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  1. My server was running, and Plex was working but I could no longer move files to the drives. Then I logged into the Tower and a few errors came up to do with the USB drive. I tried to update to 6.8.3 and it would fail out. My first step was to reboot, and since then the old USB drive would not restart. So I removed it and put in my laptop and Windows thinks there is something wrong with it, but ignoring that I was able to view the contents and copy them to my desktop. I downloaded and created a new USB drive and the system boots up fine. Initially I (with no knowledge of what to copy) copied the entire Config folder over and the Boot files on the newly created drive and tried again, again with success and I could see my shares and assigned drives, so that was good. Only the need for a new Key was stopping me from getting it back up. What I want to know is what do I need to actually copy over, and what should I avoid. I reformatted the USB again and I only want to copy what I need to, so I have my drive setup and shares. I can reinstall the docker stuff myself. I am under the impression that its better to keep the majority of the newly created files as I don't know which ones may have been corrupted from my old USB drive. Thanks Ryan
  2. Thanks. I have the server up and stable now. I may revist putting the card in to access that additional 1TB but for now I'm doing alright, save for the 26 hour parity checks. Yikes!
  3. Thanks for the help. Got that drive out of the array and assigned to cache and everything is cruising now. I will have to look into those cards. With the 9XXX series that aren't clones do they need to be flashed, or just plug and play.
  4. Great. And I should have no issue making the drive just cleared the new Cache I assume. This PCI-E sata card has been a big headache. In my config I took a screenshot before but I also have the benefit that my parity is 10TB, and I have (2) 6 and (2) 3TB data drives. Outside my initial question but are there threads here on good options for PCI-E expansion cards that work? This one is from Amazon and consistently created issues. It never relayed the Smart info in a regular way and made me think I had lost an SSD.
  5. I just started that process now, thanks for the heads up. Do I have to keep Telnet open during the process? Obviously right now I am but I see in the GUI the only indication I have that something is going on is I get spikes on the CPU cores. With single parity I can move the remaining drives to close the gap caused by removal of this drive correct, only Dual Parity doesn't like this? The disk being cleared is Disk 3 of 5. I was hoping to move 4/5 up a spot but not if it means rebuilding the parity again. I like these big drives but parity rebuilds take 26 hours for me at 10TB.
  6. This is a stupid question, but how do I create the folder clear-me on a specific drive? I access shares from Windows but I've never created a dedicated folder on a dedicated drive in my array before. My new server is having problems with the cache and I think its related to the fact its plugged into a PCI-E Sata card, not the board. I have one drive in my array that has no data and I want to remove it from the array and make it the cache to see if it resolves my issues being on board mounted SATA port. Thanks!
  7. Awesome, I found that. I see new files copying onto the server are following the rules. Is there a way to force it to shift existing content that is in those shares off drives they are on and over to the new drives? I set all the drive shares how I wanted and forced the Mover to start but it doesn't look like existing content is shifting to obey the new rules on what drives to use. Would I have to delete and re copy or will it migrate on its own (or can I force it).
