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  1. Hi, I have a server that is 4U and has vents as the front of the case, but I am missing an icon for it. I would love to have an icon for it though. Thanks!
  2. @johnnie.black Okay thanks! Let's hope it stays up!
  3. @johnnie.black Power cycle did nothing: platinum-diagnostics-20190429-1635.zip Replaced SATA cable with a brand spanking new one + using a different port on mobo again: It showed up again. platinum-diagnostics-20190429-1649.zip Why would two SATA cables die so short after each other? I think the first replacement was also brand new.
  4. @johnnie.black I haven't checked the cables/power cycled yet but I did find this in Fix Common Problems: Is this related to the issue? platinum-diagnostics-20190429-1613.zip
  5. @johnnie.black Here is a new diagnostics file after reboot. platinum-diagnostics-20190420-1243.zip
  6. Hi, My parity disk got disabled a couple of weeks ago because of read errors, rebooted; entire disk missing. I shut down my server, replaced the sata cable and connected the drive with a different port on mobo. Now, last Monday, the disk got disabled again because of read errors. Is my disk dead? Thanks in advance! platinum-diagnostics-20190418-1843.zip
  7. I meant, physically, I thought the parity drive was my data drive but I found out even before booting into Unraid. Additionally, I always check serial numbers of the drives before changing array configurations. Also, don’t know if you know this, but if anyone would swap around drives, physically, Unraid doesn’t care and still correctly mounts the drives. Disk 1 has been rebuilt. Will change topic to solved for now.
  8. While I unplugged the parity drive (as I later found out I mixed up the drives), I might have accidentally nudged the Disk 1 SATA cable because after I started the machine, the drive showed up again in the boot menu. It is currently rebuilding Disk 1... If the disk goes down again I will replace the SATA cable. The other available SATA 3 port is broken and only have a SATA II port left so if the SATA port doesn't have a reliable connection, it might be a good excuse to replace it along with the memory and CPU. I've read that the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ isn't very power efficient and the board doesn't have Gigabit ethernet. It's running on a PCIe nic.
  9. The server has been restarted and the disk isn't found by the bios. When going into the boot selection menu, the disk was not showing up. My parity was and my boot drive too. This is what I got to see after Unraid started up: This is a diagnostics file before starting the array. oxygen-diagnostics-20181224-0945.zip I will return tonight so I will check on the wiring tomorrow, swap some cables or connect it with a different port.
  10. Hi, This morning, I woke up with a notification on my phone because a disk has gone into disabled state. I'm far from home (London) and only get back on Tuesday (The Netherlands) but when I downloaded diagnostics remotely, I found a bunch of write errors in a bunch of different sectors on Disk 1. So my question: Did my disk die, has the cable gone bad (again), did my port go bad, or has something else gone wrong? I had someone which is at the place of my server send me pictures from the outside and external cables and all that is fine. Also note, I just found out about all the bruteforce attacks the server has been getting, but that is a thing for when I get back. Kind regards, Zandor Smith oxygen-diagnostics-20181223-0943.zip
  11. Okay, so we are a few days later. I got a second hand Dell H200 that was already flashed to IT mode. The server was running fine for a few days until yesterday evening. It locked up. I was able to SSH into it but after typing in the password it only showed me the Unraid version message and didn't start up a shell session. Later I tried to login through console but it only allowed me to type in the root username but never gave me the option to type in the password. I just hit the reset button on the server and everything was fine again. Of course it started parity check. Just now, I tried to open Plex again and it again was offline. This time however I got a 502 error back in the web interface. I went into the console and logged in using root. I then just did a sudo reboot because I was about to go to bed. It gave the normal "server going down" announcement but after 5 minutes it still was up. I again hit the reset button because I couldn't do anything. Now it is up again and I don't know whats wrong. Attached is a diagnostics file, except it is just after a reboot. I will try to provide a better diagnostics file when the problem occurs again. silicon-diagnostics-20181106-0051.zip
  12. I put back my old PCIe data card and it is running fine now. This one was the one that was running slow: https://www.conrad.nl/p/renkforce-0-10-poorten-sata-iii-controllerkaart-pcie-1374266 Would you have any other options for me because the old one is only 4 data ports but when I want to add more hard drives, I need a card that has more ports. Motherboard is also full.
  13. Hi, My biggest server (Silicon) is having performance issues. Plex running from the SSD is working fine but as soon as you start playing a file, it takes forever to start playing. Also other docker containers like Sonarr and Radarr take ages to load up their webui. I think I know what the problem is because I did some swapping of the sata cables but I still want to know what all the weird messages in my syslog are. Attached is the diagnostics file. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Zandor Smith silicon-diagnostics-20181024-0018.zip
  14. Updated 3 of 4 servers. No issues on servers that were updated. Also while drinking beer
  15. Hi, On one of my servers, everytime I update a plugin, it always fails on the first try. Currently can't give you the exact message. Also, Fix Common Problems keeps sending me errors about my /var/log being at 100% capacity and I think these problems are related. I am unable to load the log from the unraid web ui. My question now is, could my USB boot drive be corrupted? If so, how do I fix it? Attached is a diagnostics file. Kind regards, Zandor Smith neon-diagnostics-20180903-1333.zip