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  1. I was able to get it working by creating a new vm template attached to the same disk and using the gpu from the start. Then copying the xml from that template into the one I wanted working. It took about 15 tries to make sure everything was done in order because I am remote...so I have to use TeamViewer and parsec which introduces complexities..... TLDR...VM creation is def bugged.
  2. So I am trying to create a windows 10 VM. I am using 6.9 beta 25 and an Intel 9900k. I am trying to pass through the iGPU to the VM. When I select it in the template, click update, it just goes back to VNC. When I go into edit again, it has VNC as GPU 1 and iGPU as GPU 2...I dont get any errors or anything and I have tried a reboot. I have gotten this working with another windows 10 vm before. Not sure what happened now. iGPU is not doing anything else. The weirder thing is when it changes it to make the iGPU the 2nd GPU, it boots, and windows sees the iGPU. But its as a second monitor... I also can't change my vdisk location from auto to manual. If I change it, hit update, it just reverts back to auto. Not getting any errors about any of this. syslog.txt
  3. Switched from Sweden to CA-Montreal and now PIA via OpenVPN works as expected. Thanks! Looking forward to moving to wireguard in the future.
  4. So I have been using this build of qbittorrent and it worked fine up until a day or so ago. Are you saying there is another build that should work?
  5. So if we use PIA and this container it just won't work currently? My current config isn't working, but moving to next gen configs seem like they don't work for different reasons? Anyone have a solution for PIA users?
  6. Os usb is of course excluded from my statement about usb. you might need at least 1 drive to start the array. But if you use the 2 sata ports your golden.
  7. It has been extremely good for me. No problems at all. Only thing you need to be aware of is unraid doesn’t like usb hard drives in the array. It will work, but it can finicky because the naming can change on reboot. This isn’t a problem with the odroid though. 10/10 would recommend.
  8. I have my H2+ running Unraid. Are you able to boot into gui mode or memtest from the flash drive? I havent been able to get that to work....not that its really needed it just bugged me. I am also having a problem with temp and fan sensors not being recognized after I click apply in system temp..but I think thats a plugin problem. Otherwise my experience is pretty good. Stable as hell, and pretty speedy. I am comparing it to my 9900K overclocked to 5ghz with very fast nvme storage and a ton of ram. I am currently waiting for preclear to "erase" my drives so in a day or so I will be able to test vms and a handful of dockers.
  9. Im 4thing this issue....When I first load in the plugin, it detects everything. Then when I hit apply, all of my sensors and fan disappear. Cant get it back until I completely wipe it out. Running beta 25.
  10. I am having an issue getting ram transcoding working again in Plex. I did, for the last year, have it just set to /tmp. Then I was in one of these forums and it was advised to change it to another way that maps /tmp. Which didn't work for me. Then I tried going back to straight /tmp and it is no longer working. I currently have it set to /dev/shm/ but that doesn't seem to be working. I am getting not enough space error when many people are transcoding. I have 64gb of ram though, so space isn't an issue. I just think its mapped wrong. In Plex its set to /transcode. I am attaching screen shots of my docker config.
  11. It was an empty drive that I formatted in unraid. It’s now in a different system and was formatted again. thank you! Sounds like I don’t have anything to worry about.
  12. So a reboot should fix this? Is this something specific to NTFS? Like if it was exfat or ext4 I wouldn't see this? I did plug an external in yesterday but I took it off.
  13. Seeing this error in my log now. Jul 24 10:03:02 9900K ntfs-3g[6284]: ntfs_attr_pread_i: ntfs_pread failed: Input/output error Jul 24 10:03:02 9900K ntfs-3g[6284]: Failed to read index block: Input/output error Jul 24 10:03:02 9900K kernel: Buffer I/O error on dev sdz1, logical block 244188293, async page read I am currently doing a parity rebuild as I upgrade a drive. Running beta 25. I don't seem to have a sdz1 drive so im not sure what's going on. Didn't have this error prior to upgrsyslog.txtading to beta 25. Included my syslog.
  14. I get my h2+ today. I’m am going to put it through it’s paces in windows and then I’m converting it to unraid to replace my pi4 with diet pi. I’ll post my feedback here at some point in the week.
  15. Still getting lots of errors, no plugins and I adjusted the /tmp stuff. 2020-07-15 00:48:30,983 DEBG 'plexmediaserver' stderr output: ERROR: Could not open the input file (No such file or directory) Edit: Also, followed that guide above to "fix" transcoding to ram. didn't work though. I ended up mapping /dev/shm to /transcode and pointing Plex to /transcode. Still getting the above error though. In the image is now what I have for ram transcoding, I think its working but its kinda hard to tell.