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  1. can someone help me solve code 43 in windows 10, here is my diagnostic file
  2. how do i fix the audio in windows 10 vm, because it stutters while playing the video or increasing the volume, here is my diagnostic file
  3. yes, here is the video
  4. can you make my banner animated, here is the file, i want the mouth open and close
  5. im getting this error when using a different a motherboard
  6. windows 10 crashes on 6.5.3 stable on a LGA 2011 rampage iv black edition
  7. i get the windows 10 black screen here is the diagnostic file
  8. here you go
  9. i cannot find hyper v in 6.5.3 stable, This host does not support Intel VT-x. This host does not support "Intel EPT" hardware assisted MMU virtualization. Module 'CPUIDEarly' power on failed. Failed to start the virtual machine.
  10. the mouse and keyboard are not working in vnc or graphics card mode, im trying to install hackintosh
  11. my rams goes missing when i connect 2 graphics card
  12. how do i boot both virtual machine at the same time
  13. i just notice the green background theme
  14. i cant passthrough 2 different graphics card with 2 different vms of windows 10 and hackintosh, i get the error, here is the diagnostic file Execution error Requested operation is not valid: PCI device 0000:02:00.0 is in use by driver QEMU, domain Windows 10