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  1. So, when I get the "This page isn't working right now", if I click the blue "REFRESH" button, it comes up right away. I guess it's not a bad work-around. Sonarr working now, I'm not sure why!
  2. I noticed Mebrunner24 said he is having trouble connecting to the WebUI. I'm not sure if my problem is the same: If I use the Unraid webUI to open the qBittorrent page from the icon, it opens 192.xx.xx.xx:8080 but I get "This page isn't working right now". Ctrl-refresh does not fix it. Same behaviour in Chrome and Edge/Chrome. If I manually enter "http://192.xx.xx.xx:8080" it works. Also, not sure if this is connected, but I can't get Sonarr to connect to qBittorrrent. Radarr working fine with the same settings. This all started right after a recent update, where I lost my config from within qbittorrent. I don't see any errors in the log file. I tried deleting it and re-pulling it, same behaviour.
  3. The default port in the settings is 6881, for both Host Port 1 and Host Port 2. My understanding is that this is a ubiquitous P2P port, and best avoided. With the delugeVPN docker, I believe it changed the port automatically. It doesn't look like it does it in this one. Where should I change the setting if I want to use a different port? in the Docker settings within qbittorrent, under Connection settings tab, change the incoming connections value (and/or check the box for use different port on startup) Thanks III_D
  4. Thanks tjb! The fix for me was in this response, but I did not understand it at first, so I will clarify for others. Yes, using the SOCKS5 proxy feature within Jackett (and Sonarr, and Radarr...) DIRECTLY, ie. using the credentials for PIA within each of these dockers, was broken. It had previously caused persistent memory leaks, and more recently caused Jackett to stop working altogether due to SSL errors. The fix: within the excellent (thanks Binhex!) DelugeVPN there is a built-in Privoxy feature (ENABLE_PRIVOXY = yes). Enabling this, and then pointing each of the other dockers to use that http proxy, fixes both the SSL error and also the memory leaks. SpaceinvaderOne has a good Youtube video on how to set up Privoxy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MNqonB86ec Thanks guys III_D
  5. I'm getting the SSL error, and none of my trackers are working with Jackett. I have seen a few updates since this problem started, and none have fixed it. I couldn't get this above method to work. Deleting the proxy URL in the Jackett settings allows everyting to work, but obviously it would be better if this traffic went through a proxy... Maybe I'll try another Jackett docker.
  6. This worked for me. Version 1.5b of installer. Kingston DataTraveler 16GB.
  7. I have been running this Docker for a few years now. I recently reinstalled all of my Dockers using the templates. Everything worked except for this one. After pulling my hair out several times, I finally deleted the old appdata folder for binhex-delugevpn and reinstalled without the template (after screenshotting all of the old settings). Some of the settings categories have changed. Working fine now. p.s. I think Switzerland has dropped off the port-forward list. Czech is working.
  8. How old is your power supply? I recently had a similar problem of unexplainable freezing/crashing, usually requiring hard-boots. Long story short, after trying many possible fixes without success, replacing the PSU solved the problem. Some good threads when looking to purchase a PSU: https://lime-technology.com/wiki/PSU https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/11568-the-power-supply-thread/?tab=comments#comment-113993&searchlight=1 https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/25307-power-supply-calculator/ Best of luck III_D
  9. Re: DelugeVPN docker and PIA at server nl.privateinternetaccess.com FYI - I was getting a bunch of "Response code 000 from curl" errors, similar to JWMutant on page 87 of this thread. I checked my settings and OVPN files, and couldn't see anything wrong. I even replaced the PIA files. Still the same errors. Workaround: I switched to ro.privateinternetaccess.com, and switched the OVPN file to Romania. Working fine now. I think there's something going on with the PIA server in NL. I'll give it a couple of days and then try switching back to NL.
