of 6.3.5. I am coming from windows home server 2011 with drivepool. I am using the server as a family media server (movies/music/pictures) and also to store some docs. The usecase is 99% read media to plex and windows shares. A couple times a month I will add new media to the server. My strategy is to setup the media shares as secure, with read only access to the household windows accounts including my own account. The intent is to protect from immediate issues with ransomware or accidental deletions. ( I manually backup the important stuff off of the server, but am also researching automated backup on unraid - separate topic coming) I was hoping I could create an unraid account with write access and only access that when I am deliberately adding or changing files on the server (from windows 10), to eliminate write access exposure at all other times(from windows 10). I am happy having to enter user/pass anytime I am doing this (from windows 10). I really don't want writable shares just sitting there waiting for malware/ransomware/accident to happen. Ideas: I tried creating a user/pass in unraid specifically for maintenance. In windows there is no place to enter a user/pass when trying to write to those shares from another windows account that does not have write access to those shares. I just get access denied. Also I cant create an unRAID user/pass to match my windows account user/pass. My whole family has Windows accounts, I monitor the kids internet usage with the windows family tools. The user account is in the format firstname <space> lastname and/or email address and unraid appears to not be able to handle the spaces or special characters in the usernames. My UNIX/Linux experience is between a beginner and medium. I can navigate a command prompt with basic commands and teach myself (man/help) how to use utilities/commands, etc. and have no problem following tutorials. Any strategies or guides would be appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.