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  1. You would lose all these by resetting everything. Keep a copy of your config folder if you wish to restore them
  2. I have my shares set as read only except a temp share. I then use mc to copy the data from temp to the other shares. Its a little work but it stopped any issues I had
  3. Are you using any VPN? The only time I do not see the server tab is when I am signed into the plexWEB app as a secondary user. When I switch user to the master user I can see the server tab.
  4. Stop looking on the left! Under settings then server Show the screen shot there
  5. Plex server is running as you are loggin into it! I would imagine you have signed into the web interface but the PMS is not signed in as you. Are these headings under settings?
  6. Can you screenshot your server settings. Top right settings then server Should say "Signed in as XXXX"
  7. Is your MB not defaulting to booting the HDD when you plug those in instead of the flash drive. Every time I alter any drives in mine I have to go back and change the order
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    There is no option to disable in the bios that seems to be my problem. I cant figure out why it hangs at this point and since I dont fully boot I cant pull off a syslog
  9. ljh89


    I a trying to get hardware virtualisation sorted on my server. I have a p67ud4 board from gigabyte and they have sent me a custom bios that allows vt-d. Now when I enable this option in the bios unraid cannot finish booting. I get an error message that floppy0: No floppy controllers found. Is there a way in unraid to disable the floppy controller or the kernal probing it? I dont actually have a floppy drive attached or an option to attach one so I am assuming vtd is emulation one somewhere. Trouble is there is no option for it anywhere? any ideas?
  10. I had a lot of trouble with my plex. I could connect internally from the network but not from outside. I had to set DCHP to auto and it fixed it.
  11. I never had dockerman installed as a plugin and I cant find the plg file just in case it found its way there
  12. I just upgraded to 6 beta 12 and am having trouble getting docker containers working. Ive followed all the steps in the guides I have found and cant seem to find a solution. When I click reload info on the docker tab I get the following message in the log file php: #012Warning: unlink(/tmp/tmp-431221882.tar.gz): No such file or directory in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/dockerClient.php on line 155 I really have no idea what this means or if it is even important. After reloading the repos I click the green cross to create a new container and the templates section is blank. Anyine know how to sort this?
  13. Thanks, I precleared it a couple of times and all pending got assigned and no more have appeared...yet. Reassigned as cache and no errors so fingers crossed all is sorted now
  14. Came home from work earlier to find my tower powered down. Realised it must have been a power cut so turned back on and waited for the parity check to start. All was going smoothly until I checked the interface to see how far it had gone and all I saw was a sea of red at the bottom of the unmenu screen. Now I have pending sectors on the cache, is it best to unassign the drive and preclear it to reassign them and then watch for any more? Is the repeating error in my syslog more serious or is it caused by those sectors? Thanks for your help syslog.txt cache.txt
  15. Since you added the cache disk after creating the shares you would need to change the share settings to use the cache disk. I suspect that is why your speed did not change when you added the cache in the first place.
  16. Same with me, plugin downloads the files but doesn't install them
  17. There is http://www.scan.co.uk/products/cooler-master-full-alloy-4-in-3-devices-module-ideal-for-most-cases from Scan but the drives would need additional cooling, only £12.
  18. It's the same with me, my spare drive just sits there spinning until I manually spin it down. I've always assumed the spin down delay settings only affected disks in the array so assume it's fine.
  19. You havent changed the workgroup on any of the pcs or on unraid? That was my issue when tower stopped appearing on the network
  20. If you set the share to secure, you can then give each user the required permissions
  21. Yeah I was reading about this. Sounds awesome and I'd like to take advantage of the unlocking, if possible. Do you have any idea if my proposed board will unlock the chip? I'm not sure how to tell. I would definitely pick a different board if it was the difference between being able to unlock the CPU or not. Here's what I was looking at from the original post: Asus M5A97. Don't do it! Well you can but if you do get a cpu with a disabled core make sure you test it for stability when you unlock it. I unlocked the extra core on my AMD Sempron and everything seemed stable until parity calculations happened. Then I was getting 1in4 parity calculations as an error, took me days to figure out since the system seemed stable until then.
  22. I use a Raspberry Pi with raspBMC for of xbmc, it seems fine with the spin up delay.
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    Icy Dock 3-in-2

    Looks identical to me except ones sata 2 rather than 3