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  1. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear; My SWAG/nginx configuration works fine, and I can access the webUI through the reverse proxy without issue. What I'm trying to update is my container-to-container configuartion (ie. sonarr to sabnzbd) so that the sonarr dns name/port is uses the reverse proxy rather then communicating with the target container directly. Mostly so that I can save myself a small bit of configuration in the future where I only need to update the RP, rather then every container that might use the target.
  2. I was recently playing with @binhex's VPN containers, and following along with Q24-Q27 of his FAQ, managed to route a couple of my containers through the VPN container. Awesome. But one thing I noticed as I was removing port mappings on some containers and adding them to others was that modified port mappings weren't showing up on either the overall docker view, or the "Show docker allocations" section. So I was curious, what's the actual trigger for mappings to show up in those sections?
  3. So a quick follow up; I managed to google and find the VPN docker FAQ, and was able to setup my sabnzdb dockers with the container:delugevpn option. Since the network type on it is set to None, I'm guessing I can reliably assume that it's outbound connections are going through the VPN tunnel without having to further test it to guarantee it? I've got one quick followup question; I've got swag infront of things to use as an internal-only reverse proxy so I can access my containers' web UIs with nice DNS names (ie. I'd love to be able to use those same DNS names for the app connections as well. ie. in Sonarr, my download client config for SAB is set with the local hostname and port (8080) of the docker container. If I try using the SWAG reverse proxy name and port (443, Use SSL), it doesn't work. Is this possible?
  4. So I've been using delugeVPN for a while now, but decided to start getting into usenet as well. Got SABnzbdvpn setup on the with the same VPN creds as my delugeVPN container, and it works, but it seems redundent to have both containers separately logged in. Is there any way I could setup the sabnzbd vpn-less container to route things through the privoxy setup on delugevpn?
  5. There's a couple bug fixes in 1.8.5 that could help with the stability of the connection (assuming I'm interpreting them correctly):
  6. Any updates for the client coming? Current docker version is 1.8.2, but linux version 1.8.6 is out.
  7. Anyone else find that their unraid zerotier client drops offline for hours on end at random times? I've got the client setup on both my unraid server, as well as a raspberry pi and other clients. On my pi configuration, I've got it setup to also be used as an inbound gateway for the same network my unraid server is on. What I keep finding is that my pi and other clients are up and running without any issue, able to talk each other, etc. But there will be random times where my unraid zerotier client will go offline and stay that way for hours. Then it'll randomly come back online. And unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any logs or such with the container to be able to identify what the issue might be. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Perfect, I see it now. So all the configs are stored as XML files. Awesome. Thanks for that.
  9. Where in the flash/mount is the configuration then? ie. if I wanted to see all the paths/variables/etc that are set up for each docker?
  10. Is there any way that I can export my docker configurations? CA Backup only backups the appdata folder. I'm looking for a way to backup the actual definitions so I could wipe/restore them if necessary. (In my case, I ended up with a corrupted docker image directory, and had to wipe it out. I was able to restore everything from Previous Apps, but if that wasn't available, it would have been a royal pain trying to remember all the configurations and entering them in again)
  11. Thanks. Upgraded to 1.8.2, issue is still there. But things are working correctly. Don't know anything about building docker images, but this guy seems to have cleared it when he was getting the same error for a different container he was building.
  12. Just installed this on my unraid server. Any time I try to run a zerotier-cli command from the docker instance, I get a dozen lines of the following before the command results: Any fix for this? Other then that, things look to be working well. I also installed it on my raspberry pi/pi-hole instance to use a bridge to get access to my whole internal network. Plan is to do the same on a second Pi at my parent's for remote access to their stuff.
  13. Ended up clearing the cookies for my home domain to clear the issue. Weird...
  14. Okay, this is a weird one. Just updated to the latest Firefox on Windows 10 (v93.0), and now I can't log into my Deluge instance. Page loads, and the password dialog box comes up, but entering the password doesn't take and it keeps prompting me for it again. Testing on Edge and Chrome has no issues.
  15. Silly question, but I can't seem to find an answer for it: There's the pre-set Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly schedules. But I can't seem to find when they run (ie. What time does the daily kick off, day/time for weekly, etc.). Is there any way to adjust them to be your preferred values?