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  1. For me the issue is not that it won’t install. I have zero issues installing it. It’s just that when I reboot the server the SNMP app is no longer present. I know this because zabbix throws an alert about “no snmp data collection” I go to check and sure enough snmp is missing. I reinstall it, everything comes right back up and I’m good to go. If I reboot again, same issue. Rinse, repeat. I’m getting no errors on anything that I’m aware of. I’m on the latest RC Im glad to do any kind of testing or log gathering. Let me know what kind of information is needed. Thanks
  2. Yep, same. I just reinstall it everytime I need to reboot. Oh well. I use snmp for zabbix. So if I forget it at least reminds me of no snmp data.
  3. Same issue here i reboot and poof, gone.. I gather from this, delete snmp folder, reinstall, issue is fixed?
  4. As I've mentioned I had already gone through that previous thread and applied all the suggestions none of that has helped. Is it being suggested that I need to change my hardware based on that thread? When no hardware is actually plugged into the slot that is throwing the error?
  5. Any ideas? I would really love to get this fixed and not reboot my server every day to clear the logs then to have them fill back to 100% after 1hr.. 🥲
  6. Here you go! Thanks! unraid-diagnostics-20210830-0953.zip
  7. Hello, I've been dealing with this issue for awhile and i still can't seem to resolve it. Anyone know how to fix it? My BIOS has been fully updated to the latest version, I don't have any devices plugged into the PCIE slot in question with the issue. I have also appended this in my syslinux.cfg file as found in another support thread. pci=nommconfto to try to just ignore the error all together and it still hasn't helped. It seems the device in question is in one of the screenshots below.. I have also disabled all power management. I never used to have this issue, nothing has really changed it just started happening randomly about a month or so ago and hasn't stopped since. The only PCIE devices I have are a dualport solarflare 10gb SFP+ NIC and a LSI 9211-8i HBA. Motherboard is ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING BIOS 2603
  8. All of a sudden now I can no longer get into Ombi. I am using my plex username and password. I tried to research this issue for quite awhile and ran a few potential fixes myself but still can't seem to figure out what is happening. Everything is completely updated to latest version, all docker containers and unraid. Any idea how to resolve this? Logging into Plex works fine with the same username/password. I do have 2FA setup but I have had it setup the first time it became available and have had no issues with Ombi. This just started this week.. My is the workstation I am trying to login from and the other is my gateway but I am not sure what it means when it tries to authenticate from that IP. I am trying to login from the same location each time on the same PC. Also, inside plex I do not see any OMBI devices. I was hoping I could just remove it and have it generate a new token. But it's not there. Thank you!
  9. Sorry if I missed it, can you share the manual? I want to try to setup unRAID as an ISCSI target for an ESXi cluster using multiple SSD pools/MPIO
  10. Awesome work. Any idea on the release of the plug-in?
  11. I think there is still a lot of confusion about this. We have people running multiple sizes and whatever the free is (larger then smallest) they are able to utilize that space on their raid1 cache pool. For example if you have a 250gb and a 500gb that will show around 378 gb of useable space. In a traditional raid1 set only 250gb of that should be useable (smallest disk) However, in the BTRFS raid1 set it appears it does allow you to fill what it reports as this is how it's supposed to work with BTRFS raid1.. it's not a traditional RAID1. So is this really a visual bug? If you do the BTRFS RAID calculation and compare to what shows in your cache pool it's almost dead on. What is the clarification on why some people say one thing and some people say another? Examples https://seravo.fi/2015/using-raid-btrfs-recovering-broken-disks Explained well here with how it caculates https://amp.reddit.com/r/btrfs/comments/a95kbz/usable_space_calculation/
  12. Is this still a known bug with BTRFS in unRAID RAID 1 set with multiple drive sizes in a cache pool? What happens if it reports more then the smallest size drive, you go over that size, does it just copy to the array?
  13. Thank you, this one installed i had issues with the actual link.
  14. Agree, I asked the same thing in the previous thread and got no response. How can we update the CSS to change just that to say, black? I tried to find it myself but couldn't seem to locate it.
  15. Thank you Saarg, I didn't even know that was there. Works now