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  1. Hello - I have a haswell chip with an IGPU i'm trying to passthrough to Catalina MacOS vm. However i dont see the iGPU in the iommu. I see my discrete gpu but thats it.. is there something im missing here to get it to show up? many thanks.
  2. If this has been asked and answered, i apologize in advance. I searched but nothing came up. My situation: Trying to add a second domain which i did by creating a variable in docker called EXTRA_DOMAINS. Seems to work. My problem: Firstly, does the second domain leverage the SUBDOMAINS already created for the first domain? What if i wish to use other subdomains not listed. Can i create another variable for just subdomains to be used by the second domain? Thanks!
  3. Yes i looked at that previously but couldn't make heads or tails. Do i bash into letscrypt docker and start the install from the section: "Download nginx source" in the github page? And if so, do i go the dynamic or static route? sorry for the questions, but i am genuinely trying. thanks
  4. i'm having the same problem and wish to ensure i'm using Geoip v2. i checked the github page but couldn't make much sense of it. can someone point on the right track please. under my appdata, i see a foldedr called geoip2. presumably its simply a matter of locating the appropriate conf file and referencing the right file? correct? sorta... ? thansk!!
  5. HI - Been using this for a while.. just have one question that may be simple to answer.. i added a plugin (labelplus) but was told i need to access via the GTK ui. I notice on the docker that there is GTK support, but for the life of me i dont know how to access it.. i presently access deluge via the URL, but need the added functionality supported by GTK. ANy help greatly appreciated.. And as always, wonderful tool and docker!
  6. Did you end up getting the 1660? I ask because i have the 1050ti, presently.. but considering upgrading to the 1660 if it means significant (as in immediately noticeable) transcoded video quality performance Does anyone have an image comparison between pascal and turing?
  7. Hi thanks for this! Just a clarification. I'm using a previous version of your script that specifically calls out to NOT transcode mpeg4. In the new script, for a similar effect, would i remove all but mpeg4 or leave all but mpeg4. CODECS=("mpeg4" ) or CODECS=("h264" "hevc" "mpeg2video" "vc1" "vp8" "vp9") Thanks!
  8. I've searched for this error, but haven't yet found a satisfactory answer.. my issue has been when creating a torrent from the webui, the application correctly asks for the location of the file i intend to share. But instead of getting a window with the file structure of the unraid box the container sits on, i get the windows file view of my client pc. As such i navigate to the network share, select the file and upload.. The upload takes upwards of an hour and fills my docker file.. why is this? is it trying to upload the file (already on my unraid box) by first routing it thorugh windows? i mean only that would explain why it takes forever for the file to get uploaded... as comparison, i'm able to upload a file in rutorrent with no difficulties. is this the inherent behavior of deluge? do others get this to?
  9. Unraid + Plex + Nvidia GPU HW Transcoding + AVI files: Has anyone experienced issues with running older .avi files (e.g older shows where mkv not available) I ask because for me those files refuse to play in Plex. Upon disabling HW, they play just fine. I understand avi's are problematic and possibly unsupported by HW transcoding, but was hopeful that in such cases those files would just automaticallly fall back on the cpu to transcode. This appears to not be the behavior, as it just fails to play. I've presently disabled HW transcoding , but wold like to switch back once i can resolve this problem. If anyone has experienced this (or can quickly test), i'd be forever grateful. Thanks!
  10. if you're using binhex's copy of emby, use the official one.. solved it for me.
  11. I have several older shows that are usually in avi format... Has anyone experienced when running such older .avi files that they are unable to when HW is enabled, but then immediately work when disabled ( by removing --runtime=nvidia)? I figured if for whatever reason HW transcoding could not support something it would just fall back to the CPU to handle, am i mistaken?,
  12. Worked for me! Thanks! Only problem i see now is that the GPU vram keeps filling up because its not purging itself of old transcodes. I have tried to stop, kill and close out of playing sessions, but the processes remain. Any thoughts on how to periodically flush the VRAM?
  13. Forgive me if this has been touched on before, but have any of you had difficulty playing older .AVI files via HW transcoding. I have 1050 ti but when trying to play an older .avi, it spins forever and never plays. For comparison, once i remove the HW transcoding variables, it plays just fine via software. Is this a known issue? Is it possible to have it coded so it falls back to software if HW transocding is not suported?
  14. Thanks for response. I'm running test now, will attach here once complete.. Also notice my error count has gone up @trurl - Update: Added the SMART results. Curious to note that UNRAID did say the test had error in it. pimogo-nas-smart-20180825-1248.zip
  15. Hi All - Just got a notification saying that one of my drives reports 90 read errors. I've posted my diagnostics if someone would be so kind as to advise me on what do from here. First time this has happened to me. Much appreciated. Thanks all ! pimogo-nas-diagnostics-20180824-2310.zip