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  1. did you know this was the case by looking in the diag? if so i think it should for sure be a feature for the consumer...
  2. i feel that unraid should implement away for the user to know this difference? why keep the errors there? or at least say "2011 errors corrected" not detected
  3. so unraid doesnt remove the errros after the first correct check? is this for diag reasons? you would think they would implement a way of telling you they were fixed? or does it and im just not seeing this? just want to save this conversation from happening again if its not needed lol
  4. then why are the errors still showing? sorry if im not making sense of this, but maybe i worded things wrong? the errors are still there same amount as the unclean check [2011] errors
  5. i guess im confused, why wouldnt it of fixed the errors on the first correct check? sorry just trying to make sense of how this actually works, you would think if a unclean check caused this, after running one clean check the errors would of been fixed.. EDIT* are you basically saying the first correct check was obsolete?
  6. but since i already ran a correct test with write corrections selected shouldnt it of fixed the errors that were found from the unclean check?
  7. so meaning i need to do another making it technically 3 checks?
  8. so two days ago my power went out for a few hours and when it came back on, i was at work and unraid automatically booted back up and did a new parity check, when the check was done it said i had 2011 errors, i thought maybe it was writing to the parity when the power outage happened so i cleared all logs and did another parity sync.. sadly im still getting 2011 errors... can anyone help me identify what is causing this? bad parity drive? any help would be awesome, i attached the diag.
  9. Can anyone tell me if it’s normal for my cache drive to always be writing around 3-5mb 24-7 I have my appdata set to cache only? And no shares on cache? Any help would be great. As for now all I have is a screen shot but upon request I can get more info if needed
  10. here are the three that i created awhile back.. nothing fancy
  11. is this a temporary fix or a final solution? thanks in advance! edit: after doing what @Squid gracefully suggested all is well again, not sure if its a bug or what though. this topic has been resloved for now!
  12. im having several dockers telling me there is a new update ready but when i do the update i get this result saying its pulling 0 B
  13. What can I do about this? I’m not sure if anyone’s had luck but I’m running a dell r710 with dual Xeon x5670.
  14. It list the same under the MB and list nothing for the fans also posted what the temps should be reading according to idrac “witch is correct according to my temp gauge”