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  1. As far as the built in gpu drivers go...If I have 2 video cards like 2x P2000s and I want to use one for docker transcoding and one for a VM. Is that not possible with this approach?
  2. I am running version 21 Stable. It is working like 85% of the time. Its just a bunch are stuck with a few MBs left. Edit: I also tried using Binhex and it has the same problem. Edit 2: Also tried the Testing branch and that didn't help.
  3. I have had NZBGET running well for a long time now. I have like 8 servers to feed it and normally don't have any problems. I have noticed recently though many of my downloads are stuck with like 1MB left to download. The only error I get is "[ERROR] Could not read from TLS-Socket: Connection closed by remote host". My servers all are up and working. Any help would be awesome!
  4. Just wanted to note, I am having this issue as well. None of the suggestions above helped me.
  5. 2020-06-02 19:23:42,027 DEBG 'plexmediaserver' stderr output: ERROR: Could not open the input file (No such file or directory) Getting this error in Plex now...Plex keeps going down every half an hour or so.
  6. Is there a way to send data from my current drives in my array (22 disks) to my 1 new drive? I would like to pull some data off the current ones I have are almost full and I keep getting warnings saying they're filling up. Adding a new 14tb now so it would be nice to syphon the data from my array into it. I don't see a way to select multiple sources though in unbalance.
  7. I am not able to get the settings in my ui to stick. Like removing power state or frequency. I tried changing temperature a few times and that part worked but the other stuff at the bottom wouldn't stick.
  8. Yep! Thats what I had to do. Thank you!
  9. Yea I get about 80 notifications from it a day, it’s extremely annoying.
  10. Anyone got any ideas? Im getting spammed with like 40 emails on this 2 times a day.
  11. For the last week or so I have been getting disk utilization above a certain threshold warnings. "Warning [9900K] - Disk 3 is high on usage (86%) WDC_WD100EMAZ-00WJTA0_JEGW3SKN (sdm)" for example.. however, I am getting it from every disk and they are all set to not warn me until they get to 88%, but they still are warning me. Then after 1 minute they return to normal. This happens a few times a day across all my disks. All of my shares are set to most free. And I have 3 disks that are new that still have about 3.5TB free on each too so i dont get why data is being written to my fuller disks. I attached my logs. I am running 6.8.0-rc7 9900k-syslog-20200317-1511.zip
  12. I have wireguard working well. I can connect to my unraid network, and access things like my router on that network. I set it up for Remote Access to LAN. HOWEVER, I cant access other computers on that network? Like in windows, if I try to see network devices, I cant see my unraid server on there. But I can see my local NAS and other devices. AND when I am physically on my Unraid network, I can see the Unraid server in network devices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.