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  1. This could be a cool add on to the web ui. While Krusader is useful, it does have its kinks. A file manage with the ability to open text docs, pics, video, etc would be cool. But even baring something that heavy, just the ability to move files or at the very least rename them would be great. Having to fire up Krusader just to rename files that I had to source elsewhere just so sonarr/radarr can then rename them again so plex can see them is a pain with how finicky krusader can be.
  2. Running 2 data disks at the same time has taken a major dump. Currently speeds are sitting around 105 MB/sec at 50% completion. Estimated time for completion is around 27 hours. Edit: Once it crossed the 50% threshold, speeds improved to around 170 MB/sec. I am guessing that it was on the inner tracks when I looked. New estimated time is around 20 hours, so it looks like the data disks will end up being about the same as the parity disks.
  3. Not yet, but it has been set on the back burner at the moment. I am currently swapping all my HDD for larger ones and looking at a rebuild of about a week. If I do find anything out, I will post it here. I had read somewhere that someone else was having a similar problem and they got around it by ignoring the first tab, the global settings, and just made specific rules for each label they had on the second tab. That was what I was going to try next.
  4. Finished the first round, the 2 parity drives. All looks good to me. Event: Unraid Parity sync / Data rebuild Subject: Notice [TOWER] - Parity sync / Data rebuild finished (0 errors) Description: Duration: 22 hours, 29 minutes, 55 seconds. Average speed: 148.2 MB/s All vital files are backed up in the cloud and also on a seperate drive outside my home. All non-vitals are backed up just in the cloud.
  5. Would you suggest running it between each swap? Is that what you would do? After this, I have 3 more swaps to run (if I do 2 at a time). I am already looking at a full day for every 2 drives, and don't really want to add another half day in between each step if I can avoid it. That is a lot of down time.
  6. Also, since I am going from 6TB to 12TB drives, I assume that means my first "high water" mark would be 6TB? Does that mean if I pull all the drives and replace them with the 12TB, then add back an empty 6TB, it will basically fill the 6TB (minus the amount I have set in reserve) before continuing to add to the 12TB drives?
  7. One more question about upgrading disks. Since the rebuild is basically the same procedure as a parity check with the added steps of emulating and writing the data to the new drives, do I need to do a parity check between completions? I mean right now I have it building parity 1&2. It is in maintenance mode, so nothing is being written to the drives anyway. When the parity drives complete, do I need to run a parity check before proceeding? Or can I just shut it down, pull 2 more drives, assign them in the place of the 2 I pulled, and start the rebuild again?
  8. Just a quick update on this. It is still running the rebuild on the 2 parity disks at the same time. However my speed has fallen from 200 MB/sec to around 170. I think this is normal, as this is kind of what I saw with all my preclears as well, but wanted to make sure.
  9. That is excellent. Thank you so much! I will be researching and setting this up as soon as the disk coversion project is complete.
  10. Well that is cool. Did not realize that at all. I assume you must have to have a some kind of ethernet to iphone cable adapter? Or does ipmi connect to the router and then you connect to a different ip address? Like I said, I have no idea about the in depth technical stuff. And most of what I read after googling is either someone trying to sell software, or seems way over my head.
  11. I am running it right now, and it has been going for about 30 minutes. Write speed seems to be hovering around 200-208 MB/sec. Not sure if it is running as fast as a single would be, as I have never done a single before. It estimated about 16.5 hours for completion. The parity check I ran before this (when they were all 6TB drives) took about 12 hours I think to complete. But the 6TB drives were also 7200 rpm, and the 12TB drives are only 5400 rpm drives. So I am sure they will be slower anyway.
  12. I think that is what I am running.... The latest binhex is deluge 2 right? Also, I did get it to show up in the preferences. But after selecting it to remove torrent and data after seed ratio was reached it still did nothing.
  13. I do not usually have anything plugged into the ipmi port. Like I had said, I don't fully understand what it is. I get that it is for plugging in for diagnostics (which I also could not have done, as I had no other computer besides a chromebook available at the time), but the vast majority of the time I just have my tower tucked away and use the webgui. To be honest, I mostly use the server for media storage and plex. I have been getting into checking out other things, and building the system was a slow learning process for me as well (it is the first system I have ever built). But before all of this, I had never even seen a linux system before. But if you have suggestions, or links to things I could do with IPMI that I am not doing now, I am always up for learning more!
  14. I am in the process of replacing all my 6TB HDDs with 12TB HDDs. After some reading on this site, I found out that I am able to swap out BOTH of my dual parity drives at the same time. I realize this is slightly riskier than doing them one at a time. But that got me thinking. Since I will have valid parity, and dual parity drives running after it is done, am I able to swap out 2 data drives at a time? Again, I realize this would be slightly more risky, but I thought that was the entire point of dual parity, to allow for 2 drive to fail at the same time? So, in theory, it could also be helpful in speeding up the time it takes to upgrade correct?
  15. Thanks for the attempt, but you can't fix stupid! See my above edit! Make me feel like such an ass after all the phone calls from family members becasue I am the "tech guy" in the family, and I told them to check the plugs.....
