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  1. So I'm trying to get this working on my server and I'm having a few issues. #!/bin/bash # TEMPERATURE # Change this to the temperature in celcius you are comfortable with. # If the temperature goes above the set degrees it will send raw IPMI command to enable dynamic fan control MAXTEMP=33 TEMP_STEP1=28 TEMP_STEP2=30 TEMP_STEP3=32 IPMIHOST= IPMIUSER=myUserName IPMIPW=myPassword # 28 -> 20% # 30 -> 30% # 32 -> 40% # 33 -> Automatic control # This variable sends a IPMI command to get the temperature, and outputs it as two digits. # Do not edit unless you kno
  2. Hi all, I recently purchased a 12(+2) bay Dell r510 and dropped in a H200 LSI 9211-8i without doing proper research on whether or not it would work for my use case. Apparently that particular card doesn't support TRIM on most SSD's aside from a very select few. Luckily for me, the Crucial bx500 SSD I have as my cache drive supports it. Linux 4.19.56-Unraid. root@Tower:~# hdparm -I /dev/sdf | grep TRIM # Crucial bx500 used as cache drive * Data Set Management TRIM supported (limit 8 blocks) * Deterministic read ZEROs after TRIM root@Tower:~# hd
  3. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am getting the exact same issues as you. Should be getting 15ms ping, 180Mbps down, 25Mbps up. Recently, I've also been getting no results at all. /shrug
  4. I get this same issue too. I just switched to Edge and it worked. Will look into why Chrome isn't working on latest Windows 10. People here recommend clearing cache.
  5. I'm trying to setup multiple instances of this Docker but am having some trouble getting it working. Every time I log in to one WebUI it kicks me out of the other. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  6. Alright, thanks dude. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Kind of sucks that it is the WD Red drive when I have a crappy Seagate that has an extra 8 months powered on time compared to that drive in the same array. EDIT By needs to be replaced now, does that mean that it is somehow affecting the rest of the array? Or can I safely just let Disk 3 ride until she dies?
  7. Hey there, After many good years with FreeNAS, I have decided to try out unRAID and so far I absolutely love it. After the initial heartbreak of having a drive die on me (all easily replaceable data thankfully!) during the FreeNAS -> temp storage -> unRAID transition I am having some other problems that I'm now turning to the community here to help me with. I've had 2 drives, Disk 1 and Disk 3, give me 'Current pending sector' errors, and after running the 'SMART extended self-test' Disk 1 has returned to normal while Disk 3 is still giving me Current Pending Sect