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  1. In the docker section, I notice that if I set the "all" switch to off so that I can pick and choose, my last Docker doesn't appear... (It's Wallabag FYI). not sure if it's specific to that docker, or an "off by one" kind of error.
  2. I don’t think so, but not sure. I think that’s the userid inside the container, and the PUID stuff is what is presented to the host file system
  3. Note, I just editing my find command, sorry, swapped the parameters
  4. Assuming normal unRaid setup... I only know how to do this via command line - there might be some other way, but I don't know. log into the box > ssh <your machine> Assuming your config above (and that syncthing is empty): > chmod 777 /mnt/user/syncthing > chown nobody:users /mnt/user/syncthing If there are files in /mnt/user/syncthing already: > find /mnt/user/syncthing -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \; > find /mnt/user/syncthing -type f -exec chmod 666 {} \; > chown -R nobody:users /mnt/user/syncthing Obviously, no guarantees 🙂
  5. Hmmm... I don't know, sorry... your config looks about like mine, and mine has been working fine. I have fits with permissions on unRaid for some reason - I wish it did things a bit more "standard" (at least as I understand standard), but... Have you tried changing the permissions of your target directory? Make sure all directories are 777 and files are 666, including (in your config) /mnt/user/syncthing itself? And the ownership should match the 99/100 of PUID/PGID. Otherwise, sorry, all I know to check.
  6. Your PUID value is wrong... you have put the file permissions mask in, not the PUID - should be 99 I believe, on a normal unraid setup.
  7. Hey, thanks for the idea... I went back through things and sure enough... If you actually read the help (:-)) "Local server uses NAT" "When NAT is enabled, the server uses its own LAN address when forwarding traffic from the tunnel to other devices in the LAN network. Use this setting when no router modifications are desired, but this approach doesn't work with Docker containers using custom IP addressess. When NAT is disabled, the server uses the WireGuard tunnel address when forwarding traffic. In this case it is required that the default gateway (router) has a static route configured to refer tunnel address back to the server." I had it turned on... turned it off, configured the recommended static route on my router and things seem happy.
  8. I'm sorry to drag this back up... I left it for a while, thinking somebody with more skills than me might encounter it and maybe fix it, but apparently I'm "special" 🙂 When I have wireguard enabled, then I can't access my Unifi Controller docker (on br0) - don't have to be connected via Wireguard - it just has to be enabled. I turn it off and everything works great. Wireguard works fine when enabled, except for killing this one connection. I don't know how to debug it further... any thoughts? Appreciate it.
  9. I tried changing appdata to cache - no change. I was using br0 with a static IP... changed to Bridge mode and can get to it on http, not https... scratch that, I lied... I can get on https... as long as I'm on bridge Seems to still be something with network side, I think.
  10. It would appear to be some conflict with Wireguard, at least for me... if I turn off Wireguard, I can access the Unifi GUI. I have my Unifi Controller on a separate IP address, configured with br0 - somehow, even though I'm "at home" and connected locally and not coming through Wireguard, it seems to mess up access. There's some discussion on the Wireguard thread, but it's beyond me.
  11. Thanks... that proved inconclusive to me... Wound up fixing it... needed to change the Airsonic docker to use: JAVA_OPTS="-Dserver.use-forward-headers=true" (or whatever format your world uses). Info here: I didn't have to do the part about setting all the location options (X-Forwarded-Host, etc.) - just worked. Hope that's useful to somebody.
  12. Anybody managed to get Airsonic working behind nginxproxymanager? The web site comes up, and will play music, but some features don't work (settings tab, downloading to a mobile device). Seems like it's related to a "location" setting, but I haven't found the winner.
  13. I use papertrail and their remote server address has a 5 digit port - the field on the page only allows for 4 digits