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  1. If I already have a ibm 1015 that was already flashed with the IT firmware do i need to go through the whole flash process ie ge the address earace flash etc etc or can I just flash the new it firmware??
  2. I seem to have my array in a state where I can hit the so called shingle wall. I have 3 of the Seagate 8tb drives 2 data with about 700gb free with the other parity. I also have 2 8tb reds one a second parity the other a replacement for a 3tb green. when mover kicks in and starts writing the 40gb files I have siting there or my 120gb disk image backups as soon as about 20gb of data has been written the array grinds I even see read performance issues on other disks. stats show single digit to no reads or writes for periods of time.and I get video playback issues.
  3. nope no dd running. root@Tower:~# ps aux | grep dd root 2 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? S Mar23 0:00 [kthreadd] root 11 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? S< Mar23 0:00 [lru-add-drain] root 3683 0.0 0.0 273020 3948 ? S 00:35 0:00 /usr/sbin/winbindd -D root 11800 0.0 0.0 273020 7168 ? Ss Mar25 0:00 /usr/sbin/winbindd -D root 11802 0.0 0.0 272588 6804 ? S Mar25 0:00 /usr/sbin/winbindd -D root 13732 11.2 0.0 0 0 ? S Mar25 133:58 [unraidd] root 17046 0.0 0.0 9640
  4. I hope dd is not running will check when i get home
  5. I did see that i killed the preclear script before i replaced the disk. Also it initialy started rebuilding at over 100mb/sec so it only started happening. I also verfied with stats that there wasnt any other disk reads going on.
  6. I decided to replace my oldest disk a 3tb wd green. I had a new 8tb red ready to go all pre-cleared so I stopped the array assigned the new drive to the slot I wanted to use and started array and all looks good rebuild underway. Then this morning I wake up to see the array is now rebuilding at 345kb/sec I also noted that mover started and started to move some files. The first file it moved seemed to go as per normal in terms of speed but after that things went bad. What I did notice is that mover was moving data to the new currently being rebuilt disk I though the free space on a larger di
  7. i'll reply to some of the questions. turl if you read my original post I had a failed disk as well as a disk that started throwing read errors and unrecoverable relocated sectors. Disk 8 was this disk in my array and I copied the simulated disk8 data off onto other disks. I knew that a parity rebuild was not going to work given the errors. The next part was me using a precleared disk formatted in ud and then I copied the data off disk 2 which has the sector read errors. All 3tb of data apart from 2 files copied across. At this stage I had not done anything with the array in terms of me e
  8. I thought I would do the change a slightly different way but it didn't like it. I did a two pass preclear on a disk and then formatted it and mounted it with unassigned devices xfs. I copied the data off the bad drive only lost two files with read errors. thought I would be able to lob the new disk into the array turns out did not like the new disk came up as not mountable and needed to format. so did I don't something wrong or cannot I not put a disk into the array that unraid hasn't formatted itself??? when I put the ud formatted disk in the array I did a new config and had no parity at
  9. So I had a disk red-ball. I had enough space on existing drives in the array I was able to copy off all the data from the protected disk. During the copy process 2 files failed to transfer with errors turns out one of the other disks in the array started having unrecoverable read errors and it's health now shows some sectors that need to be relocated. So I wanted to ask the following. I am not going to rebuild the failed disk, as far as unraid is concerned there is no data on it anyways. I know my parity is now bad given 1 disk has read errors, so what should I do to get back top good. I
  10. not sure if it belongs here but here is the diags from my failed disk straight after upgrade to 6.3 I do not have the diags from rite after it was upgraded due to stupidity. The disk has been unselected and the array is running with disk 8 being emulated. I try to mount the disk via the UD plugin and I get these errors Feb 7 12:02:06 Tower kernel: REISERFS (device sdp1): found reiserfs format "3.6" with standard journal Feb 7 12:02:06 Tower kernel: REISERFS (device sdp1): using ordered data mode Feb 7 12:02:06 Tower kernel: reiserfs: using flush barriers Feb 7 12:02:06 Tower
  11. Strange upgraded from 6.2.4 to 6.3.0 and I have the exact same disk type ST300DM001-9YN166 also die on reboot to new version.
  12. Thought I would add my results I actually have 3 m1015's with 13 drives and parity. My parity checks had been sitting at 86mb/sec and 50% cpu usage since upgrading to 6 I did the echo 8 > /sys/block/sdb/queue/nr_requests for all my drives and parity speed jumped back up to 120mb/sec with 20%cpu usage I do have an older firmware on my cards that I have been meaning to do but this does not seem to be restricted to a sas2lp. With the stats before the change I was seeing 1.1gb/sec disk activity during parity check after the change this went up to 1.6-1.7gb/sec disk activity. Durin
  13. Disks in unraid are assigned by their serial number it does not matter where you put them in your physical hardware they will always be the same unraid slot number they are now.
  14. rsync -av --progress --remove-source-files /mnt/diskX/ /mnt/diskY Can this command be used to add files to a disk that already has data on it Ie diskx has a folder call movies with files and disky has a folder called movies with files will it merge or overwrite??
  15. I am looking to do the transfer but want to check something. I have a 4tb drive that I just put into the array, it was my parity disk that was replaced with an 8tb drive. As I have other 8tb drives in the array with about 2.5tb on them and more free space than an empty 4tb drive the 4tb drive has no data on it at all. Is it just a simple stop array change file system bring back online then format to have the same empty disk change the filesystem it uses while keeping parity intact?? Then I can do the data moves between the disks??