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  1. All of his dockers get's auto updated as soon as it is available, just give it a few hours if its not already updated.
  2. I went over his supervisor log and run command, can't find a reason why this ain't working, exactly same setup as me from what I can see. Also using PIA with Czech endpoint. He tried several endpoint (or so he said) so not really sure what is causing this issue. Does anything work with 2.0 when the VPN is enabled @Wob76 ? Is it GUi that's down but couch/radarr/sonarr and such reach it?
  3. ProZac

    Best VPN?

    I use VPN for different things depending on what device, but PIA on my server is mostly used for torrent (ip block issue is here in delugevpn), I also use it with newsgroups, and a few geo sites, here with no issues.
  4. ProZac

    Best VPN?

    Hi all. So I've been using several VPN providers over the last few years, but in unRaid I have stuck with PIA, but lately getting tired of the blocked ip's, as it seems this happens more and more. Considering to try out NordVPN, but not quite sure if this is any better. Tired of having to restart dockers because of blocked ip So in general, just wondering what VPN ppl are using, if they are experiencing any block issues, how often, and so on
  5. When you say you try to access the web GUI, you launch the GUI from the docker tab? Can't see any errors out of the box from your log above, might be something in your run command
  6. unRAID is run from a flash drive, not a ssd. I would recommend you read some guides and watch a few videos to get familiar with how it works and how you can set it up as you have several options. SpaceinvaderOne got several good videos that will help you, start with something simple like the flashdrive :
  7. Yepp Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  8. Hehe true that, dont use it much anymore, but the few times it would be nice to just use something I already have up and running, will try some different variations. No need to get the network share to work if it is a lot of work, was just wondering as it seemed like a function that was supposed to work :)
  9. Tested installed and ran with no issues on 6.7.0. Yet another awesome docker. How would it be to use this to transfer a few files here and there instead of launching krusader (assuming you give the docker access to the correct folders) and Browse network triggers error: Failed to open "/on"? Operation not supported. (in the file browser)
  10. It all depends on how you add the show. The monitor status will tell your system if it should actively search for episodes or not. Then you have the add button on the end, where you can select just Add or the Add and Search for missing episodes.
  11. All of Binhex's dockers are automaticly updatet when it is available on hub. He does not wait for it manually. When they release a new unraid version, it have already been in beta for a while. You can follow the releases here https://forums.unraid.net/forum/7-announcements/ I can't remember the last time a unraid release broke any of my dockers, but if that happends, you ofcourse have it backed up with CA backup/restore plugin and you can just revert back to the old unraid version. You don't specify what version of unraid you are using, the only big issue with latest unraid version 6.7.2 (this started in 6.7.0 so if you have 6.7.0 or 6.7.1 there shouldn't be any issues with updating to 6.7.2) is that a few people get Sqlite database corruption in plex when used with a few other dockers like sonarr, radarr and a few others. I have not had this problem, but several have as you can see from this post here: Hope that helps
  12. Using PIA myself with all the latest updates, most likely a configuration issue somewhere, supervisor log and run command would help here
  13. Yes I got notice for update on binhex Radarr yesterday Issue is also closed in Radarr github.
  14. Sounds like you might have some old config saved maybe? Default user/pass will always work on fresh install. Try removing docker and docker folder and reinstall. What do you mean when you say port 1194 won't open? You say you can't reach the OpenVPN GUI, what are you trying to do trough port 1194 when you haven't set up the docker?
  15. A few updates ago was a completely new layout with tons of changes, but after this, the updates are quite small. I would just use CA backup/restore for the docker and run restore if your config vanishes