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  1. Done and done, APPS tab back and humming along. Thank you Squid, enjoy the Toronto win tomorrow!
  2. Got the update prompt 3 min ago, clicked it, plugin updated just fine. Now... no Apps tab!
  3. Thank you for this, just purchased & installed this drive, panicked when I got a critical heat error. Set it for 60/65C, great thread!
  4. Damn good catch, God knows how Cisco interprets "rule is first but is disabled." I'll give it a shot, thanks for taking a look!
  5. Yes and yes, as per the video... Ed is really thorough about these things. Like I said, I wanted to get at least Radarr and Sonarr working as I know Nextcloud can be a little more work. Getting worried that my ISP (Rogers in Toronto, Canada) is blocking port 80, that would be a hell of a kick in the nuts! So, the screenshots! And, by the by, thanks for replying... it's appreciated!
  6. My tale of woe: Followed SpaceinvaderOne's lovely video all the way through, successfully... except I still can't see my site, when trying to navigate to it off my phone (so not on the home WiFi!); am using Namecheap for my domain name. Port forwarding settings / namecheap settings / docker setting screenshots attached. Logs are all fine, letsencrypt below. Can ping all three subdomains (radarr/sonarr/nextcloud) but can't even get into the first two -- I'm aware nextcloud might take more finagling, left that one to last. Any ideas?
  7. I've searched for this issue here on the forums as well as hittin' the ole Google pipe, and found nothing relevant, so here goes: When trying to back up my appdata to an NFS share (from my Synology DS1515+) I get the below errors. I have made sure to turn off Docker, as these are obviously docker container errors... might it be a permissions issue?
  8. Where does one get ahold of the zip file for this RC6? I'm having a problem with webGUI not starting up and it was suggested to update my system manually (via /flash share) but I can't find a download link for the life of me, just the link for the plugin on Amazon S3. Please delete if this is not the right spot for this comment, by all means, I'm just starting out here.
  9. Thanks, will try this! Not much time with a little one around, have to time it around her naps ideally Edit: 4 hours later when little one is down for the night, got the zip file and overwrote the proper portions of the /boot partition from the command line, then used 'reboot' command to reboot as "shutdown -r now" wasn't doing anything. I've now got my webGUI back, thanks to @itimpi @Squid @limetech!
  10. "tools - update OS" <-- I have only access to the CLI at this point, any way to update that way? I don't mean to be dense, but half an hour of looking and I'm still no further ahead. Thanks for your help so far, btw!
  11. That's precisely it. Tried reaching Docker page to look at a mapping, wouldn't load, so I rebooted. BOOM no GUI, and no time to look into it until today. As to cache drive, no, there was never a cache drive... that's odd. I **do** have a 2TB drive with errors that I keep meaning to take out, maybe that's what you're seeing. Any clue on updating to 6.5.1-rc6 via command line? Cursory google didn't turn up anything.
  12. Diagnostics attached. Tried to troubleshoot this using emhttp service restart but same problem occurs. I can ping outside my LAN, shares still up... just no WebGUI. Also, Dockers are down across the board, just noticed that. Any ideas? Thanks for reading! metis-diagnostics-20180415-1226.zip