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  1. Blank. It has the buttons on the top, both the bottom (where the vms show up) is blank. Not even the loading animation. Just black.
  2. I have a few VMs and for some reason are not pulling up anymore. It started with the vm's would work but no internet. I had to restart the server (due to a crash from rebuilding array (upgraded to larger drive)) now nothing. I am attaching my dio on this forum post to possibly help figure out the cause. I turned the vm off in settings and when I turned it back on, it said libr failed to start. I just restarted again and got the newest dio for this post. Thanks in advance for any help..
  3. I know this is a simple thing to do, but I can't figure it out. I accidentally pulled one of my array drives out (hotswap) while it was running. I was trying to pull another drive out that was an unassigned drive. Now I can't figure out how to add that drive back. I've pulled the drive and put it back (unassigned sees it) , restarted unraid, stopped the array, only thing I seen was to change the drive. Only problem is that I don't have an extra 8tb drive available to swap. Last time (by accident) I pulled a drive, it was a 4tb and I had a spare. I just swapped it and it rebuilt. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to put the same drive back. Thank you in advance.
  4. Thanks johnnie. I was hoping it was as simple as that.. I just wish raid 6 or 5 was more reliable.. Ether way, I got it working. Thanks...
  5. I have two drives (256gb) in my cache setup in a raid 0 (stripped). I am wanting to add two (256gb all same manufacture) more and possibly change to a raid 10. I seen a post showing that I need to disable my docker, reinstall all the dockers after and alot more steps to upgrade. If I just go with adding the drives as is, can I just stop the array and add the drives one at a time or both at once, or basically almost start over with all the dockers etc.? Another option would be replace both drives with 2 512gb drives and use it instead. Basically what I am asking is what is the best way to proceed? I know I should have went with larger drives in the beginning, but I was a Nube then. I'm just trying to figure out mt best option forward.. Thanks in advance...
  6. I seen that you just uploaded the program and after updating, I ran the force scan all again. They are all now gone. Thank you for your help and quick update and response.. It all worked great...
  7. Yes. That was the first thing I did. Then I restarted the server and then uninstalled then reinstalled. All the same drives etc.
  8. I have a quick question.. (See image fore more clarity) I have drives showing up that have been removed from the server. I understand that it stays in unraid for future reference. But I have a lot. Anyway, I have just made a unused map to put them in so I won't get so confused. But I noticed that the path on some are the same. If I use the locate feature, it won't locate, another locate button acts as if it's pressed. I have restarted multiple times, with the same issue, I have even uninstalled and reinstalled to test that... If you notice, it even shows 4 parity drives with the same name (sdn). Is this just something in my setup or normal? Thanks in advance..
  9. Please excuse me if I have overlooked this issue, but I have looked. With the original Krusader, I could copy an entire file to another backup drive that was in unassigned or where ever and it was almost full (2tb free from 6tb drive) Krusader would ask to just over write or skip same named files. With this version, if I try to copy a folder it pops up with a red X stating drive is full. I have to copy half or a third of the files at a time for it to ask me to skip or over write.. Some times it's like I have to copy A-C, then D-G etc. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  10. Ok.. So with highwater, it will fill up until they have 1.5 remaining (last thing), right? If that's the case. I should change my warning mark to 80% instead of (I think) 70%, that way I won't be getting the warnings and it turning yellow as a warning. I was just trying to figure it out... I didn't know why It was doing what it's doing.. I know I'm still having issues with permissions. I keep getting access denied when I try to open the folders over the network.. Only some folders.. Again mainly in the media share. I can open most folders (inside media share), then some not (inside media share). I thought it may all be related. Only thing I have let access the media share is Plex. I have to run NewPerms about once every three months (sometimes every other). I did add the diagnostics just incase... Thanks again for your help... I'll getcha another beer..
  11. Oh, one more thing that may help.. If I go to integrity, disk 4 is always red. I rebuild it and with in a few days, it's back to red. Both build and export. I thought the drive may be dying (which is another reason I put a new 6tb drive in to replace it). I just checked again and it's red once more.
  12. If you are talking about the split level or include or exclude. All the shares are as pictured. Split Level: Automatically split any directory as required Include disks: All Exclude disks: none I've looked at all the shares.. The main one that seems to be filling up though is this folder: Media.
  13. All drives but two are 6tb. I have two 4tb ironwolves. The drive 4 was a 4tb, but I upgraded it to a 6tb. It filled up the 4tb drive to 3.5tb while two disks down (drive 6) was a 6tb drive with only 1tb data. Drive 3 only had/has 3tb on it. I used unbalance and moved everything from drive 4 before putting the 6tb drive in to replace the 4tb drive. Now I'm up to 4.51tb used. I just used unbalance to get it back down to 4tb. But back up now. I went back before posting this and looked at the shared menu and made sure none are set to only use disk 4. All are set to use all disks. If I upgrade to 10tb drives (replace both parity and drive 4) do you think it would continue?
  14. I know this may be a crazy question, but, I have a drive that keeps filling up (drive 4). I have 12 drives and two drives are almost completely empty and disk 4 keeps going above 70%. I have used unbalance to move files off and that works, but now, all the files seems to have moved back or it's filling it up again because it's back to 70% full.. I have looked for a setting that has that drive as the main drive. I have also put a larger drive in it (largest I can put with my parity drives). Do I need to just keep moving files off or let it fill completely up and see what happens? If it gets to 100% will unraid just stop working? Just wondering..