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  1. Hi i have a windwos 10 vm with an gpu pastrough it ram great up untill 5 minutes ago i was on it with local RDP that just stoped and the mashine gone to pause mode in unraid interface the log of the vm keeps giving 2019-02-05T10:01:32.509978Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:0f:00.0, depends on group 19 which is not owned. But icant seen to figure out what it want me to do to fix it. IOOMMU group 19 is the hdmi audo of my WX7100/RX580 but that is not pased trough. Added the ioommu group from the system devices list. I have PCI overri
  2. Had somethin simular yesterday, suddenly my cpu options where disabled even tough te serverran for 16 day straight. Then i tried reboot trough interface and it would not boot trough any more. Case was that some how my falshdrive was taken hostage by ransomware GandCrab version 5.0.4 so my whole server was toast, the ransomware even got so far that the whole usb drive is no gone even formating and reinitialising it and even dod wipe did not get it to work with the usb creator. try checking your old usb on a windows pc and check for file extesion with 5 or more rand
  3. Hello All, Whats out for ransomeware called gandcrab v5.0.4 I got it on my not shared flashdrive yesterday, this version is not decryptable older versions are. This ransomeware can encrypt your full usb boot drive and render it useless even for reimageing. I hope to get my new flash drive up with the next day or 2 with a replacement key, to check how much damage it had done to all my other files. Please try and firewall,anti maleware, anti virus every VM you have to make it as hard as posible to get in to your VMS and you Unraid shares.
  4. hoe can this be if i say purchase from my unraid interface i have a basic license i stil get a cart price of 129 dollar if i select pro. How can i upgrade from basic to pro then. It looks to me as a strange double payment system. Can someone clarify this for me how i can get an upgrade from basic to pro for the 79 dollars it stateson the pricing page.
  5. My CA wont load the feeds anymore reinstalled the plugin but wont do it, i can find a plg link for the fix common problems does some one have it?
  6. Where do i set that code line the /etc/modeproobe.d the vfio.conf does net exsist.
  7. even after creating a complete clean VM with Q35 and the settings that it pases trough the WX7100 and the sound from the card to the vm when i start it internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: 2019-01-14T18:13:07.661346Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device vfio-pci,host=0f:00.0,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.4,addr=0x0: vfio error: 0000:0f:00.0: failed to setup container for group 17: failed to set iommu for container: Operation not permitted Gives this. The log from the VM and the xml are attached XML-w10-game-vm.txt Log-w10-game.txt
  8. Yes i did if i try to setup the Q35 i get XML error: The PCI controller with index='0' must be model='pcie-root' for this machine type, but model='pci-root' was found instead when i try to apply. Bios file is now out What can i do to fix that error
  9. Hi, I have atteched the log from the vm and the xml of the vm settings. If there are other logs needed please say witch log-vm.txt VM-XML.txt
  10. Hi, I have an Z400 from hp with the following config Intel Xeon X5660 six core cpu 32GB ddr3 gaming ram 4 3TB drives an 1 ssd WX7100 8gb GPU Unraid version 6.6.6 with a basic license When i try to get the WX7100 passtrough i get the following internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: 2019-01-14T16:10:27.054021Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device vfio-pci,host=0f:00.0,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x5,romfile=/mnt/disk2/isos/197942.rom: vfio error: 0000:0f:00.0: failed to setup container for group 17: failed to set iommu for contai
  11. Hi, I have an I7 home pc that now has the following roles i fulfills Web-server that serves an internal working spotweb installation NZB-Get download server where spotweb pushes the wanted nzb files to Sonar and Sickrage instances MYsql database instance for spotweb and sickrage Plex media server And an hyper-v host for testing This pc has 4 3tb drives wich are configured by WIndows 10 as an spanned raid config and a n 256GB ssd witch is the boot drive for windows 10 richt now Now is my problem/question Is it posible
  12. There are indeed better optios for smaba share backups. One i used at multiple companies i do it management for is Retrospect its an older program but does the job quite well, it even can handle drive based data compression and it back up full nas backups of multiple shares with a total of almost 1 TB in less than 8 hours except for the verivication step(it can be disabled ;) ) other options i saw where Veaam but that also need agents and doesnt work as simple and well with linux and samba share as retrospect does.
  13. there is an firewall between the server and the outside line, and the reason i want to use 1 port is so i can get the oust die line trough an more powerfull firewall before the unraid server get an outside link. if i passtrough all the ports to the vm i can setup 1 port with the outside line settings then al the other ports can get connected to the lan in the firewall that will also be the new dhcp server. But i hoped that i could only passtrough 1 or 2 ports, so i could setup the unraid to a staticip from the firewall and setup the firewall rule so it can only accept c
  14. there is an firewall between port 1 and the main line and it is on a separate port number not the base port, also the main root account has an randomly gened password and i have a separate admin acount with an spearate password. so that is coverd. i now want some help in only exposing 1 of the 4 ports/card all same vendor/pci ids so i can build up an stronger firewall on witch i can regon/ip blcok and manage anti virus
  15. HEllo, i have an problem, when i try to passtrough 1 port of the 4 ports in my dell r610 server it alway does them all or none. can someone point oit what gome wrong i used the sticky guide from the forum to pass it trough. My code append pcie_acs_override=downstream,multifunction iommu=pt vfio-pci.ids=14e4:1639 initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui IOMMU group 14: [14e4:1639] 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: BCM5709 Gigabit Ethernet IOMMU group 15: [14e4:1639] 01:00.1 Ethernet controller: BCM5709 Gigabit Ethernet IOMMU group 16: [14e4:16