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  1. shaunsund

    (Solved) 6.6.4 cron not working

    As long as I am correct Thanks Squid
  2. shaunsund

    (Solved) 6.6.4 cron not working

    Isn't that based on a cron job?
  3. shaunsund

    (Solved) 6.6.4 cron not working

    Nice! I didn't even see it available until you mentioned!
  4. It appears that cron isn't running. After a reboot from upgrading to 6.6.4, I noticed my SSD cache drive was filling up. Didn't notice any logs saying the mover had run or (with the Mover tuner plugin) didn't see it was skipped. Also noticed User Scripts plugin, with scripts to run daily, or hourly doesn't show logs from running in the background after an uptime of nearly 6 days. I was, however, able to run the mover manually. TIA fractal-diagnostics-20181113-1411.zip
  5. Upon rebooting from updating to 6.6.2, I received the following warning: yet, under cache devices, the device IS there and working fine. I haven't received a notification saying the warning has cleared. Also, an error I have noticed since 6.6.1 or so, I get a line: in the boot screen. Not sure why. Any insights? fractal-diagnostics-20181014-1348.zip
  6. FWIW: I updated to 6.6.1 and still have the error.
  7. Both 6.6.0 and 6.6.0-rc4 ... I haven't yet updated to 6.6.1 yet.
  8. Not sure when this started but host (dig and nslookup from the bind package) are throwing an error: $ host 28-Sep-2018 14:02:03.906 ENGINE_by_id failed (crypto failure) 28-Sep-2018 14:02:03.906 error:25070067:DSO support routines:DSO_load:could not load the shared library:dso_lib.c:233: 28-Sep-2018 14:02:03.906 error:260B6084:engine routines:DYNAMIC_LOAD:dso not found:eng_dyn.c:467: 28-Sep-2018 14:02:03.906 error:2606A074:engine routines:ENGINE_by_id:no such engine:eng_list.c:390:id=gost host: dst_lib_init: crypto failure I don't see any other package to install that might supply the missing library. Any ideas?
  9. shaunsund

    App/Plugin for backing up/Sync external hard drive

    I've tested it plenty of times and that is how it works. Please note, the $LOGFILE is a location for your custom messages/output while the /tmp/$SERIAL.log seems to be the raw output for the script. I think that Log icon on the UD page should read /tmp/$SERIAL.log, but doesn't seem to.
  10. 1. You can see my setup in my signature, so for my Windows 10 VM I have 4G with video card pass-through. I would give it more RAM but I have only half of your RAM. 2. You should be able to. I am not a user of those apps, but in unRAID as dockers, the config data would be in the appdata/ share and *should* be able to be migrated over. 3. There is a plugin called User Scripts that should be able to handle your cron tasks. Welcome to unRAID!
  11. shaunsund

    App/Plugin for backing up/Sync external hard drive

    No prob. It started with a simple outline and grew from there! rsync is my preference, there is rclone also. google usage for each to see which you like better. S
  12. Ah, in retrospect that makes sense. But should the Log icon on the main UD page show the /tmp/$SERIAL.log? I was getting the /tmp/$SERIAL.log fill with data from a script, but never saw its contents in the GUI.
  13. Messing with the mount and unmount script and believe I found a bug. Enable a disk script, run it (it can be simple just echo $LOGFILE and $SERIAL. in my case it echos "/tmp/unassigned.devices/$LABEL.log" and $SERIAL In the GUI the Script Log doesn't show anything. But, the log file seems to be written to"/tmp/$SERIAL.log"
  14. shaunsund

    App/Plugin for backing up/Sync external hard drive

    I kept making changes, here's the script: GitLab Snippet UPDATE: Just learned that the /tmp/$SERIAL.log and the $LOGFILE aren't the same. /tmp/$SERIAL.log is the log the Log Icon looks at. (via UD maintatiner)