  16. Ok, so it is not in incorrect boot order that is the issue. I added a keyboard and monitor and it goes through the normal boot process. Then it comes to the point where it asks me to select a user and input a password. I do this, and it goes to the "root@tower:#" line. It still does not let me access the web ui at that point. No idea where to go from here. I have restarted and tried running in gui mode, and it logs right into the interface. But web ui will not come up. Is there a way to restart it in the regular gui mode? Edit: Ok, nevermind. I am an idiot and I just wasted soooo much time. I apparently had the ethernet cable plugged into the incorrect port. I think it is the impi port, though I am not entirely sure that is what it is (or what it does for that matter). Plugged it in one of the NICs, and like magic it all works. I hate myself so much right now.
  17. Ok. Thanks. That is kind of what I figured. Off to Walmart to buy a monitor.
  18. As far as I can tell the router does not see it, though there is activity with the light on the server nic. And pinging comes back with destination host unreachable.
  19. Ok, let me tell you guys what is going on. I am pretty sure that there is nothing that I can do in my current set up, but I would like to know if any of you have ideas. Here is what I did today. I am in the process of upgrading my drives, but before doing this I was doing a little housekeeping with the server. I made sure all my duplicati's were up to date, I updated all my dockers and plugins, and I ran a parity check to make sure all was well. I then updated to os 6.8 from 6.7. When all of this checked out, I restarted the server, and made sure everything was good. Becasue I was planning on changing over my drives I took the array offline, changed the setting to not auto start, and then restrated to make sure it would come back up with the array down. It did. So I powered down and cracked open the case. At this point, I wanted to change the location of some of my drives. So I moved a couple around, and they are now plugged in with the power cords and sata cables that were in the original positions. So all I have really done is changed some cabling. I did take a cheap 3 drive rack out of the top 2 5.25" slots and replace it with a hot swap icydock. One of the drives that was origianally in the cheap rack is now in the main tower rack, and one that was in the tower is now in the hot swap. But that is pretty much all I have done. I now attempted to restart the tower, just to veryify everything was ok before I started changing drives. It usually takes about 10 minutes or so for unraid to come up in my web ui (mostly due to the lsi controller I think), but I waited over 30 minutes and still nothing will come up. Here is my biggest dilema, I know i probably need to hook up a monitor and keyboard, but at this time I do not have access to either. I have never setup or run ssh in my life, so that seems like it might be a hill I can not climb at the moment. I do not have a windows computer currently running. All I have at the moment is my chromebook and my tower. When I restart the tower, it sounds just like it always does. I get the same beeps as usual (i think they are memory checks?), all the fans kick in like usual. Actually, I have heard the fans changing speeds so there is something going on at least. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Even the icydock I installed has all green lights for the 3 bays. there is no activity, but since I had the array offline, I wouldn't expect any anyways. Any thoughts on how to proceed. I am in the process of texting people to see if I can borrow an old monitor and keyboard. But failing that, is there anything I can do at the moment?
  20. Is there a function in ombi to request artist for music (lidarr) instead of making people request individual albums? That way, when it shoots over to lidarr everything in my metadata profile would be monitored instead of just the one album.
  21. Autoremoveplus plugin: What settings are you using for this? I tried to use 0.6.1, 0.6.6, and 0.6.8 for 2.7 python and none would show up after restarting. I then tried the one you compiled, and it shows up and lets me select things (though it looks completely different). But no matter what settings I use, it does not remove anything ever.
  22. Dumb question, but have you tried just refreshing the page? For some reason, I get the same thing popping up for me until I refresh like 3 times after I have started the docker.
  23. This problem has persisted for years. On large backups, duplicati always hangs multiple times. When backing up less than 1TB, it works perfect. But multi TB backups will just stop. It looks good for a few days, then the upload just stops and never starts up again. Stopping the docker and restarting it allows the upload to restart where it left off after if verifies the backend, and checks each individual file (which also takes a while). I have looked on the duplicati site, and no one seems to know why this happens. Any thoughts?
  24. I am not able to add any new series. When I type anything in, it immediately pops up with "There was an error searching for....." Checking the log shows: SkyHookProxyError: ConnectFailure (Connection refused): 'http://skyhook.sonarr.tv/v1/tvdb/search/en/?term=fate': Error: ConnectFailure (Connection refused): 'http://skyhook.sonarr.tv/v1/tvdb/search/en/?term=fate' Any ideas how to fix? Edit: Tried rolling back to binhex/arch-sonarr:, still same issue. Reverted back to current release. Edit 2: Found proxy settings in the general tab was set to yes with my server IP and port 8118. I don't remember ever doing this, nor do I know what is on that port. I toggled it to no, and everything is working. I know I did not set this up. Is this something that it defaulted to? Do I need this? Edit 3: I'm dumb. Just rewatched spaceinvaders videos on deluge, sonarr, and privoxy. I realized now that I have privoxy running through deluge. I did not have the deluge container running. Started it back up and all is well. Sorry for the nonissue...
  25. Thanks. oddly enough, it works on binhex/arch-delugevpn:2.0.3-1-01 for me. didnt have to go to v1
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