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  1. Getting a new issue with qbittorrent. Was working fine yesterday. Using PIA with Wireguard.
  2. Im following your issue, I have the exact same problem but with emby.
  3. Yea, I also tried doing it by adding a device to the docker. Neither way emby sees it. Nvidia works though.
  4. Yea I did all that kinda stumped. When you say touch from shell, you mean just from unraid terminal? Or within the docker.
  5. Has anyone gotta intel igpu working with emby on 6.9.1? I have tried for two days but cant seem to get it to work. Nvidia works fine though.
  6. Hmmm still didnt work...weird. Something is funky, nvidia isnt showing up either and that works perfectly in plex and tdarr. Odd.
  7. Thanks, didnt work for me still. I am actually trying with emby not Plex. But I also cant get emby working with nvidia either...using settings from tdarr that work and trying my plex docker settings. running 6.9.2 so not sure whats going on. Plex works with nvidia currently.
  8. So I removed the lines from my go file. How did you go about creating the empty file? I am a complete noob so I am struggling here.
  9. So I got v2 setup and the node. Added the nvidia parameters to my node docker(plex works with my p2000). Selected the Winsome H265 NVENC plugin, turned on a gpu worker is its "working" but unraid isnt showing any processes on nvenc. So i am not quite sure if its actually working on GPU. I have a cpu worker disabled currently. To add to it, if I increase GPU workers, it works and my cpu usage doesnt go up.
  10. Just an update for everyone. I reset my bios settings, pulled the battery and no more crashes. So I guess I’m good!
  11. Anyone update to RC1 and see if this is resolved?
  12. Any idea if @limetech has looked at this? Its been quite a while and I don't see any attempts to look at this problem. Its affecting beta 35 as well. Presumably this issue would follow forward into the next release as well...
  13. Ah you are right, sorry. Either way, server passes 4 days on memtest with no issues so certainly not a problem with my ram. Also, back on beta 25 it’s not crashing at all.
  14. Is there an easy to follow how to for logging to another computer? I might be able to use my dads windows computer as that’s on the same network.