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  1. I can connect from my lan, no issues there, I even added the server in steam under the favorites tab using lan just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of steam issue and it showed up right away and let’s me connect and play. And I’ll see if I can find out about double NAT
  2. Thanks for the quick response! Originally I did try this from my internal network but then figured it may be a double NAT issue as I had seen that mentioned in previous posts. So I grabbed a laptop and connected to my phones hotspot then tried connecting to my WANIP again and still got the same error. I have the port forwarding setup identically to the post on the unraid blog as they are also using a ubiquiti device and that screen is the same on my UDMPro. I’ll head off to read the post you recommended now again as well.
  3. So I have the Valheim server up and running and can play and connect on my local network no problem. However when I try from outside my network I cant connect. I am on Bell Canada Fiber. I have the SFP plugged directly into my UDM PRO, and I have setup the port forwarding in my UDM as per what is seen here: . I realize that port checking tools will not see the port as open. However when I try to type in "MYWANIPADDRES:2456" into the add server section in steam it comes back with a "not responding" error. And Valheim says it cannot connect
  4. Is there a parameter I can set to only upload files? IE i want to put files into the share, have them uploaded to gdrive then I can delete the files from the share and they are not redownloaded or delete from gdrive?
  5. Hey everyone, I am looking to setup something similar to what I have seen used for Plex servers etc, however I only want to offload data to my google drive. That said, I done even need access to the data on my server once its uploaded nor do I want it encrypted. Does any one have a guide or can point me in the right direction? IE. Share on my server call "gdrive". Whenever I drop a file in said share, it uploads it to my google drive with no encryption then deletes it from the "gdrive" share.
  6. I am running in UEFI mode, does memtest work now in UEFI or would I have to switch back?
  7. Sorry, meant to attach in the previous post Edit: As an additional note, I just tried starting my Winbdows VM which started fine but I now get these errors in the log: Dec 21 06:29:53 EnnsServer kernel: loop: Write error at byte offset 37896192, length 4096. Dec 21 06:29:53 EnnsServer kernel: print_req_error: I/O error, dev loop3, sector 74016 Dec 21 06:29:53 EnnsServer kernel: BTRFS error (device loop3): bdev /dev/loop3 errs: wr 1, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 0 Dec 21 06:29:53 EnnsServer kernel: loop: Write error at byte
  8. Apologies, was a long day, I removed the docker folder plugin and I thought I removed docker. Diagnostic is now attached. This is the error thaty seems to be the culprit. Dec 21 05:19:30 EnnsServer root: Creating new image file: /mnt/cache/appdata/docker.img size: 40G Dec 21 05:19:30 EnnsServer root: touch: cannot touch '/mnt/cache/appdata/docker.img': Read-only file system Dec 21 05:19:30 EnnsServer root: failed to create image file Dec 21 05:19:30 EnnsServer emhttpd: shcmd (2602): exit status: 1
  9. So I removed my docker plugin while trying to fix some issues with Docker not starting. I had tried recreating the Docker image but it still wouldn't start so I jumped the gun and removed the plugin itself. For all other plugins it seems there's community applications link. But for docker I cant for the life of me find the install URL to get it back. Any chance anyone has an idea?
  10. Think I've solved the issue. We will see, after running xfs_repair again I turned off the array and turned it back on and the disk was mountable but still had a red X. So I spun down, removed the drive from the array, spun up and down again, then re-added the drive and spun up, it is now rebuilding the drive. This is as per the instructions I found here: Hopefully I don't lose too much data.
  11. Just upgraded my server with a Ryzen 5 1600x and a Gigabyte AB350M motherboard. I have been trying to get my Windows VM working, its booting directly off of an unassigned drive. I have been having tons of trouble passing through the GPU, I finally got it partially working by switching to UEFI mode and adding a second GPU to my system which Unraid uses so the main GPU is free for the VM. For some reason the VM still wouldn't start properly so I added pci=noats to the syslinux.cfg and rebooted a. A parity check was running and I cancelled it before rebooting to try the new settings (I know this
  12. There actually is (attached), it just isn't writing on my monitor, am I missing something in that command? taillog.txt
  13. Server froze again this morning, i have notifications setup through push bullet to notify me every hour of the server status. I received the last one at 6:20AM, and at 6:33AM I tried logging in through the IP on my home network and it wouldn't connect, went over to the server and the console doesn't respond at all, nor was there anything listed in that tail log on the screen (Screenshot attached). So hard reboot, and its back up again, I turned on troubleshooting mode through the fix common problems plugin so Ill try and capture whatever that gets next time this happens again. Note that as wit
  14. Thanks for the heads up, I know pretty much nothing about commands here. Is the last line I entered there correct?