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  1. Hey @ich777, have you given this any further look lately?
  2. Done and will update when it happens again. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone. Until 6.9, I could easily go 90 days or more without a hiccup or cause for a reboot. Since upgrading to 6.9 and now onto 6.9.2, it seems to last anywhere from 24 hours to a week before being completely unresponsive to web, ssh, etc and requiring a reboot via hardware button. I usually forget my diagnostics but including them this time from the start! All help appreciated. Thanks
  4. I haven't. I don't think I realized that it was a plug-in, I must have had it for awhile. Uninstalled and trying to run now. That did it! It is now moving off cachepooltwo. Awesome. Thanks for the help!
  6. I have a cache pool setup with 2 SSDs and that is setup for docker appdata, etc. That one is working perfectly. I setup a second "Cachepooltwo" and I have it configured with a few shares, but it does not move the data off the cache onto the array when I invoke the mover. These are the shares I have setup: all_media - user cache pool: "yes" - select cache pool: "Cachepooltwo" - Included disk(s): "All" downloads - SAME SETTINGS AS ABOVE. Cachepooltwo is a 2TB nvme drive and it is sitting at 1.5TB full of all_media folders and download folders. - Downloads write to here and
  7. Updated to the latest this morning and I cannot load the history page. Getting these errors on the container logs: 2020-03-09 09:24:00 - ERROR :: CP Server Thread-13 : WebUI :: /home : Uncaught ReferenceError: page is not defined. (home:1016) 2020-03-09 09:24:00 - ERROR :: CP Server Thread-13 : WebUI :: /home : Uncaught ReferenceError: page is not defined. (home:1016) 2020-03-09 09:24:02 - ERROR :: CP Server Thread-13 : WebUI :: /history : Uncaught ReferenceError: page is not defined. (history_table.js:84)
  8. I'm sorry, but I don't follow? I'm stable at 1.35V and 3066 MHz. I think if I wanted to try and achieve 3200, I would need to learn more about overclocking RAM.
  9. I have been slowly increasing the clock speed and got up to 3066 stable on the 4 sticks. If I try going up to 3200, it freezes up on me after about 10 seconds into unRAID boot. I'll stick with 3066 for the time being until I can learn more about clocking these monsters.
  10. I might try messing with the timings tomorrow to see if I can get higher speeds. Its back at 4 sticks @ 2133 for the time being. I was going by this for B-Die for TR builds. This is the thread that lead me there.
  11. Changed Load XMP setting to XMP 2.0 Profile 1 (3200) and voltage to 1.35. Voltage auto-set when I changed to XMP 2.0 Profile 1. Unraid froze about halfway through bootup. Stopped at: sev command 0x4 timed out, disabling PSP SEV: failed to get status. Error: 0x0 So, I think when I changed to AUTO it had not updated yet the other day to show 2133 and 1.20v. It has been stable for a day at those lower clock settings. Not sure of what else to change to get it to run 4 sticks at 3200. What my limited knowledge has gathered so far: 2 sticks @
  12. No I'm running 4 sticks. Let me take some new pictures from BIOS. That second picture might have been prior to switching profiles now that I think about it.
  13. Would being quad channel make it report 2133? Should I move 2nd set to different slots?
  14. BLUF: How to understand dmidecode to see if RAM is running at full clock speeds. (output of dmidecode --type 17 attached) Server has been running smoothly with 2x16GB sticks of GSkill Ripjaws (F4-3200C15D-32GVR) in dual channel mode with XMP Profile 1. ASRock X399 Taichi | TR4 2950X Windows VM was eating up a ton of RAM for Blue Iris NVR, so I decided to buy 2 more sticks. Popped them in the slots according to the x399 Taichi motherboard chart (D2,C2,B2,A2). BIOS is showing Quad Channel now and it was freezing like crazy on POST, so I went in and switched the Memory
  15. I think I was on P20 20.00.07(?) It was 0.5 - 2.9% into a disk rebuild that it would kill the disk and disable it. Couple hours later the other 3 disks on that SAS port would get bazillions of read/write errors. They just stopped communicating through the card. Since moving to the 9207-8i, it has been flawless. Wroks out of the box with no flashing and uses PCIe 3.0 instead of 2.0 (not that it matters bandwidth-wise but seems more compatible with my x399 Taichi.