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  1. Hey there, I'm having issues getting the WireGuard figured out as well. I have Unraid Server 1 (192.168.33.x) and Unraid Server 2 (192.168.1.x) and two different locations. I want to map a share from Server 2 on Server 1 so that I can run remote backups (back up Server 1 files TO a share on Server 2). I have WireGuard configured per the screenshot below AND the connection is good - handshake transmits data, if I hit the ping button I get a reply. So now what? If I try to map a share using Unassigned devices it can't find anything even when specifying the
  2. Thanks, @Ford Prefect. From Server 1's terminal I am able to ping the IP wireguard set up for Server 2, but that seems to be all I can do with it. When I try to mount a network share with my unassigned devices plugin it doesn't see the drives on the other end. I'll check out that other forum page.
  3. Thanks @Ford Prefect! I didn't have any luck with the OpenVPN-client plugin - keep getting errors and then I read on the forum it might be OBE since wireguard is built-in now. Taking your advice. So I got wireguard working, I think...It does a handshake and according to the status page data is being exchanged, but I can't see Server 2 from Server 1. Tried adding a share by server name or the wireguard local IP and no luck. I currently have it set to Remote Tunneled. Or do I want LAN-to-LAN? I really want to see Server 2 from my local network at home, too
  4. My primary Unraid server ('Unraid Server 1') is happy here at home. I have reverse proxy with delugevpn, swag, dynamic dns, OpenVPN-as server, nextcloud, bidwarden, etc. and everything works as SpaceInvadorOne taught me in the videos. When I'm remote I can open up my laptop and run OpenVPN and connect to my home network from anywhere and my mapped shares on 'Unraid Server 1' connect just fine just like if I was sitting at home. Super cool!! I recently upgraded the drives in 'Unraid Server 1' and thought it would be neat to slap the old drives in a spare rig and now I
  5. I really like the new Netdata cloud feature, I sign in, claimed my node and ran the script they provide for dockers. I get an automatic update and now that claimed node is unreachable and I have to go through the process, over, and over, and over. How can I configure Netdata so it's name persists so I can get updates but also keep it sync'd with their cloud?
  6. So I originally had two 120GB SSD and one 500GB M2 in a pool. I followed procedure above and replaced one of the 120s with a new 500GB SSD I was given. So that made my new cache the 500GB M2, the 120GB SSD, and the new 500GB SSD. When I started the array Unraid (6.8.3) reported the remaining 120GB was now unmountable. I went ahead and stopped the array, changed the 120GB SSD's slot to None (removing it from the pool since it wasn't mountable anyway), and then started the array. Things are happy now with just my two 500GBs. All of my dockers are back, etc.
  7. Hi folks, I followed the steps on this post: I stopped the array, selected the new 500 SSD to replace one of my old 120s, started the array. The stop button greyed out, I waited a while while it rebuilt, and then the stop button became selectable again when it was done. So that it calculated the new size I stopped and started the array again. Now that I've done that my Cache pool says it's unmountable. Doesn't make sense they were all btrfs. How do I fix this? I followed the steps. I need all my data (plex library, etc.) Thanks!
  8. Every single day when I check for updates, NetData comes up as having an update. Sometimes 2x a day. Are updates really being published for this app this frequently? The last post on this forum was early I'm wondering if I've just been updating over itself over and over this whole time???
  9. My Plex is still as of today and no update appears to be available. My DVR functionality and Live TV is non-functional. is now released. When is the next version from Limetech being released and what version will it be?
  10. Hi folks, I have a rather unique use case that I could use some suggestions on how I could better leverage my unraid server. I have a baby grand piano with a PianoDisc player system installed; it's connected to a fanless celeron PC with Windows10 and runs iTunes that is mounted under the piano and running all the time (only uses 8-10 watts). Connected to my LAN via wifi. All of the player system music is encoded from CDs and were copied to that PC's SSD and played on an exclusive iTunes library on that PC using the "Remote" app from my iPhone. Keep in mind these ar
  11. To close the loop, after running 6.5.3 until today I tried upgrading to 6.6.3 and everything appears to work as normal. Whatever the issue was must have been addressed in 6.6.2/3.
  12. After upgrading my 6.5.3 server to 6.6.1 today, my RAM usage (which used to hover around 25-35%) was now hovering 70-90% all day even after rebooting and CPUs were running close to full utilization even with my dockers off. In my log it was constantly logging the same thing over and over just with a different ID each time. acpid: client connected from xxxxx[0:0] acpid: 1 client rule loaded acpid: client xxxxx[0:0] has disconnected acpid: client connected from xxxxx[0:0] acpid: 1 client rule loaded acpid: client xxxxx[0:0] has disconnected acpid: client connect
  13. Hey, I'm running 6.3.5 installed your plugin from the app mart. Not seeing it listed on my plugins page. Nor when I go to Settings/IPMI is anything loading. Help!
  14. Thanks. So with that plugin I learned one still has to click the mount button after connecting the network drive; it seems so intuitive now! Being a n00b to unRaid, I still wasn't understanding how config paths worked. In my case, I learned that after adding the network drive via the plugin, mounting the drive, then editing Duplicati config and added the following path: Name: BackupNAS Container Path: /foldername - What it's going to show up listed as in the folder list within the container Hostpath: /mnt/disks/NAS_Backup - what the network dri
  15. Thanks, the plugin worked and I'm able to map to my alternative NAS (/mnt/disks/SERVERNAME_FOLDER. However, none of my other dockers nor the Backup utility in Settings are able to see it. So I don't know what good this has done. I just want my unRAID server to see that other NAS as an available destination to save to.