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  1. May I suggest the apt approach, use repositories. You'll have one default heavily moderated repo the Squid way. Next, you'll have a community developers repo, with Linuxservers, Hotios, binhex etc Next, you'll have a unsigned repo where stuff like goes. Lastly you'll have dockerhub repo End users can add any repo they want in CA settings. The non tinker confused users will only see it like Squid intends it for them.
  2. I have a weird issue where my letsencrypt docker container is not showing up in CA auto update. The container updates and behaves normally and as expected fine in the docker Tab. But it's as if it's not installed when I go to CA auto update. Tried reinstalling the container and the plugin without luck. Any hints?
  3. I'll share the nice little script again someone I don't remember made a few months back here: #!/bin/bash ### replace sdg below with label of drive you want TBW calculated for ### device=/dev/sdc sudo smartctl -A $device |awk ' $0 ~ /Power_On_Hours/ { poh=$10; printf "%s / %d hours / %d days / %.2f years\n", $2, $10, $10 / 24, $10 / 24 / 365.25 } $0 ~ /Total_LBAs_Written/ { lbas=$10; bytes=$10 * 512; mb= bytes / 1024^2; gb= bytes / 1024^3; tb= bytes / 1024^4; #printf "%s / %s / %d mb / %.1f gb / %.3f tb\n", $2, $10, mb, gb, tb printf "%s / %.2f GB / %.2f TB
  4. Before this: 762MB on loop2 over 5 minutes After this: 120MB on loop2 over 5 minutes Good bandaid for now, thanks
  5. Would this do it? Shut down docker/array chattr -R +C /mnt/user/system/docker rm -rf /mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img start docker/array
  6. At this point, I'll take a vague rumor over an empty void!
  7. We do not, I wish that Lime could say if it's fixed for 6.9 or not. At this point the biggest issue for me isn't if it will get fixed or not. It's that I have no clue if it'll be fixed next month in a hot patch or in 6.9 half a year away, or not at all by diverging from btrfs or whatever. That way I could give myself a remote chance of planning my approach. But it is what it is so I'll go the xfs route, worst case I could just switch back later down the road I guess.
  8. LT have known about this since atleast December of last year, I really hope what you're saying isn't true.
  9. I strongly disagree with this. My new purchase of a $550 cache SSD which would have lasted 10+ years with my workload is now at 253TBW out of the warranted 300 after 1 year. How this can be seen as system working normally is frustrating to me.
  10. I like how you can get so many advanced features going so easy and easy to maintain. Meanwhile, if you want to get your hands dirty, there's no stopping if you want to do it your way and get your hands dirty (allmost). I'd like VM snapshots for 2020!
  11. I'm sorry to have wasted your time but I actually believe all is working well now. I've gotten stuff to seed now and I believe my issue was not seeding popular enough stuff... Sorry but thanks!
  12. I'm a bit confused, I do use PIA. At first you say I need an open incoming port, then you say all I need to do is enable strict port forward in the container. So if I use PIA, I do not need an open incoming port, correct? I get an incoming port in the container logs, yes. And that's the port I'm using for incoming in Deluge. The problem seems to be outgoing. DHT is off. I can't find peer exchange in the settings but I turned all off so should be off. I now do get a very small upload but it maxes out at like 100kb/s very rarely, which is abysmal. Down I get 20+MBit/