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  1. I restored my app data folder from a backup. That caused the issue.
  2. I can no longer access Bitwarden. When a user tries it says login session expired. When I try to login to the admin page, it says my token is wrong. I check the docker config and the file itself. Tried those passwords and that didnt work either. I also tried resetting the token and that didnt help me getting into the admin page. I checked the time settings and all that seems ok. I am trying to access via a reverse proxy and directly. Neither works. It did work a few days ago though. Any suggestions? Edit: Also, it seems like when i input the correct admin token, and click enter, the page just refreshes and doesnt let me in. Edit 2: SOLVED! Deleted the RSA files, started the docker and it works again!
  3. Removing that file and uninstalling intel top fixed the problem. I dont need the vm anymore. Thank you! Interestingly, when my 10850k was properly setup for igpu in plex, it woldnt show "video enhance load" when it was transcoding. But when my 9900k transcodes with igpu, it does show "video enhance load" when transcoding.
  4. You're a fucking genius!!!! So previously I had a VM using my iGPU, I stopped booting that VM though. I fired that VM up and now Plex uses my P2000! So now I just need to keep that VM up lol. Is there a way to snub the iGPU so that Docker wont use it but my VM can if I want to turn it on?
  5. I have tried binhex, linux server, and offcial plex docker builds with their templates. I even tried starting fresh. Here are all the screenshots. I can see in gpu statistics that my intel igpu usage shoots up when i transcode, and goes down when i stop transcode.
  6. No dev/dri. I have —runtime=Nvidia in my extra parameter spot. Hdr tone mapping did work a month or two ago on my p2000. Do you happen to have some links to those threads? Navigating Plex forums is a nightmare.
  7. @ich777I am actually having this exact issue, except I am not seeing any processes in watch nvidia-smi. It is using my 10850K iGPU despite not having it setup to use igpu at all. Im not even sure how it accesses it. I see the activity in my igpu though on gpu statistics. My trex mining docker uses my P2000 fine, as does emby. I am not running them while I am trying to get Plex to work. I have tried reinstalling the nvidia driver plugin, tried different driver versions, tried different plex versions and repositories. I even tried a fresh version of Plex thinking maybe my Plex config was bad. My VM is not using any gpus, I have tried several system reboots too. This all used to work fine and then one day a few weeks ago it stopped. At one point, disabling HDR tonemapping in Plex allowed Plex to use the P2000 again but then that stopped at some point too. My biggest issue is, when using my iGPU my Plex docker crashes often. I then configured the iGPU correctly and it is more stable but still crashes from time to time. I really need this P2000 working as it was stable as a rock.
  8. @binhexStill having issues with Plex using my intel igpu instead of my nvidia p2000. Tried different plex versions and different nvidia drivers. It was working partially(only with hdr tonemapping off), and a few months ago it was working completely. I just switched to Plex official and linuxserver. Im switching back to Binhex Plex to see if that fixes it. (I was running Binhex until about a month ago.). Which docker should I pull? I am a Plex pass user who uses beta. binhex/arch-plexpass or binhex/arch-plex Edit: Switched to plexpass, still having the issue where its using my igpu... Edit edit: I am dumb and posted this comment in the linuxserver build lol sorry! I deleted that comment and moved it here.
  9. Well the 10600k is like 60$ cheaper. If you did swap, make sure you know if you use a z590 mobo with a 10 series intel, your top nvme slot wont work. So either youre ok with that or you need to find a z490 mobo. As for unraid support for the 11 series intels. I think its going to be a few months. They havent even released betas of a new version yet. Its been a few months since stable release though.
  10. Not really surprising. I dont know why anyone would buy the 11th gen for desktop over 10th gen. 10th gen offers more cores and is on huge sales. 11th gen has xe graphics though, but in that case its a negative lol. I just upgraded my servers and went for the 10th gen series specifically because i wanted the higher core count.
  11. It’s very possible, there were a lot of issues supporting 9000 series for a while on unRAID for the same reason. hopefully I’m wrong though. Someone will hopefully chime in.
  12. Very possibly a driver issue. UnRAIDs linux drivers are very behind and the xe graphics are very different.
  13. So I tried rolling back nvidia drivers by two versions. That didnt fix it. I tried rolling back versions of plex, and went as far back as like 3 months. That didnt fix it. However, now nvidia transcoding wont work at all...I tried multiple versions of drivers and multiple docker images. It just keeps using my intel igpu instead of my nvidia p2000 even though i have nothing about the igpu in my docker config and it was working on these same version a few hours ago....(Not working with or without hdr transcoding). I even tried a few versions of nvidia drivers.
  14. Yes it worked, it stopped some point in the last few weeks. I tried rolling back plex server versions but it didnt seem to help. Maybe I didnt got far enough back. I can try rolling nvidia drivers back. I noticed because I was looking into why plex was crashing over and over and over. Took me weeks to figure it out. It was this setting.