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  1. Haha wooow feel kinda silly now Don't think I ever changed that before, nor noticed it was possible hehe. Thanks
  2. From the error it sounds like you have some config issue with the transcoder folder. Please post your run command and the plex transcoder page. Supervisor log would also be nice.
  3. On a different matter. If I'm not mistaken, didn't deluge use to have an ETA column that showed estimated finish time? I believe this is gone in 2.0.3 or am I blind? Tried to read the forums, deluge site, and other help topics, no mention of this, and the changelog @ deluge site is for the last 1.3.x version I just added a few torrents to check the speed was normal, but no ETA column
  4. Sorry if that was unclear. All dockers have a Supervisor.log file in the appdata folder. They also have a "run" command that shows whenever you update or edit the docker. Please attach both the supervisor.log file and the run command.
  5. So basically everything was fine, updated from 1.3.x to 2.0.3 and speeds on all torrents dropped? Nothing else changed except that you now tried to remove the ltconfig plugin? Please attach supervisor and run command.
  6. Can't find any errors in the config, have you tried to remove the ltconfig plugin? As this is the only difference from others here. I'm running on 2.0.3 with no change from 1.3.x. I don't run the ltconfig plugin and still get 40+ MB/s If that don't solve anything some more logs would be needed.
  7. Awsome update @Squid. I'm already using the plugin, but don' really have the CPU issue people are mentioning, but seen a lot of people whining about it, so very nice addition to an already awesome plugin Tnx for all the hard work
  8. While I understand the need/want to fix the issue you are experiencing, my reason for testing Unbalance plugin is that you can select the "user" to give unbalance. As you stated above, you are worried it might be a permission/mapping issue.
  9. Didn't go trough your logs yet, but have you tried the Unbalance plugin? If it gives the same result.
  10. :Latest will pull the latest finished published build, but this takes a while to make and is automated. After builds are released I would give it a few days.
  11. Or just open the gui from docker page, then change out /admin for /client in the adr bar
  12. As stated before, recommend you change NextCloud to Cache prefered and see if the problem persists.
  13. You need to add the subnet of your unraid server to the settings in openvpn routing info. If you get stuck, there are several posts and images in the last few pages as this started happening in the last update