  8. To this point I ran a very small server with (3) 3TB drives. One parity and two data. I didn't mess with anything to do with that, created shares and let unraid handle the rest. To date it pretty much balanced the data across both so they were relatively equal in storage. Now I have a new server built, and already rebuilt the parity drive with a 10TB unit. So now I have my original (2) 3TB data drives working and finished a binhex preclear of the old 3TB parity and (2) new 6TB Segate NAS drives. Before I add them to the array I had a question about how the data is stored. My thought was if possible I wanted my shares that get the most use forced onto the 6TB drives. The (3) 3TB although tanks (2011, 2012 and 2014) are getting older and I wanted them to host the stuff that is more long term storage and rarely accessed. Documents, pictures etc. Movies etc that are more often accessed I had hoped would run off the brand new drives. All are 7200rpm so not for performance reasons. Is this possible, and if so is it suggested? I read through some of the different Wiki's and didn't find anything about preferences like this. I don't know how Unraid handles new drives being added so I haven't put the new ones into the array yet in case by default it would start spreading the data across all of them right away. Thanks Ryan
  9. SOLD Extremely compact box I used for about 3 years running Unraid and using the Plex Docker and file storage. I chose the case because its basically as small as I could find and still hold 4 drives. Includes everything listed below. In some pictures I have the drives in so you can get an idea how it looks when loaded, but drives and the Unraid OS are NOT included. You just need to plug in drives and Unraid and go. Was a tank. With the fan setup in a shelf with only front ventilation the drives only saw 41C during Parity checks. 35/36C during normal operation. CPU was powerful enough to do multiple 1080P streams or a single 4K as long as video did not need to be transcoded. No issue transcoding a single 1080 stream, or the audio on 4K. I ran 3 - 3.5" drives and a 2.5" drive but it could fit 4 - 3.5"drives. Includes: 2x4gb Kingston KVR1333D3E9S Unbuffered ECC RAM Silverstone SST-ST45SF SFX 450W 80Plus Intel i3-4150 3600Mhz (4MB Cache) Dual Core Roswell Legacy V6-S Silver Mini ITX Case ASRock E3C224D2I Mini ITX Motherboard LGA 1150 I have boxes for the CPU, Ram and PSU, all purchased new. I may have the motherboard box as well. If you want all the boxes it may bump shipping up. CPU has the OEM fan on it. Also included is the case fan which I will update the ad as its a nicer unit than was in the box I swapped in. I have no idea of the value but I already have a new box going so I just want to recoup some. Open to offers. $180USD shipped within the lower 48 and Canada. I will consider shipping anywhere if postage is covered. I am in Ontario, Canada. My Ebay user is ryankenn, over 700 all positives as a personal buyer/seller. Paypal (not gifted I will eat the fee) or E-transfer.
  10. Maybe I was just misreading. I had thought that USB drives would show in this version of Unraid, but I installed Unassigned Devices and I do see the two of them sitting there. Hopefully this means I can preclear them through this Docking Station.
  11. OK that sounds easy. I actually just posted another question about preclearing as I'm having issues with my external USB showing. As for above, right now I have 3 - 3TB drives. My plan is to move all three over, and add 3 new precleared drives. A 10TB, and two 6TB. Once running what I want to do is make the 10TB the new parity drive. Then once successful preclear the old 3TB parity for use as part of the array. Is there a guide for moving the parity from one drive to another, or do I just assign the 10TB to be parity and unassign the 3TB and the system will rebuild it on that new drive.
  12. I was hoping to use this docking station I already had: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B019DNBU7G/ref=sspa_dk_hqp_detail_aax_0?smid=A1ZAFAL1WND4H&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExNE9CQTkyRkU5TVlXJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNDAwNTg4MTdJRzYxSkRMWTlXTSZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwNTIwMzYyOUozNUpETEw5N0pQJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfaHFwX3NoYXJlZCZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU&th=1 I want to preclear 4 drives I plan on putting into a new box I'm building along with the 3 in my existing small server. I put the first drive in the TARGET slot of the enclosure and its plugged in and on. I cannot see the drive anywhere in Unraid. During the process I also installed the BinHex preclear Docker to get ready and futzing with it using the -l function it does show the USB Docking Station as the only option to preclear because its not part of the array, so the box does know the docking station is attached and working, but it doesn't show the physical drive I have plugged into the station. Are dual slot stations like this just not suitable for preclearing drives? Or is there something I have to refresh in Unraid to get the unassigned drive to show? **During typing I also tried adding a 1TB drive I had around. In the screenshot you can see where I first only showed one USB Dock drive, now I do show two so I am assuming the preclear program does actually see the drives but can't translate the serial numbers to me? I have to know the SDF is Bay one and SDG is Bay two. Can I preclear the drives from this stage even though they don't show in the Unraid OS I am running Unraid 6.7.2.
  13. That's what I want to know. When you plug the drives in does Unraid know which is the Parity drive, and that the other two are data. Or is there something I have to do to let it know.
  14. I have a small 3 drive array (all 3TB, one parity) running in a very compact enclosure with a mITX board. The system runs great but I want more space, and more drives so I'm changing cases. Because it will be apart I also thought about upgrading the hardware. My old i3 and ECS M/B aren't particularily powerful so I thought I'd upgrade. Also the board has 4 - 6Gb/s SATA and 2 3GB/s so I had hoped to get a 6 - 6Gb/s board with a faster processor. Is there a guide on how to maintain all the data on my array during the transfer? I assumed I would try the transfer first, get the array up again then start messing with more drives. Thanks Ryan