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  1. Having two issues with the new version of Radarr, can't seem to track down what is happening. 1. The search is atrocious. If it finds anything at all, it will take 5 minutes, and then return random stuff. I see this constantly in the logs, searching for titles, tmbd, or imdb: 2021-3-1 17:00:13.6|Warn|SkyHookProxy|The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception. Unable to read data from the transport connection: Connection reset by peer.: 'https://radarrapi.servarr.com/v1/search?q=fast%2B%26%2Bfurious&year=' [v3.0.1.4259] System.Net.WebException: The SSL
  2. So I went in and deleted the modules, one at a time backwards from when they were added. Removing these two modules allowed it to start and run as is did before: node-red-contrib-amazon-echo node-red-contrib-hue As for the current repo, i am a bit confused. I am using the official node red docker from CA... but, it seems to be pulling from the depreciated repo? When i check that out, it looks like it was depreciated: Should it be pulling from: https://hub.docker.com/r/nodered/node-red
  3. As of today, I am having the exact same issue. It started w/ trying to add a module, and getting error's that the ownership of /data/.npm needed to be updated to 1000. It said, "your cache has files that are owned by root". After going through all of that, it worked fine, but then i got the itch to just make sure it was fresh, deleted and installed from template. Now it will not start, crashes immediately with the exact same log file as above... 2020-11-10T17_12_01_430Z-debug.log I tried the safe mode you mentioned above, and it sti
  4. Tried the resolution on the Microsoft link: No joy.. ?
  5. So, they do control all the updates, but they are pretty good about it. And, it has worked for so long, I can't remember getting a major update lately. The work machine is: the machine that is working: Windows 10 Home Version: 1803 I also made sure the SMBv1 options were on, and they seem to be.
  6. Having similar issues as described. I have two W10 machines. One can access shares via \\IP, but now the other cannot. I am really struggling to find anything to fix this. Have done: Unraid is set to master installed dynamix plugin, it verifies #1 above added unraid to windows host file Unraid 6.5.0 I keep getting the "Windows can't access" the only thing i can think of is this is my work machine, so it part of my work domain, but \\IP has worked since i installed unraid, it is only recently it is no longer working.
  7. Sorry in advance for a noob question... Is there a version of support for secure connections for libresonic. I love this app, but the fact that it isn't secure concerns me. Some friends suggested that I just use Organizr and access it via that to get my secure connection, which works for browser devices, but I am really attached to the subsonic app on my phone. Not thinking that will work with Organizr and the app. First to admit I am not strong in the networking aspect of unraid, so sorry if there was an easy solution, just couldn't find it on the project sites, re