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  1. I just use an Apple TV or iPad to use stuff outside of my home WiFi range
  2. Hi mate Use Krusader and delete everything in these to folders Persist and Accessories unless you removed the Hoobs folder in Unraid then the deletion of the image only deletes the app it leaves in place the folder and everything thing from previous. PS in the Home App make sure everything thing that was running on the Hoobs server was deleted from the Home app. Let us know how it goes!
  3. So finally got sorted, but you will need to Rebuild it from SCRATCH kind of. 1 Delete it from the HomeApp 2 Go into Hoobs go to settings then go to advance backup your config file as you will need it. 3 Remove the Hoobs image from Unraid 4 Then redownload it again it should be 3.29, 5 Use Krusader to go into your app data folder on Unraid find Hoobs go into it delete everything apart from node_modules, ect and backups. 6 Go into the ect folder delete everything Apart from the two folders Persist and Accessories. 7 Go into the Persist folder delete everything in there. 8 Go into the Accessories folder and delete everything in there. 9 Go to the Hoobs UI and start re downloading all of your plugins. 10 Use your saved Config file to rebuild your Hoobs Config 11 It should be up and running now that the Config file for your plugins has been Hope That helps!
  4. so finally got it to load back the accessories but it still doesn't run, I have deleted it from the home app but can't re add it as the bridge doesn't run. Edit: contained setup pin so deleted move to below post for a fix for this
  5. Im having the same issue but i deleted my configs to see if it was that which it isn't so i would stay fast for an update. Now I've got to rebuild my config. This is too stable until this update man I'm annoyed. Any help please
  6. look at this vid this guy can help you out more than i can as this is who i normally use
  7. Hi I struggled like mad to find those files on there site it’s not the best I have no idea where they have that one is hiding Yep think I have to open my eye it’s been a long night but where do you install it in root terminal of unraid as you can’t bash into any of the containers as they are can’t spin up. AND BREATH I've sorted it thanks found this! reverse proxy doesn't seem to work with Sonnar so i can route it through the container anymore need to figure out how to get that working again and if i can find a bitcoin wallet that doesn't charge a fee to spend and that i can put say a £5 a month (Anyone Offer Help on the bitcoin front?) info below has downloads working thanks to the person that made this template. Mullvad VPN for Unraid 0) Go to https://mullvad.net/en/download/#linux <-- Latest Link when I made this guide or just go to your mullvad account page 1) Download your mullvad VPN files by clicking "GenerateOpenVPN configuration files" . Make sure to keep "Use IP addresses" and "Connect via our bridges" left unchecked 2) Unzip the downloaded file. 3) Move all four files (you should have four) to appdata/deluge/openvpn 3a) change the file extension of mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.conf to mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.ovpn 3b) Open mullvad_<whatever region you selected>.ovpn with a text editor and add the following lines to the bottom: pull-filter ignore "route-ipv6" pull-filter ignore "ifconfig-ipv6" 3c) save the file. 4) In your deluge container, edit the following settings: 4a) Key 1 (VPN_ENABLED) should be set to "yes" 4b) Key 2 (VPN_USER) should be your Mullvad account number; a 16 digit number you received when you set up your Mullvad account which also can be found in mullvad_userpass.txt. 4b+)Do not include the "m" as shown in the .txt file, just the 16 digit account number. 4c) Key 3 (VPN_PASS) same account number as Key 2, no "m". 4d) Key 4 (VPN_PROV) set to "custom" 4e) Key 6 (STRICT_PORT_FORWARD) set to "yes" 4f) Key 8 (LAN_NETWORK) put the first 3 numbers of your routers IP (most likely 192.168.1) followed by .0/24 (example "") 5) Apply and restart deluge For faster Downloads, Mullvad supports port forwarding. This can be done by: 6) Go to the mullvad.net homepage, and under your account, you'll see "Manage Ports and Wireguard keys" 6a) It was this link when I created the guide: https://mullvad.net/en/account/ports/ 7) Click "add port" and then copy the port that it spits out. Go to the deluge UI and under preferences / network, change "Incoming Port" to: 8a) Uncheck "Use Random Port" and put in the port you copied. 9) You're done
  8. Hi i need a liitle help please have copied the files (update-resolv-conf) (mullvad_ca.crt) (mullvad_fr_par.conf) and (mullvad_userpass.txt) into the delugeVPN\openvpn folder but i get this, No OpenVPN config file located in /config/openvpn/ (ovpn extension), please download from your VPN provider and then restart this container, exiting... I keep trying to rename the openvpn folder to openvpn.ovpn but it just say the above. But i guess its not the folder that i have to rename but I'm at a loss of what i have to do now. Any help please
  9. Update: Fresh install done just need to set it up again.(ignoreAnyone know how to get back to the delugeVPN webUI I changed the income and our going ports in the webUI to try and setup AirVPN now I can’t get back to the webUI I’ve deleted the image and the docker but it reinstalls what I messed up)
  10. Thanks I've done it and restarted the containers a couple of time still no dice. Sat Apr 4 21:41:13 2020 UDP link local: (not bound) Update: Well finally done only managed to get it working through Switzerland. I may look at AirVPN as suggested above as getting this thing to take was a pain even with new certs and deleting the configs
  11. Struggling to find the certs as i guess they have used new ones which would render my old cert void
  12. I’m trying France on their app and there is no connection at all I did get this from them though 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Thank you for reaching out to us here at PIA Customer Support. I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues connecting to our Port forwarding servers. I would like to let you know that our DevOps team is aware of the issue and are working toward implementing a solution to correct this. However, we don't have a time frame yet when it will be fixed. No worries, I'm very positive that it'll be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your kind understanding and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. Best Regards,
  13. Everyone of PIA’s portforwarding sites seems down, I’ve tried all the countries closest in Europe with there phone app and it’s not connecting at all. I’m due to renew in 3months what or who provide a better VPN port forwarding service? As I may be sacking PIA after this.
  14. Hi does this error mean my hard drive is going? What are the main things I should look for?