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  1. I actually have this exact same problem. Started on 6.7(Thats the first version I used) and still happens on RC7. I got around it by installed smart plugs I can access from the web. I just turn them off and the server self reboots. What hardware are you running?
  2. An easy way to install other versions is to install the Nvidia plugin, go into it, then select stock unraid builds on the right. 6.8.0 rc1 is in there.
  3. How are you testing array performance? Did you ever try RC1?
  4. You said you didnt try RC1 right? How are you testing it? Whats slow?
  5. For anyone interested about the array performance issues compared to RC1. Setting the disk tuning scheduler from "mq-deadline" to "none" along with using the mover tuning plugin to set disk IO priority to "low" fixed my problems. Now it performs like RC1 did.
  6. I just recently installed another 32gb of ram. That could be the culprit. I am also overclocked to 5.0ghz all core on my 9900k. Didn’t really stress test it as thoroughly as I should have. It’s getting upgraded to a 9900ks next Tuesday so I’ll run memtest then and stress test. when installing my ram sticks I did actually have problems posting until after I shuffled them around.....so maybe I got new bad sticks.
  7. My 2nd(of three) diag posts was in safe mode running RC5. Its the diag file ending in 1939. That was the one that had my log file fill with errors. So you're saying my most recent diag looks better but still has segfaults? Can you explain what a segfault could indicate?
  8. The CA Mover Tuning plugin. I just installed it and set mover disk IO priority to low. As a follow up to what I previously posted about the safe mode and log files and stuff. I rebooted into regular mode, RC5 Nvidia. Log file is ok now, Those settings I changed( Scheduler to none, and mover disk priority to low) might have done the trick. I ran parity check, mover and streamed 2 4k streams along with 4 1080p streams and it seemed fine. It also fixed my VM issue. I am including my diags to see if there are still all the errors you previously saw. 9900k-diagnostics-20191104-2003.zip
  9. None, Auto, Kyber, BFQ, MQ-Deadline are the 5 options I see in RC5.
  10. I upgraded back to RC5 and booted into safe mode. I set mover tuner to low IO disk priority. I also set Tunable schedualer to "None". So far it is having problems with 2 streams with parity and mover running. But it looks like log file is maxing out? I included my diags here. 9900k-diagnostics-20191104-1939.zip
  11. I wasn't trying to bring up the array performance issue again as its in a separate thread now. My only thing about the performance issue is that it was fixed in RC1 then broken in later RCs. So I was hoping you guys could isolated it more easily than normal. Either way, Ill keep that component to the separate thread. I'll try to fix the windows vm by deleting it and re-adding it. Maybe a reboot will fix it too. I can update this post if anyone cares. Edit: Didn't see your array comments until after I wrote this so just ignore that. Im going back to RC5 and testing a few things as per your instructions.
  12. I am having reduced array performance on rc3/4/5 compared to rc1. Specifically with streaming videos to Plex when mover and/or parity check are running. Rc1 doesn’t have that problem. whats weird about the vm is after I downgraded, rebooted, the vm auto started fine. This issue didn’t start until I stopped the vm, edited it to use a gpu and then started it again. It throws this issue with the vmc and gpu which both worked previously.
  13. Went from RC5 to RC1 and now my windows vm wont start? I am getting this error "2019-11-04T16:51:21.930786Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio_region_write(0000:00:02.0:region0+0xa2c5a0, 0x1baa5000f,8) failed: Cannot allocate memory" Any ideas?