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  1. Both of my instances of this container broke this morning, they were fine yesterday. Normally it doesn't ask me to log in, but today it's asking to log in and admin/adminadmin is not working which was in my password manager. I can use: Adding this line under [Preferences], in the config file, works, for setting the default password manually to: adminadmin WebUI\Password_PBKDF2="@ByteArray(ARQ77eY1NUZaQsuDHbIMCA==:0WMRkYTUWVT9wVvdDtHAjU9b3b7uB8NR1Gur2hmQCvCDpm39Q+PsJRJPaCU51dEiz+dTzh8qbPsL8WkFljQYFQ==)" to get past the login, but none of my torrents are present, it's like a fresh install, I noticed the download path changed to point somewhere on appdata. EDIT: Just remembered I have a third instance on another UnRaid box, it appears to be unaffected, it came back fine after restarting. EDIT 2: Don't know what happened with the passwords being forced all of a sudden, but the 2nd instance came back after the admin/adminadmin fix. I changed the paths on the first instance, which I guess worked, it just took 5+ minutes for it's torrents to show up. EDIT 3: What happened is I was moving the contents off of one of my cache drives so I could replace it, container paths are hardcoded to that cache drive, I'm an idiot, forgot about appdata. So I'm all good, leaving this here ion case it helps anyone.
  2. For anyone still having trouble, I found a post on reddit which fixed my db issue: $ sqlite3 sonarr.db ".dump" | sqlite3 new.db then I delete sonarr.db and rename new.db to sonarr.db I'm getting a terminal in the correct place by navigating in Krusader.
  3. No, but I'll keep an eye on it to try to get some timestamps and new diagnostics, thank you. I've been thinking maybe it's qBitTorrent filling up the space, but the "Pre-allocate disk space to all files" box isn't checked. That is the only thing writing to this drive.
  4. I'm having an intermittent issue where the free space on a 1 TB nvme drive keeps disappearing. Every 20 minutes to an hour or two, it will switch back and forth between showing the real amount of free space, and showing the same used number but no free space. and it's not that only the display is wrong, nothing is able to write to the drive at the time it's says it's full, I think. flags-diagnostics-20231209-1357.zip
  5. I'm trying to set up a second instance of qbittorrent, I found this link and followed A4. Now I can get the webui to work, but only briefly. When IO open settings successfully, I can't save, chrome says: "Unable to save program preferences, qBittorrent is probably unreachable." Or, It doesn't load and I see: "Error: n". Then I have to log back in. I was able to add a torrent from a plugin on firefox, and see it in the webui. What can I do to fix this? Thanks EDIT: I deleted and restarted on the second container, had the same issue. Currently both containers seem to be functioning after stopping the 1st container, restarting the 2nd, which at this point started working, I could save settings, and then start the 1st container. I don't know if they are fixed or the order the start in might have top be like this? I'd still like to get the webui button to have the right port.
  6. Sorry, my solution was buying a used SFF desktop from ebay to run proxmox on. Bonus of now having an intel igpu for transcoding, my 2 nasses are AM4 Ryzen based.
  7. It was successful on a smaller directory. I just realized I had the Scan Images or whatever checked and the setting that says 1 is most stable was at 2. I think the 2 was my fault. I'm trying the whole thing with those two issues fixed. EDIT: It just finished on the whole thing! Thanks.
  8. I don't know how I would know that the number of files is the cause for sure. I would/do choose to scan all of them preferably, rough estimate for me is 230K files. I scan the same directories successfully with the Windows version. It takes about a day to finish, and I generally start it at night and close everything so it has enough memory. I noticed that this container only uses a bit more than a gig or RAM, which seems low in comparison. I guess I'll run a test on a single small directory...
  9. I have no clue what any of it means, see attached. Thanks. VDF.log
  10. "...\appdata\VideoDuplicateFinder\log\nginx\error.log" is empty right now. I just starting running a scan, I'll check again if/when it crashes. I think I checked previously and it didn't look useful, but I may not know what to look for. EDIT: I had the warning "Fix Common Problems: Warning: Docker application VideoDuplicateFinder has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option". I fixed that, don't know if it could be the cause.
  11. This isn't working for me, it runs for a while but eventually I check and the container has stopped running. Maybe I have too many files, but don't we all? I have been using this on windows for years and it's great now, except for some groups of 50+ false duplicates. In it's early days I'd have to run it a bunch of times to get anything, because each run made a little more progress before crashing. Maybe that's what's happening here? I'd much rather run this in a docker container on the system that the files are on, than my Windows PC.
  12. I just started having this same issue after changing all of my cache mounts from referencing user to the cache drives name because I saw a youtube video about IO Wait. Changed the 2 path settings in the VM config back and still have the issue. it's a home assistant VM if anyone cares. I was having rebooting issues before today, but I found a message regarding insufficient memory, which I think I solved by changing the memory settings for the VM, so probably unrelated. Reboot didn't do anything. Tried creating a new debian VM and that wont start either. Diagnostics attached are from after reboot and Debian attempt/test. nastheripper-diagnostics-20230119-1642.zip
  13. Mine is using over half my CPU and the log repeatedly mentions changing a secretkey.
  14. Is anyone else having an issue where you can manually recheck finished files and the files are found to be incomplete? I have had to recheck/downloads up to 3 times in a row at times. I have seen the percent done go from 100% to 80% on some files. I'm seeing very noticeable glitches in video files downloaded through deluge. UnRaid isn't reporting any issues with my array/fs. It started around a month ago, seemed to get better, but is now worse for me.
  15. I had: ...too. Found a backup a couple of weeks old that didn't result in errors. There was an update I installed after having the issue, but I think I still had the error after it. Now I need to find a way to make a backup every day for X days. Default of every 3 days for Plex's internal backup isn't cutting it. I tried following the directions here: reddit: database_errors_seemingly_unrepairable but am not smart enough to translate from their example to my environment.
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