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  1. I think there is still a lot of confusion about this. We have people running multiple sizes and whatever the free is (larger then smallest) they are able to utilize that space on their raid1 cache pool. For example if you have a 250gb and a 500gb that will show around 378 gb of useable space. In a traditional raid1 set only 250gb of that should be useable (smallest disk) However, in the BTRFS raid1 set it appears it does allow you to fill what it reports as this is how it's supposed to work with BTRFS raid1.. it's not a traditional RAID1. So is this really a visual bug? If you do the BTRFS RAID calculation and compare to what shows in your cache pool it's almost dead on. What is the clarification on why some people say one thing and some people say another? Examples https://seravo.fi/2015/using-raid-btrfs-recovering-broken-disks Explained well here with how it caculates https://amp.reddit.com/r/btrfs/comments/a95kbz/usable_space_calculation/
  2. Is this still a known bug with BTRFS in unRAID RAID 1 set with multiple drive sizes in a cache pool? What happens if it reports more then the smallest size drive, you go over that size, does it just copy to the array?
  3. Thank you, this one installed i had issues with the actual link.
  4. Agree, I asked the same thing in the previous thread and got no response. How can we update the CSS to change just that to say, black? I tried to find it myself but couldn't seem to locate it.
  5. Thank you Saarg, I didn't even know that was there. Works now
  6. Issues stuck on step 4 as well.. but my CLI is telling me i'm at the latest version.. any ideas how to get around this? I thought there was a .step file somewhere but cannot find it that can be deleted?
  7. Looks great, any idea why I am missing the lighter color grey header? I had to change the font colors to see it.. Also, where in the CSS can i change the color of the array utilization indicator text circled in red? I would like to make it black or darker grey it's too hard to see in the green. Thanks!
  8. Best part about unRAID is the ease of storage expandability! I'd like to see iSCSI support the most so it can be used as an ESXi SAN type device with it's own 10gb iSCSI storage network.
  9. Exactly my use case. Right now no native ISCSi is a dealbreaker for me for an ESXi cluster for shared storage on an ISSCi network. Don't want to use FreeNAS. Would be nice to get ZFS and ISCSi bundled as in my mind these two go together well in a future release.
  10. There still seems to be an issue with the Dockers not being able to "apply update" downloading 0 bytes from the repository. As originally reported here https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/dockers-wanting-to-update-but-dont-in-the-end-r618/?fbclid=IwAR1MYec7WcYbrpVuwywsf1-IL8gkmuQuFoqifM8cpphAPAWs-d6JeG4FFvQ Upgraded from 6.7.2 which I originally ran the user script on to resolve the update issue, was working fine, the update broke it again. After updating to 6.8 the docker update issue was still a problem thinking it was supposed to be fixed. I ran the user script again and was able to apply updates without issue. Still seems to be present as we are having other users reporting the same on our unRAID Facebook group.. Thanks!
  11. I actually found the problem for some reason with 6.7rc5 it disabled perl. Once I re-enabled it, updated it, I was able to reinstall 5.8 and the plugin just fine.. I had no clue that got disabled but that was the cause.. and thanks i do see above he mentions "to fix on reboot" I will change it.
  12. Trembler


    Maybe I am missing something here with SNMP. This would seem to be a pretty basic feature that should be available natively. The current SNMP plugin is broken even with the available SNMP net-snmp5.8 pkg which was the workaround to get the plugin to work. Doesn't appear the plugin is being supported anymore but I'm curious why the native OS doesn't have this available? I've been monitoring a bunch of servers with Zabbix and now since the plugin is completely broken I've lost SNMP functionality.. Anyone feature request? Or fill me in on what I'm missing? Thanks!
  13. unfortunately this workaround isn't working anymore. Even with net-snmp.5.8 the SNMP plugin is failing on 6.6.7 and 6.7rc5 . Also ive noticed when rebooting the server it reverts back to the net-snmp5.7 version and you have to reinstall it each time then reload SNMP plugin.. But I guess that's beside the point now since the plugin isn't working any longer. I wish they would just build in SNMP, doesn't seem too difficult.
  14. Do you mind sharing your banner? Thanks!