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  1. That was it, thanks! DuckDNS was the offending container.
  2. Hello! I am getting the following error: 2022/01/05 23:28:47 main.go:101: parse "[PORT:]": invalid port ":]" after host 2022/01/05 23:28:47 server.go:3160: http: panic serving runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
  3. What do I need to add to my config file to display logs? "Cannot show logs. "log" option is not configured correctly in your Homebridge config.json file."
  4. I started a new thread because this one is super old, but I am having this issue as well on 6.8.3
  5. "kernel:unregister_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free. Usage count = 3" This message haunts my dreams. Whenever I ssh into my server, or go into the console through the webui, this message pops up every few seconds. It doesn't prevent me from doing anything really, but its extremely annoying and makes it impossible to do anything effectively through the terminal. I have tried stopping all docker containers, stopping the docker service, and even stopping my array but the message does not stop. I am not running any VMs, only docker containers. I am currently using the NVIDIA build of 6.8.3. I have attached my diagnostics file and would appreciate any support
  6. When using this, what is the best way to restore just one docker container?
  7. I recently had some issues with my flash drive and had to migrate to a new one. When I go to setup unRAID, the drives first show up in unassigned devices. They all show as file system xfs (except the 2 parity drives), and show the proper numbers under used storage and free storage. However, when I assign them as data drives in the array, the file system changes to "Auto", and I get a message that says Unmountable: No file system. What gives?
  8. So I did that and it didn't actually solve my issue (which I realize I have not even described). One of my tv shows (Who is America?) recently stopped being able to be transcoded. It used to work, but now can only be direct played. It is H264 MKV. When I rolled back to an older plex version it still doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. I entered an older version number in the VERSION variable in the docker config, but when I go into the web ui it says I am still on the latest version. Am I missing something?