  10. I think there were 2 mistakes made here: 1. the filesystem on a replacement drive was changed to something different than original, and 2. it was formatted. (I have lately been switching existing data drives from ReiserFS to XFS and so I have done this process several times now. When you stop the array, change the filesystem, and restart the array, there is no choice to rebuild data, it only gives an option to format "unmountable". After the format, the space on that drive is 100%.) Notice that nowhere on the replace drive process does it say to format: https://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Replacing_a_Data_Drive If you assign a new (precleared or unformatted) drive into the old drive's slot and start the array, it should ask to rebuild data on the new drive. But if you have made mistake #1, I think the only option provided then is to format it. If you then make mistake #2 (inevitable), this is irreversible. This does seem like a good opportunity for a built-in warning. III_D
  11. I was looking for a good case this week, and came across this on NCIX: http://www.ncix.com/detail/fractal-design-define-r5-atx-70-102216.htm?promoid=1918 The lowest price seen on CamelCamelCamel was CDN$102 (pic attached). The US page for those interested is US$69.99: http://www.ncixus.com/products/?sku=102216&vpn=FD-CA-DEF-R5-BK&manufacture=Fractal%20Design&promoid=1714 Might be a "Cyber Monday" deal, so it might not last long. Enjoy! III_D
  12. I accidentally hit "Update" on the context menu (for the first time with this Docker), and ever since I cannot get Plex to start. When I check the live log, all I see is the "lsio" logo and a list of GID/UID. Nothing then ever shows up in the log, and I cannot access the WebUI. It is running but stalled. There is a post on the hub.docker page saying that Plex has changed it's download page, which starts a redirect loop... could this be the problem? I stopped this Docker, and started Limetech's Plex Docker (I needed to do this once before to salvage a broken lsio Plex Docker, and keep it as a backup)... This one works flawlessly. Any thoughts? Thanks III_D UnRAID 6.1.9
  13. This thread is exceedingly long, and I admittedly only read through 1/2 of it... but didn't find my answer. I can't seem to configure Deluge on the Preferences > Network page so that the "Test Active Port" shows good. (This combination of Docker including a VPN is awesome but makes my brain hurt). Can someone post a screenshot of a working Deluge > Preferences > Network config please? And can you tell me if you have forwarded any ports on your router? Altered any bindings in the Docker? Thanks III_D
  14. (As usual) this turned out to be a simple mistake on my part. The error is not in my Docker mappings, but in my mappings WITHIN PLEX: So because my media is mapped as: /media --> /mnt/user/Shares/ Then within Plex, the "Video" media folder is NOT: /mnt/user/Shares/Video but: /media/Video Somehow I managed to screw this up when I reinstalled. But now, everything seems to be working fine. Cheers III_D p.s. @ kingpin - regarding changing the transcode folder: Changing it from /tmp to /mnt/cache should mean you are switching from transcoding in memory to transcoding on your cache drive. (Also, wouldn't /mnt/cache be the main cache directory? Shouldn't it be something like /mnt/cache/tmp?) With 48GB, I don't know why you should be having problems with memory, but good luck sorting it out!
  15. I searched the forums and couldn't find a solution. [i'm posting this on unRaid forum and not Plex forum, because Plex seems to run fine, and there are no errors in the Plex log.] [i'm posting this in the General Support forum, because the "Docker containers" forum seems to be reserved for support threads for various dockers. Plus, my problem is not specific to a single docker.] Here is my problem: Plex runs fine and sees my library, but for the past couple of weeks, nothing that I add to the media folders is detected or updated by Plex. I have tried both the Limetech and the linuxserver dockers and the behaviour is the same. Kodi on another machine can see the files fine. I'm naming the files fine. Around the same time this started, I managed to corrupt my docker.img file and had to reinstall all of my dockers. I'm pretty sure I used the same settings. I have checked the permissions of the files in question, and they are all "user/users", just like all of the old media on my drive that Plex can see fine. Both the Plex logs and the unRaid syslogs are completely free of errors. My mappings: /config --> /mnt/user/plex/ (this is a cache-only share) /media --> /mnt/user/Shares/ /transcode --> /tmp Any ideas where I should look next? Thanks III_D