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  1. I'm having the same issue, 4K HW tone mapping on my i3 10300 worked before, but now its broke
  2. I have not had an issue since adding default_ps_max_latency_us=0 , but unRAID still things the drive hits 84c randomly for exactly 30 min or 60 min. I originally thought it was the drive and talked to Samsung, they were willing to pay for a return lable and send a new drive under warranty, you might be able to do that, but you will not have the drive for a while. I would definitely go with another drive next time.
  3. I definitely think this is an issue caused by 6.10 rc2, I haven't had any more issues after adding append initrd=/bzroot nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 but my Samsung 980 was fine for months before the update. It's been confirmed by others that the temperature sensor is bonked with 6.10 rc2 and the drive disconnecting from the pool could be a side affect of rc2 as well.
  4. Thanks, I added that and rebooted the server, ill keep an eye on it. Its odd that it just started to happen though, I wonder what's causing it. I had mitigations off so I think this is still ok: append initrd=/bzroot nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 mitigations=off
  5. Hello, I started to get errors with my cache pool that the device is missing (Samsung 980 NVMe). The device is still there and can be read from but not written too. If you restart the system, the device disappears from the cache pool. If you shut down the system then turn it on it comes back and works normally (can read/write). This is the second time I have gotten this issue in the past 4 days, can someone take a look at the logs and see if something is up? Thanks.
  6. I tried on my desktop, laptop and phone. Nothing helped, My desktop has a 3440x1440 monitor and the issue was the same. The picture was squished horizontally. I tired a new profile image (had to restart the server to get it to apply) and the images was squashed vertically this time. I tired different browsers with the same result. I removed the image and will just use the default M i have as my profile pic, that looks fine in the webui. Again its not a large issue but it is something that does not work properly.
  7. I think the ratio with profile pictures is not correct for My servers on the webui banner. The webui looks squished: While the forums have the correct ratio:
  8. Sure: root@Z490:~# dmidecode -t4 # dmidecode 3.3 Getting SMBIOS data from sysfs. SMBIOS 3.2.0 present. Running cat /proc/cpuinfo does give: model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10300 CPU @ 3.70GHz I believe that's what was in the CPU info in 6.9.2.
  9. Not that this is a large issue, but the processor info on the dashboard seems to not display the CPU anymore, but instead just "@". My CPU is an i3 10300 (not the much more common i3 10100).
  10. Ya, the regular 980 (not the pro).
  11. I also noticed it stays at 84c for exactly 1 hour. I have Pushbullet send me notifications and it's consistently going from 39c to 84c for 1 hour before dropping back to 39c.
  12. Im having an issue that rc2 seems to have created. The Samsung 980 NVMe (possibly others drives too) will randomly report its 84C, even though it is not. Quickly googling the issue led me to others having the exact same issue with rc2. Alot of information is in the linked post, but I can provide more if needed.
  13. I'm having the exact same issue with a z490 and Samsung 980. I have a massive heatsink with thermal bad and the temps go from 39C to 84C randomly. The actually drive is not very hot, so this seems to be an software issue reading the temps.
  14. Was getting the constant parity check with 6.9.1, set the timeout to 100 seconds and its fixed. This is definitely a bug.