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  1. Thanks for this Script and your effort My first idea was that I would use this script to create a backup in a folder which is synchronized with gdrive (with the rclone script for plex) so I would have an online backup in case anything happens to my server. On a second thought this was probably a silly idea as I can't use the hardlinks with gdrive this way and a recovery would be difficult. But I think I will use this script to create a monthly backup which should always be a full backup and synchronize this with gdrive. So in a worst case scenario I would only loose 1 month of data. If I understand correctly, I only need to replace this part of the script: if [[ -n "${last_backup}" ]]; then echo "Create incremental backup ${new_backup} by using last backup ${last_backup}" rsync -av --stats --delete --link-dest="${backup_path}/${last_backup}" "${source_path}" "${backup_path}/.${new_backup}" else echo "Create full backup ${new_backup}" # create very first backup rsync -av --stats "${source_path}" "${backup_path}/.${new_backup}" fi with: echo "Create full backup ${new_backup}" # create very first backup rsync -av --stats "${source_path}" "${backup_path}/.${new_backup}" An create a monthly cron job which executes on the first day of each month. Do you see any issues with this idea? Script I use to Synchronize with GDrive:
  2. Are you still happy with Duplicacy? I'm right now in the situation that I've set up rclone with gdrive (plex) and am now looking for a solution to backup my shares to Gdrive as well. Currently, I can't decide whether to just copy the shares and upload them to GDrive every week with a script (1 TB of Data) or use a solution like Duplicacy.
  3. Hi A quick question to the performance for docker an mergerfs. On Git it is described that dockers shoulb be linked direktly to the /mnt/user share for best perfomance with mergerfs. Isn't this a bit risky to give dockers full access to all files on UnRaid this way? Is the perfomance much worse if its linked to a subfolder in the "union" directory of mergerfs? Cheers Simon
  4. I'm having trouble updating Wordpress. Every time I try to update the website, it asks for FTP credentials. Searching for this issues shows problems with the access rights to the web directory. I've set a separate web directory for the "/var/www/html" path. Do I need to change anything on the permissions there? As I understand, the docker runs under the root user and should have access? 🤔 (Page runs behind HA Reverse-Proxy if that should be an issue?) Update: I was able to fix this by adding the following line to the wp-config.php file: define('FS_METHOD','direct');
  5. Thanks for your help! Is there a reason that you have to delete the port configs and cannot just change them? Is this the case with every docker template? (First time I duplicated one) I added the following parameters and changed the RCONport RCONportin the gameusersettings.ini and afterwards it worked. ?QueryPort=27016?Port=7779?PeerPort=7780?RCONPort=27021 Would it be better to change all the ports in the settings files or is this the right way to do it? (I only found the RCONport line in the settings)
  6. What do I need to do if I want to make a new ARK docker server also with the Island map? I created a new docker with the template of the old docker (don't know if that's the right way but it was the only way that I found to create a second ARK docker). Now i guess during this it also duplicated the save games of the old docker. Now I've read that I can delete the progress with deleting the files in \ShooterGame\Saved. But what is really weird is that when I connected to the new server I was in the same instance as my friends on the old server .. I guess that's how you connect multiple dockers to a cluster. But now I'm a bit worried what I need to delete/change to get a completely new server that isn't connected to my old one Thanks for any help!
  7. Whats the best way to config settings for the GameUserSettings.ini in Ark? I've tried to put it into the ini file in \ark-se\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\LinuxServer but unfortunately, every time the game start it gets overwritten. For now I added the settings into the Game Parameters of the docker but I've read somewhere that not all the settings work this way. Another question is how to change the Game.ini in the \ark-se\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\LinuxServer path but I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it I also figured out that you can overwrite the default config files in \ark-se\ShooterGame\Config and it works but I guess that is not the way it was meant to be Thanks for your help!
  8. Just looking into this .. it seems you are right and the only ways right now is to use a crack .. I guess I first try it out without any mods
  9. Thank you for the ARK docker @ich777 ! I managed to get it to work even though it was a bit more complicated as I use the Epic Client and wanted to keep a password my server. What is the recommended way if I want to to install Mods on the ARK server?
  10. Yeah, in my opinion its best if you remove Valheim Plus from the docker.. It's easier to copy it manually into the file structure after adjusting the config (needs to be done with every update). They also have to update it quite frequently as there are many bugs with Valheim Plus as well Thanks for the backup thought, you saved us a lot of trouble when I misconfigured the Valheim Plus config file! 😂 Is there an installation instruction for the Ark docker? we finished Valheim more or less and want to try out Ark next
  11. No I mean if you have somewhere a change overview for the container (when you do an update) outside of this thread. Valheim plus always overwrites the config so I need to adjust it every time. I started to update Valheim plus manually due to this issue.. It just would be nice to know what has been changed and if I need to take anything into consideration before I update the docker ..
  12. Do we somewhere have an overview what has been implemented / changed in the Valheim docker and what Valheim + Version is currently installed in the docker image? And thanks for the effort you put into this
  13. Add the server in steam servers with your dyndns:port name. This should work. Unfortunately, they didn't implement this inside the game...
  14. So if anybody else experiences bad lags and desync issues when playing with friends it seems to be due to limited traffic allowed in between the server / client. There seems to be a workaround that somebody has posted on reddit to address this issue: Do the following steps on the server an the client if your internet connection is fast enough: Download dnSpy Copy entire contents of /path/to/Valheim/valheim_server_Data/Managed to the machine with dnSpy Open assembly_valheim.dll in dnSpy Expand assembly_valheim ( Expand assembly_valheim.dll Expand { } Expand ZDOMan Right-click m_dataPerSec and Edit Class Change the value (61440 default. I set mine to 512000 and it's been good so far. You could set it higher.) Click Compile File > Save Module Copy re-compiled .dll back to the server I hope this soon gets fixed in the normal version .. For now i can see that my uploads are exceeding the limit .. I will update once i get the chance to play with my friends whether it solved the issues
  15. Yeah you are right .. it seems to be a common problem with the current network implementation of the game: Well let's see how long it takes till they can fix this or provide a better solution for dedicated server. To sum up the problem: If one player has a bad upload connection to the server, the game will get desynced and there will be huge lags for everyone. It seems to get worse close to buildings.