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  1. LSI would be ideal, but looking around the 16i/24i models, I’m finding the cheapest are allot more expensive where I live and imports (not ideal for warranty reasons). I’ve thought about a HBA expander card but I can’t really fit one in, even with a PCI-E riser card. I’ll double check the settings, but I haven’t had much luck in the past so I wanted to see if the newer NIC might help since I see them recommended over the current one. Update: Decided to give the Adaptec a shot, so far it seems to be working (testing with preclear) but I had to att
  2. Be aware with shuckering WD, I’ve heard some of their drives may require modification or work arounds to work because they use one of the 3.3v pins to disable the drive.
  3. I'm doing a round of upgrades on the server and I'm looking at a new SATA/SAS controller and maybe a new NIC for PfSense passthrough. For SATA/SAS, I need to get a 16 port SAS due to port/size constraints and I saw the Adaptec ASR-71605 on the compatibility list: Since there's only one topic I can find on this card I just want to check that it's still an OK card when in HBA mode, besides the
  4. So it turns out the CPU cooler I had in mind (Noctua NH-D14) is too tall, are there any recommended AM4 Fan coolers?
  5. I'm currently thinking of upgrading from my current unRAID server to a Ryzen based system. Current System: HP Gen8 Microserver Intel E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30GHz 16GB ECC RAM 4 x 10TB HDD 2 x 2TB HDD (via PCI-E SATA card) 1 x 256GB SSD (for VMs via onboard SATA 2 port) Most 'server grade' ebay options are impractical due to size and/or cost, so I'm thinking of making a Ryzen rig since that supports ECC RAM and I happen to have a case, PSU and GPU lying around and could use the 3700x in my gaming desktop (upgrading the desktop to a 5000 on release).
  6. Thanks, the planned upgrade involved removing this drive slot anyway so that's another reason why I'm doing it now and I'll just put some non-critical data onto it (is in data I can afford to lose).
  7. Earlier today I discovered a drive had "failed" on my system, so I pulled the system out, checked the connection and so far while running a SMART test it seems fine (I rebooted and forgot to dump the logs). But still, rather than risk continuing to use it, I've decided not to replace it and instead just remove it from the array as I intend on upgrading down the line. What is the best way to remove the data from the emulated drive and put it on different disks without messing up the folder structure, permissions, etc? Is it as simple as moving the data across
  8. Hi, I recently switched from Server 2016 to UnRAID but I'm having problems setting up a FreePBX docker. The current one I'm trying is by 'tiredofit' but I'm struggling to get this to work and I'm wondering if either anyway has got this to work or if there is a better alternative? Most of the ones on the docker website seem to be fairly out of date (some seeing years with no updates). Would I be better off just using the FreePBX distro in KVM? Thank you.