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  1. Quick question, if I use SSD drives exclusively for cache and Unassigned drives (I do not use the array function at all) is there any advantage at all to using the Cache Dirs plugin? I do have mounted Google drives (accessed through mergerfs/rclone) where a large amount of media is stored. Would the plugin benefit in that case? I have lots of memory (64GB) so that's not a concern but it does increase CPU usage a bit. I'm just wondering if it's worth it to still use it with SSDs and for mergerfs/rclone/gdrive type use. Thanks!
  2. Forgive me for asking but what exactly does the "lidarr automated downloader" script add to Lidarr? My current Lidarr container can already automatically search and download songs using usenet and torrents, rename and place those files where Plex can find them.
  3. You are right! It was a manual edit and I did not put both options into the header, I only appended the text keyword into the existing header. My bad - my apologies if I threw anyone off! I updated the header with both options and it works great! Thanks bluemonster for researching and finding the fix.
  4. The fix suggested by bluemonster appears to invert the selection of which dockers always show update ready. For instance, prior to the edit, on my system duckdns (LSIO) and pihole always showed update ready whereas binhex-delugevpn and PlexMediaServer (plexinc) showed up-to-date. After I made the edit, binhex-delugevpn and PlexMediaServer show update ready while the other two are up-to-date. Seems like some containers require the 'list' keyword to get the right info and other containers don't.
  5. This is such a DUH moment for me. I meant to post this in the Plex forums but I'm working on several issues at the same time and inadvertently posted it here instead. Thanks John for humoring me with a reply!
  6. Hi, I just turned on video preview thumbnails and it took about 40 hours altogether to complete. If I were to change the location of my media, say move files up or down a directory as part of general reorganizing, would Plex retain the preview thumbnails (and metadata generally) or would it have to fetch and regenerate it all again? What if the media is temporarily unavailable (say a day or two)? At what point does Plex decide the media is gone and purge all the metadata/thumbnails for it? Is it based on the schedule? I'm asking because one of my media drives is almost full and I want to temporarily offline some older, less viewed content to free up some space, but eventually return that media to the library. The content may only be gone a week while I procure some new drives so not sure what's the best way to preserve the Plex metadata and preview thumbnails for the content in the meantime. Can someone explain how Plex would react in these circumstances? Thanks!
  7. Could it be the MAC address? Docker MAC addresses are based on the IP address assigned to it, which could change with each server reboot. You can test this by fixing the MAC address using the container --mac-address parameter. Don't have time to try this myself, but just a thought.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to add SimplyNZBs as an indexer but I'm getting an error: System.Net.WebException: Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure: 'https://simplynzbs.com/api?t=caps&apikey=(removed)' ---> System.Net.WebException: Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure I've attached the full error in a file. I've got 6 other indexers all working fine so it appears it could be Simply but I've come across other threads saying it could be the version of mono in the docker? This same issue happens with Linuxserverio's Radarr docker as well. The docker is running mono version Any clues? sonarr-error.txt
  9. Hi all, I plan to rebuild my Unraid setup specifically to use for hosting several VMs with GPU passthrough. The rig will be used for a combination of high-end gaming, video editing and Stream streaming VMs as well as running Plex/OpenVPN dockers Here's the list of hardware I've acquired: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vL8cq4 I just need some feedback on any gotchas before I start on the build. In particular I plan to use an Asrock Quad M.2 PCIe adapter to hold four 960 1TB NVMe sticks to passthrough to the VMs. The motherboard I choose is supposed to support bifurcation of an x16 slot into four x4 lanes so I'm hoping Unraid will be able to see all the NVMe devices in the quad adapter (a 5th stick will be installed directly into one of the motherboard's M.2 slots to be used as a cache drive). x299 motherboards do not come with integrated video so I'm hoping to either stick a 3rd low-end graphics adapter in there or passthrough the primary Unraid adapter to one of the VMs. On the array side, I don't have a very large library of media to host but I plan to purchase a couple WD 10TB Black hdd drives for this later. Any feedback would be appreciated!