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  1. @ich777, awesome, thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Hi All, I recently learnt about PhotoPrism and I'm planning to try the Unraid docker for PhotoPrism. It seems that PhotoPrism supports a "read only" mode where it wouldn't modify anything in the original folders. Is there an easy way to enable this "read only" mode via the Unraid Docker? I tried skimming through the settings, but I couldn't find it. I think I can switch to the "advanced view" in the docker, and may be add the read-only flag to the "Extra Parameters" field (attached image). Would that work or did I miss the "read-only" option somewhere? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi All, I had been using Zoneminder docker with Unraid for quite a while. It was an older version. I upgraded to the recent version, and things stopped working. Is there a way to revert back to an older version of Zoneminder docker? I'd like to revert back for the short term (and debug why things stopped working in the long term). Could someone provide any pointers for reverting back to the old version? Also, whenever we upgrade Zoneminder, there was a suggestion to delete Zoneminder appdata and then, reconfigure. Did I understand this right? Thanks.
  4. Hi All, My current Unraid Server is still working, but I'm looking to upgrade it. I was thinking of doing the transition gradually. I anticipate testing the Unraid licensed flash drive and the data/parity drives in the new server multiple times (perhaps over a week or two) before I make the switch. Is there any downside to moving the Unraid setup (flash drive, data/parity and other drives) back and forth between the new and old servers during this transition? I wanted to check if there are any gotchas (like Unraid detecting a new machine config and behaving differently, etc) I need to be aware of. Thanks in advance. PS: I will back up the boot drive and drive assignments page before I begin.
  5. Never mind, after some googling, I landed here: . I had to set the AUTH_RELAY variable to NONE and after that I'm able to see the Montage view now.
  6. Hi All, I just updated my existing zoneminder docker image to pull the latest (it working fine before the upgrade). Everything seems normal after the upgrade except that my Montage view seems broken. I do see the error about checking if CGI is enabled in Apache and checking the PATH_ZMS variable being set correctly in the logs. Any ideas on what might have gone wrong with my upgrade? Thanks.
  7. Hi All, Is there a way to increase the Unraid terminal font size other than doing zoom in via the browser window that displays the terminal? I saw this post: that was similar, but the post seemed to be about the WebGui itself and not specifically the terminal. I tried the various themes, but none of them appear to change the terminal font size. Is this possible at all? Thanks.
  8. Thanks @itimpi, I was looking there before I posted, but I think the docker engine was running at the time. So those fields were not editable. Once I stopped the engine, I was able to edit them.
  9. Hi All, I understand that by default UNRAID stores the docker.img and the appdata in these folders: /mnt/user/system/docker/ and /mnt/user/appdata/ respectively. Is there a way I can change the location of these folders? If I wanted to move these folders outside the array, say to an unassigned drive, is this possible? I understand that I'd lose parity protection for the dockers, etc. Thanks.
  10. @SpaceInvaderOne, thanks a lot for the detailed reply, and thanks for the pointer about Shinobi. I'll definitely look into it, and will check with you if I have any further questions! I'll look forward to your youtube video on Shinobi as well!
  11. @jonathanm, fair enough. The background is : I'm trying to experiment with both zoneminder/ubuntu or blue iris/windows for handling my security cameras with my UNRAID server. I'd want to experiment with both, but eventually I'd only need one VM that I like. This is why I was thinking of dual boot - using the 2nd VM only when I need it. But I can accomplish the same by installing two separate VMs, and not using the second one. That said, I presume I can use the same pass-through disk when I run both VMs simultaneously, correct? @SpaceInvaderOne, please feel free to chime in as well - I've watching your videos to get the right background! (Thank you so much for your tutorial videos)
  12. Hi All, I'm trying to setup a windows 10 and an Ubuntu VM on my UNRAID server on a separate passthrough disk. However, I'd like this setup to mimic a normal dual-booting system where ubuntu and windows 10 co-exist on the same disk. I was thinking of installing windows 10 VM first on the passthrough disk(so it sets up all the required partitions, etc), and then installing Ubuntu VM on the same disk (similar to how I would do this outside of UNRAID). Is this easily doable? I was wondering if anyone has tried to do something like this and any gotchas I need to be aware of. Thanks!
  13. Hi All, I have 2 4TB drives - one for parity and another for data. I'm noticing different drive sizes (used and free) being reported by the Unraid GUI vs the df -h command. See the attached images. Is this expected due to different base units (1000 vs 1024) being used by each? Or is there something else going on? (I was checking the total backup sizes of the same backup set on a different windows system and only saw ~465 GB vs ~531 GB reported by Unraid and I started digging in...) Thanks!
  14. Was wondering if you have tried to restore the data from them, and if yes, how was the experience? Thanks!