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  1. Thanks for the guidance and input. I was having troubles getting the docker to restart and simply looking at the Supervisord.log pointed me to the issue. The new openvpn files I copied over had the wrong extension. When I edited it the extension didn't change properly. Now it appears to be working again. Now to getting all the torrents back loaded in. I appreciate you pointing me to the .log file.
  2. hey binhex! Great apps, and thanks for all the support! I use the qbittorrentvpn docker on unRAID and as of a few days ago it completely stopped working. I use Mullvad VPN and everything worked great for months and months. One day a torrent wouldn't connect and I tried restarting the container and rebooting the whole server and since then I have been unable to get it to connect. Finally today I removed the entire container and started fresh, and still no luck loading. Is Mullvad config as openvpn no longer supported? Not sure what else it could be. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Unless I am completely blind or missing something that link doesn't go to a specific procedure. Trying to set up Mullvad and qbittorrentVPN in unRAID Docker.
  4. Does anything look problematic in the settings?
  5. I actually did not try starting from the dashboard, only the array operation page. It appears that when stopping and starting the array, it can be done from both the Dashboard and Array Operations without entering a key, once a key is entered at bootup. After a reboot, the array can be started regardless of encryption key from the dashboard. . On the Array Operation page, the array can only be started after an encryption key is set. Reopening report as it appears the behavior is not consistent and is a bug.
  6. Sorry I missed this. Here is a pic of my docker settings. https://imgur.com/MT4bA7X I feel like it could be something stupid simple but I can't figure it out.
  7. Okay, cool. Thanks. Since it appears there is no bug and all the behavior is expected I will close the ticket. Thanks everyone for the input and guidance!
  8. With none of my devices encrypted and the default file system sent to encrypted, would it be required to enter, and re-enter an encryption key every time I want to start the array? Is the encryption key not saved and stored after starting the array?
  9. So as noted above and expected, entering a new passphrase did resolve the issue and allow me to start the array. I checked the filesystem of every disk and all my disks are XFS and my cache drive is BTRFS. None of the are *-encrypted. In my disk settings, the default file system is xfs-encrypted however none of my disks are indicating they are xfs-encrypted. Should the encryption key be required just due to the default file system setting? Looks like I may have to do some maintenance and encrypt my disks. However it does appear this issue is closed.
  10. I removed the plugin as it also had issues and doesn't appear to have been updated in awhile. I do prefer to have encrypted volumes as I believe thats best practice. I will do some further investigating and update the post.
  11. Would this passphrase not be required to start the array after a fresh restart or if using the power menu to start the array? I have never entered a passphrase. Admittedly I do not know much about the encryption ability however I would expect the start array option to function the same regardless how it is initiated or when. I just preformed a fresh restart and although the start was greyed out under array operations, using the red circle button in top right and selecting start array successfully started the array as expected.
  12. I have tried the syntax squid provided with no luck. I was able to pass through device out of the box with another container and have seen no issues. Unfortunately extra parameters appears to not operate the same with this container with the --device parameter.
  13. After server runs for awhile or GUI is used, the red power menu from the top right that allows array operations, reboots, etc. disappears randomly. Only way to restore it is to reboot. unRAID OS Plus v 6.7.2